SWEATSHIRTS / Heavyweight Baseball Jacket

Inspired by the classic baseball varsity jacket. Made with our custom heavyweight cotton fleece. Understated in solid colors with a cropped waist, strong shoulder seaming, clean neckline, and metal snaps.

  • 100% cotton, 12.4 oz combed ringspun fleece
  • Dry exterior hand
  • Brushed interior for added loft and softness
  • 13.0 oz cotton rib with 5% spandex for recovery
  • Double ribbed shoulder panels with forward facing seaming
  • Reinforced elbow patches
  • 3" long cuffs and waist ribbing
  • Classic rib side paneling for mobility and fit
  • Jersey-lined welt pockets
  • Custom metal snaps
  • Double needle straddle-stitching with high-strength thread on critical exterior seams
  • Pre-washed and shrunk to fit
  • Made in the USA


This item is unavailable in this size.




  • tbone, 4/27/15

    This is an excellent jacket. High quality materials and the fit was great. Would definitely buy another in a different color.

  • Fuzz McEcho, 4/7/15

    I have a few pieces from AG, and I wanted this for a spring jacket. Really well made, has a great shape, the buttons are pretty cool. Looks good for casual and semi-dress. I'd buy another in another color (hint hint)!

  • Bamak, 3/29/15

    Great jacket. Great fit. Best quality ever. What else can I say
    Please let me know when they are in stock. Want one for my sons birthday in April

  • Chuck, 3/24/15

    Great jacket! American Giant needs to bring back the other colors

  • dude, 3/20/15

    I got the medium and it fits perfectly! I weigh 165 and I'm 5'9". It's a nice close fit and looks classy. It's not a loose fit like the hoody. It's more snug and really looks like you could wear it out to a nice restaurant!

  • SDMama, 3/16/15

    The sweatshirt is great but the medium is too small and large is not available. So bummed this is the only style they carry that would work for my husband. Have to return it.

  • Mina, 3/9/15

    I love this thing!! I'm not a thin woman, and the women's clothes are just too small for me, so I explored the men's selection. This jacket is great!! It is soft and thick and the pockets are perfectly placed. It makes me happy! I would like different colors too since I have 3 large white dogs who love me in whatever I am wearing.

  • Kathy, 3/8/15

    My husband usually wears size Large, but he tried both size Large and XL. American Giant sizing recommended Medium, but we had read the reviews. XL fit his shoulders best, and gave more of a "traditional fi," not snug at the torso or waist and longer than high-hip length. We both love this jacket. More colors, please, especially phantom grey! Great fabric weight and thickness.

  • Kathy, 3/8/15

    American Giant's sizing would have put my husband in a size Medium Baseball Jacket, so he tried on sizes L and XL. XL won hands down, fitting best at the shoulders. We didn't like the snugger torso fit or the high-hip length of the size L jacket. A more traditional, looser fit looked best on him. We both love this jacket and would like more color choices, especially Phantom Grey.

  • Daniel R., 3/7/15

    Bought this jacket, tried it on, looked at myself in the mirror, and first thought in my head was, "F***ing Awesome." I love it. 5'8", 170 lbs, athletic build, a medium fits me perfectly. I'd always felt my wardrobe was missing a certain kind of jacket/cardigan, but could never place my finger on what it was... until I tried this on. Can't say I've ever been inspired to write a review the moment I tried on a piece of clothing, but, ya, this one is good.

  • Ashu, 2/20/15

    I bought the varsity jacket, which was essentially the same as this in different colors. It's so good that I was compelled to try to find the original and give a review, but had to settle with something that is structurally the same. Honestly, do not hesitate to buy this. I am 5'11 and 180lbs, and although the medium would have made a very form fitting jacket, I went with the large since I like some space and mobility. This jacket is perfect for playing sports in and just lounging around. My favorite part about the design aside from the great material and fit is the fact that it is buttoned. Unlike the other American Giant jackets with zippers that rub against your neck from time to time, this one has a super soft collar that rests on your neck and keeps the heat in. Easily the best jacket I have ever owned. and would highly recommend this to everyone.

  • Mike, 2/18/15

    This jacket is awesome, bring it back in blue!!!

  • janenw, 12/26/14

    I bought this for my 29 yr old son for Christmas- wanted something a little different - he loves it. His sisters love it - and most importantly - his fiancé loves it!
    He is 6'1" - 155lbs - wears a 38 suit coat and 30" waist. The Small is a perfect fit.

  • Randy, 12/19/14

    Awesome, awesome awesome. Very stylish and great fit, I am 175 muscular build and it is perfect. Not too tight and not too loose. My wife keeps wearing it! I love quality, and this jacket is on of the best built articles of clothing I've ever had.

  • Captain America, 12/18/14

    I just found out about American Giant and had to have this jacket. Nice to find a quality USA product that fits right. I am 5'10" 42 chest 32 waist and the medium fits perfect. Highly recommended.

