SWEATSHIRTS / Classic Baseball Jacket

Shop American made, high quality baseball jacket for women. Constructed with heavyweight 100% cotton fabric and great attention to detail and fit.

  • 100% cotton, 12.4 oz combed ringspun fleece
  • Dry exterior hand
  • Brushed interior for warmth and softness
  • 13.0 oz cotton rib with 5% spandex for recovery
  • Double ribbed shoulder panels with forward facing seaming
  • Reinforced elbow patches
  • 3" long cuffs and waist ribbing
  • Jersey-lined welt pockets
  • Custom metal snaps
  • Double needle straddle-stitching with high-strength thread on critical exterior seams
  • Pre-washed and shrunk to fit
  • Made in the USA


This item is unavailable in this size.




  • Summer, 6/10/15

    I have just about every single product American Giant has produced in the last couple of years, so that tells you 2 things: 1) I’ve had a lot to compare and 2) I may be a little biased b/c I LOVE their products.

    I have several of these based on my long history of loving all things AG. My confidence is once-again proven to be well-placed. These baseball jackets are the perfect weight for those trips to the movie theater in the summer time, or for when you are in a restaurant or mall and just need a little “something” on your shoulders. Pockets hold plenty. (iPhone, sunglasses, credit cards, etc.) So far, they have washed well. I have several colors and wear them ALL. I just wish I had a NAVY blue one.

    I was SOOOO pleasantly surprised at how closely the dye of the knit, particularly in the black, matched my Fall 2014 sweatpants and Spring 2015 weekend sweats. Really great job there AG with the consistency of the dye lots. That’s a very important aspect to me when I’m “building” a wardrobe around a brand.

    As with any garment, opinions are just that…one’s opinion. I’m 5’6” and average build, weigh about 135. I wear mediums in everything I have bought…sweatpants, heavyweight and midweight sweatshirts, t-shirts (all styles), and I even wear Men’s Smalls in their weekend shorts and heavyweight sweats (pants and jacket).

    If you aren’t sure, just trust your instincts, which are probably telling you, “Hey, if this many people LOVE this brand THAT much, isn’t it worth it to find out if I could be one of those people who may be missing out on my next obsession????!!!” Go ahead. Buy it. You’ll like it.

  • baltimore, 3/25/15

    This jacket is simply perfect. It's substantial and comfy. The wristband is snug so I can tell that it's not going to lose its shape. I'm 5'2" and 116 lbs and the xs fits me perfectly. It hits high on the hip, it's roomy enough so that I can layer it over a t-shirt or thin sweater and still comfortably snap it closed.

  • Nana64, 3/21/15

    I read lots of reviews before I made my purchase. I am 5'2", weigh 118 lbs., and am short-waisted. I am also 68 and do not color my hair.
    In the sweat pants, I wear a size small.
    I bought the red in size medium. It fits through the shoulders and bust. The sleeves are a tad long--but no big deal. I wish the jacket hit closer to my natural waist.
    This aside, I LOVE this purchase. The fabric is quality, and the jacket is well made. I rest easy knowing that I have purchased a garment made 100% in America.

  • AC, 2/19/15

    I am long waisted and busty-5'4". 125lbs, 30DD- this fits! Not too short in the waist. Fitted but not too tight. The sleeves are fitted but I can wear a thin long sleeve T under. After reading the reviews, I bought a medium-it seemed a bit big in shoulders but somehow it kind of moulded to my frame and now looks great! And I am 60+ and this is casual but stylish and ageless as well! Bring back the red!

  • Carey, 2/18/15

    Just love this jacket! It does run snug, so if you like a roomier fit, order up. I purchased the small, and like the close fit, which is not at all too tight but just right for my preference. The jacket is soft and warm and the quality is fantastic...just need more color options.

  • karole from Boston, 2/11/15

    Just received my baseball jacket and love it! Ordered a size small and it fits perfectly! (I am 5'4" and 110 lbs) As far as hoodies go I love Prairie Underground and this ranks right up there for workmanship, quality and fabric. Well done!

  • ShesOnlyRockNRoll, 2/7/15

    I just adore this baseball jacket. My only issue is that it runs so small! I bought it and as crazy as it sounds I won't return it because I hope to lose the weight to make it fit better. The quality is like no other. I can wear it but it's very snug and I can barely wear it over one thin shirt. The quality is like no other but please American Giant is the clothing is going to run small please make us girls an XXL. I had to send the v neck shirt back in the XL because it was just too small.

  • Momstitch, 2/6/15

    I love this jacket. I keep checking the website to see if they have added more colors! I have the snap version, my daughter has the zip version. We live in them! They are our go to jackets. :)

  • raggedhand, 1/18/15

    I have two of these, a navy one and a black one and I wear one or the other every day. My only regret is not getting the red one when it was available. I'm 5'6", a size 14/16 female with boobs and I bought the men's Large version and I'm glad I did. I don't like tight clothes and I want a jacket I can layer with. The arms are long enough and it fits across my chest. I'm pretty sure that a women's XL wouldn't have worked as from what I see, AG women's sizes trend small.

  • Lisa, 12/18/14

    I ordered this jacket on Saturday and it arrived already on Wednesday! I didn't read the reviews first and afterwards was concerned it would be small. It fits perfect! Exactly what I would have expected! I'm sure I'll buy many more things from American Giant!

  • Huskerfanwoman, 12/17/14

    This is a sweet jacket, sweet shape and detail, impressively well-sewn. I bought the red, which is a true red. It is warm with nice pockets and fine snaps. that stay snapped. I am 5'6", 140 lbs. I purchased a large, and it fits well for me other than a tad long in the shoulders/arms, which I don't mind... It's not super-snug on me, and I can wear a shirt or two under it. Great product.

  • Texas, 12/14/14

    I ordered the XXL for my husband who normally wears an XL or LT and it is perfect. He loves his new jacket and he is very picky. I wouldn't hesitate to buy him another one in another color like brown or grey!
    I ordered the S men's for myself before they had the women's jacket and I am 5'2, 100 lbs. and I love it. It is hip length on me , but I love it because it looks great with my leggings, tunics and boots.

  • Sal, 12/10/14

    Very good quality. I ordered a small for my gf who is 5'9 and about 135 lbs. I'm sure it will fit perfectly. Definitely buying a men's sweater for myself with this good craftsmanship.

  • Aileen, 11/17/14

    5'4", 135 lbs, 36-28-37, got it in black, large on the baseball jacket, medium on the hoodie in turquoise. Substantial heft to fabric, but not uncomfortably heavy. Items arrived earlier than expected. Neatly packed, no odors, straightforward return instructions tucked inside. I washed both items upon arrival. Color stayed true, no fading. Minimal wrinkles straight from the dryer: no shrinkage, fit exactly like they did before washing. Large size jacket has a bit more room around my imperfect
    mom-domen. The lean silhouette from the carefully crafted cut on this jacket, however, is killer. Makes me look like I went to the gym a few months and actually worked out. For these types of garments, I know I will never buy any other brand. Ever. I made it my first business to call customer service for a medium in the Coral Red since it's out of stock online. It took only 2 rings for Julia to pick up. First work hour on a Monday morning, a real human voice. Warm, upbeat-sounding, too. Did I say I'm a convert?
    It's got to feel good working for a company that's this responsible with the quality of their product. But to have staff this responsive is what will ultimately turn it into its namesake. If it isn't already, this company will definitely be, THE AMERICAN GIANT. Bravo!

  • AG lover, 11/15/14

    I forgot to include sizing in my earlier review. I am 5'2", 95 pounds, and the XS fits very well. I can wear a layer underneath, so no need to size up at all. Sleeves and body length are slightly longer than on the model but still look very trim and fitted. I cannot imagine a 5'6" 125 lb woman wearing the XS as an earlier review stated. My 20-something daughters who are 5'5"ish and 110ish pounds wear the small or medium in most AG garments. Every body is different however...