  • shedjed, 12/17/14

    Love this, got it in red. Is the perfect winter jacket. Heavy and warm, but not bulky and awkward. Perfect either for yard work for a classy night on the town in the winter. Starts out a bit tight but loosens up with time to fit the body perfectly. Love this! Highly recommend.

  • Rob, 12/10/14

    I just received the XL baseball cardigan jacket. I'm 6'1 193 lbs with an athletic build. Fits me just like a glove. Not too tight, not too baggy! Outstanding workmanship and quality! Thank you for making a great item MADE IN THE USA!

  • Joe, 11/19/14

    This is my go-to lightweight jacket - looks trendy, it's comfortable, and it's perfect for fall/spring :)

    @AmericanGiant: When will you bring back the red jacket? Would love to buy one :-)

  • Wild Bill Turkey, 11/17/14

    I see in another review that this used to be called a Cardigan. Now it's a Jacket. I can see why they can't decide what to call it. Lighter than a real jacket, heavier and more stylish than a sweatshirt. An instant classic staple item to throw on all the time, but I've never seen anything like it before, either. I think they accidentally invented something new and haven't realized it yet. It's great, whatever they wind up deciding to call it.

  • Alice, 10/9/14

    I have two of these (blue and black) in Men's Large and they are great, great jackets. I bought the men's because AG never has the women's in XL and I need the room for the arm length and the bust size. I'm 5'6" tall and weigh 170. I don't see how on earth a man who normally wears a Large can wear this one, so I'd definitely size up. My daughter's BF who normally wears a large couldn't even get this on. But if you can get the right size, you'll love the jacket, whether you're a guy or girl.

  • JD, 10/1/14

    Waited a month for this to come off backorder and it just arrived. Looked to be solidly constructed and built for the long haul.

    However the XL is most definitely not even close to an XL.

    I'm 6'4" and have worn XL my entire adult life and this isn't even close. 100% cotton and it doesn't say pre shrunk, so after a bunch of washings i assume it would turn into more of a medium over time.

    I will have to return it and since the XXL appears to be built for the same height range as the XL, i assume i won't get any extra length with that one either.

    Oh well, i tried but will be returning.

  • Mikelooch, 7/4/14

    Ordered an XL in red. Looked great but fit more like a Large. Had to send it back. Now you can not order any size in red so getting an XXL looks like a long shot. May have to look at other makers. Shame.

  • Don, 6/5/14

    I purchased the jacket and be careful sizes run small. I bough an XL which is tight, more of a Large.

  • Trent, 5/29/14

    I recently purchased the large and it fits great (I am a touch over 6 foot and about 185). It is versatile enough to wear to work or working out. I highly recommend this product.

  • carnini, 5/14/14

    This is truly the best jacket I have had in a long time. It fits like a glove. I ordered the small and it feels like a tailored coat. It is very fitting, and that being said I would have to order a size up if I was going to layer it with 2 shirts.
    Great fall/spring jacket when I don;t want to wear any more winter layers.
    The craftsmanship is amazing, and right from the start you can tell it is so much better all all usa made a bonus.

  • Russell, 4/8/14

    I am 6'2-200 lbs I went with an Extra Lg

    It is Perfect I would have been in trouble with a Lg. I usually buy Lg Tall in most garments.

    I love the QUALITY and Workmanship
    It is Heavy a bit to heavy for So.Ca. but
    I would not Trade it for anything.
    I Bought the RED and will wait till the Fall to buy a second in Black

    You will not be disappointed and I will Look
    to Buy next years Christmas Presents
    that will have a Few American Giant's Shirts as Gifts w/o any Worry that the recipe ant will be anything except LOVING there Gift Thanks for the USA Quality

  • Simon Chang, 3/14/14

    As always, the material and construction is great, but the style needs some work here. The cardigan fits well (athletic/tapered) and feels good.

    I'm not sure if they changed the design, but they did change the name. I gifted my cousin what was originally called a cardigan here a year ago, and opted to try one out myself.

    The thing feels like I'm wearing something off an Chinese movie, and in fact, being Chinese myself, it made me look fresh off the boat almost. It's not a typical cardigan certainly. I think it has to do with the collar going up a bit too high.

    That said, I'm returning it and spending my money on the tried and true hoodie instead.

  • Alice, 3/7/14

    Fantastic jacket. I'm a larger female who usually wears a large, but I worried that the chest size in the Women's XL would be too small for me, so I ordered the men's L. It came in yesterday and it fit perfectly. The arms were nice and long, usually a problem for me. My only advice would be to wash the jacket before wearing.I bought a black one and it shed all over my clothes, so I'm washing it tonight and while I'm online, I'm buying the red one.