  • AG lover , 11/15/14

    As a petite woman I love finding 'made in the USA' clothes that aren't designed and sized exclusively for larger women. These jackets (and all American Giant apparel) have superb design, tailoring and are cut to hang beautifully on the body. No vanity sizing and they fit so well! It's fun to have sporty garments like a hoodie or baseball jacket that wear like bespoke. (well, OK almost...:)). That said, each style I've purchased has one fatal design flaw. With the heavyweight hoodie it's the bizarrely unwearable hood, and with this jacket, it's that you can't snap the top two snaps. I mean, you *can* but not really because the jacket doesn't fit properly anymore. You'll notice in not one of the pictures does the model have the jacket snapped all the way up. I got mine today (along with my third heavyweight hoodie) and wanted to wear it out right away. It's snowing here in New England so as I was getting bundled up to head out, I discovered that this jacket fits brilliantly until you get to the top two snaps. If snapped they actually pull the skin on my neck in an unflattering and strangely ill-fitting way. Snapped up to the top two buttons or left open the jacket fits like a dream and looks better than you can imagine a simple jacket could. So I'll be putting it away until next spring when I expect to wear it all the way through until the late fall. Like all American Giant apparel it is warm and comfortable without being heavy. The 'dry' hand makes it wind and water resistant while not looking like a technical fabric. Hopefully American Giant will offer this useful and versatile item in even more (feminine/warm weather) colors next year. I will buy them all! And fixing that snap issue would make this a 10/5 star garment!!!

  • Kel, 11/13/14

    I love how this fire and feels. It feels like an old army issue coat, how the cotton is thick and structured. It's a dream. Im 5'6 125lbs so my XSt fits tighter than the model's.

  • Amy, 10/30/14

    I am 5'10" and athletic build. An XL fits me perfectly but for the sleeve length; however, I have long arms. I love love love the fit. It is snug enough but not too tight or restrictive. The fabric is amazing with the perfect amount of stretch-give. This is a great product and I am a bit of a sweatshirt junkie - this is miles ahead of my lulu lemon gear.

  • angie, 10/28/14

    this jacket is terrific. I'm 5'1" and 125 lbs. I usually wear a small but based on other reviews I ordered a medium and it fits great. it is as well made as everyone says. so glad I purchased it.

  • Carolyn, 10/14/14

    Incredibly well made and comfortable. I wear it constantly. I'm 5'10 and ordered an xl. It doesn't seem too tight in the sleeves and I'm not skinny. Hits me right at the top hip like the picture. I hope it doesn't shrink, though, or else it might feel too short. Love the roomy pockets. Snaps are awesome.

  • Ella, 10/8/14

    Ordered and loved the baseball jacket in coral red. Unfortunately, I went medium but should have gone small. There was some extra space so I could fit a thick layer under but the shoulder/arm area was too baggy. Then I realized I was planning on wearing it as a "sweatshirt" ie over a tank (vs thicker layer) so will opt for a better fit over all by returning and re-ordering a small. I'm 5'6" ~125lbs for comparison. Love you AG!

  • Tpony, 10/3/14

    I LOVE this jacket...BUT the sizing is way off...I ordered women's large, 5'8", 140 ils. and everything felt constricted. The arms are very slim, the fit is flattering but the neck felt too tight...So I ordered a men's large (can you believe it!) and it's fabulous. The men's covers the butt and the sleeves are a bit long but that's fine with me...they aren't model skinny sleeves. If you are a slight woman or skinny, then get the women's in a size up but if you want a regular fit, though still flattering and not voluminous, get a men's jacket. I'm sticking with 5 stars because the material is heavy and warm, the details are first rate and it will be my go-to jacket for fall for sure!!!

  • Goodkat, 10/1/14

    I have pretty long arms for being 5'5" and it fits perfectly. I also have wide shoulders and thicker arms for a girl. I'm not petite like the models but the XL still fits me well. I would not recommend this jacket to anyone large in the waist or pregnant because it is "fitted." I want to buy the Red and Phantom Grey once they have the XL back in this size. I wear this jacket daily in this German Fall weather and it is perfect. No need for a bulkier, heavy coat and its very well made. Thank you AG!

  • MarinMama, 9/10/14

    Love this jacket! The cut is fantastic. I am 5'4" 125 lbs. Medium fit great with a bit of room for a heavier layer underneath. Sleeve length and body length perfect. High quality, superb fabric. Will be perfect for wearing all year long.

  • SaEofDoom, 9/4/14

    This cardigan/jacket-y thingy is warm, comfortable, and very well made. I took the advice of other reviewers and ordered a size up, and it fits perfectly (for reference my bust is about 37" and I usually wear a medium; ordered a large for this item). I just hope it doesn't shrink too much when washed! I think I'll have to get a zip hoodie now... I'd also like to add that customer service responded quickly to my email when my package was delayed, though it was USPS's fault.

  • LoreCa, 7/30/14

    I'm very satisfied with this jacket, is warm and stylish. I ordered in red M size. True size.

  • SFislandgirl, 7/19/14

    I love the style, the cut, and most of all, the two inner pockets which come in handy for storing a phone and wallet. This jacket is cut a bit slimmer through the torso than the hoodie so do keep that in mind when ordering. The fabric and workmanship is superb. I am sorely tempted to buy the same jacket in another color.

  • Alix, 5/30/14

    I too bought a medium and although it fit, it was tight in the arms. I am 5'5" and 138 lbs with average sized arms. I am returning it for the large but wondering whether a men's medium might fit better. It is beautifully made and very stylish!

  • Diane, 5/17/14

    This sweat jacket is very heavy and well-made, which makes it very warm. I like that so I kept it, but it does run very small and the armholes are only for VERY skinny arms!! I happen to have very skinny arms so it works for me ok, although I wish I could scrunch the sleeves up and I can't.

  • heathlie, 5/14/14

    I love this jacket/sweatshirt! The size seems to be true to size. I got an xs (my usual size), and it fits as it should. It's fitted and slimming. It's little snug to wear anything bulky underneath, but for CA weather, it's perfect esp. with a t-shirt. Can't wait to try the hoodie!

  • J, 5/6/14

    Nice quality sweatshirt and the small fit in all regards but it actually hurt when my arms were in the sleeves (yes it was that tight) and since I do not consider my arms to be large this will be a return. The sleeves were also quite long given that this is a small. But nice fabric and nice design.

  • Jennicole, 4/29/14

    I so wanted to love this jacket! I have the sweatshirt in a Large (after sending back a medium) and I ordered this jacket in a large. I realize I am busty, but the large would not even button closed. It fit great everywhere else, but the bust. I am 5'8 150 lbs and I sent back my large, I'm giving up.

  • Sandy Comstock, 4/22/14

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this jacket!
    (Wish I could buy it in royal blue or emerald green.) It is well-made and classic ... versatile... dresses up or down. Tailored not bulky. Great!
    Thank you!

  • Gina, 3/1/14

    Just got mine and wearing it while I type this review. LOVING IT! I could not wait to get it that the 5 days seemed forever. I am 5'0 and 140. I knew I would not be able to get the varsity jacket in the ladies as I prefer a loose fit with my jackets. I ordered the men's Medium and it is a perfect fit. It is longer and roomier across the chest and arms. It is not bulky and because the waist is tapered even in the men's sizing, it gives me a slimmer silhouette. I am ready to purchase another.

  • dl, 2/3/14

    I got this in a size medium and it fits perfectly. I'm 5'10" and 150 pounds.

  • Brian, 1/16/14

    I bought this for my wife and while she liked it, it was too short for her. She's about 5'9". Arm length was good, but the body length rode up too high.

  • Dee, 12/10/13

    This is high quality, just like the hoodies. I ordered a size small since that is what I got in the midweight hoodie. It was too small unless i just wore it with a tank top. I'm returning it for a medium. Other than the size, I love it.

  • Marie, 12/10/13

    I've worn this jacket every day since I got it. It's simple, classy, and perfect for chilly SF weather. I'm 5'6", curvy and ~140lb, and the Small fit but was quite tight (no room for long sleeves or a layer) and the Medium fits well and has ample space for a layer.

  • Tim, 12/7/13

    I bought XL and it was 2 sizes too small.





American Giant manufactures clothing in the USA, focusing on what matters- fabric, fit, construction, durability. We're committed to offering exceptional quality at a fair price. If anything you've purchased from us isn't living up to this commitment, please send it back to us for a full refund any time, for any reason.