  • Russell, 2/17/14

    I ordered an Extra Lg I am 6'2" 200 lbs
    It was GOOD to order the EX LG rather then a Large.I usually Order Lg. Tall, it would have been to Small The XLG
    IT fits PERFECT I am only worried about Shrinkage when washed

    I love the Quality I am wanting to buy a Black one also, but will waite till this one "RED" will wash w/o Shrinkage
    Thank You for made in USA top Quality

  • Roger, 2/13/14

    I just went out for the first time with my new black snap up. As other reviewers have mentioned, the quality of the garment is astounding. The material, design, and construction are absolutely first-class... and worth every penny. I mean it. If you're on the fence about buying - DO IT.

    Anyway, I'm 6' and 188 lbs. (with a regular, not particularly "athletic" build) and the large fits me well. They are pre-shrunk, so I don't expect any problems with sizing in the future. It's cozy, but I believe an XL would be too big for me. I like this product so much I may just order one in another color. Best wishes.

  • Harp, 2/7/14

    I'm 5' 9" and 175lbs. I ordered a large and I am very happy with the fit. The fabric is thick and soft. I came to this site after hearing about the hoodie but I found myself quickly drawn to this sweater. I have several hoodies, maybe too many?Nah, but never the less, I certainly don't have one of these. I'm glad I took a chance on it. It looks fantastic. Very high quality and super comfortable. I am so impressed with it that I've ordered the heavyweight zip up.

  • Alex B, 1/30/14

    Just got my Baseball Jacket in the mail. I was on the fence between the L and the XL thankfully I went with the XL because it is a perfect fit. I'm on the end of the sizing scale for L and the beginning of XL. One dimension that is slightly off if the sleeves are about an inch too long which doesn't matter to me much. The feel is amazing and it is super cozy to wear on a rainy day. Totally would recommend.

  • Brian, 1/16/14

    I'm 5'10" 165lbs and the medium fits me like a champ. Super durable, solid fabric with reinforced elbows - this thing feels indestructible! The cotton fleece inside is crazy soft, too. I have a 1/4 zip heavyweight sweatshirt (no longer made) from AG as well and they're the two nicest pieces of clothing I own when it comes to comfort and durability. Amazing stuff.

  • Marc, 12/25/13

    The second I put this jacket on I could feel the difference. It feels incredibly well-made and durable. The material is very thick, yet soft and warm. Everything from the buttons to the pockets is very well designed. I feel like a boss wearing this!

  • StevenRVA, 12/13/13

    Great quality jacket. Made of really good/soft/comfortable material. The size of the jacket was great. Im 6'3 or so and about 210 lbs and the XL fits great. Its nice enough to wear to work but also causal enough to wear out anywhere. It def has a west coast style to it (a little more slim fit than some of my other hoodies/jackets) but me being an east coaster I apprecaite the styling and def enjoy it!! Have recommended America Giant to multiple friends.

  • Grose, 12/11/13

    Great product and versatile. Can be "dressed up" a bit more than a hoodie, but is still very comfortable. Fit and finish are top notch.

  • Rrockin, 12/13/12

    Great and well made. I'm thinking about getting the snap front hoodie. Keep up the excellent work

  • philip101681, 12/1/12

    First and for most, the shipping is exceptionally fast. It only took about 4days to ship from San Francisco to Indiana. But most importantly the cardigan is really well made. It felt great and fits perfectly when wearing. Definitely will recommend anyone who is looking to buy a cardigan.

  • GR, 11/8/12

    Received the Snap Cardigan a couple of weeks ago and I'm impressed. The quality construction and fit have made this my go to sweatshirt. Great quality at a great price thank you.

  • aryaah, 4/13/12

    Recently purchased the Snap Cardigan and I am exceptionally pleased. Great fit, comfort, and form. The construction/workmanship on this garment is superb.
    The versatility, appearance, and quality of this garment far exceed the very reasonable price.
    The Snap Cardigan is a true wardrobe winner.

  • Em, 3/15/12

    I am completely blown away by the construction and design of the snap cardigan sweatshirt. It feels really good as soon as you pick it up, the material feels heavy (in a good way) and feels as though it will last for a very very long time. The fit is perfect and as soon as I put it on I didn't want to take it off.
    I really admire what American Giant have done by making clothing that is not only highly functional, durable but looks incredibly good also.

  • Leafworth, 2/14/12

    Just got mine, gave it a quick wash and put it on. As advertised it feels as though it was made for me. The XL fits my 6'2", 250 lb. frame snug with room to move and sleeves long enough to accommodate my arms. Very satisfied. My wife is already recommending that I get another when this one wears out, but I don't see that happening soon. This garment is tough.

  • KcK from Albany, 2/4/12

    Just got mine a few days and have been wearing it ever since. My wife loves it too. Very high quality/heavy weight feel. The fit is a very classic (not baggy) one, which for me is great especially because the fabric/design gives great range of motion. Can be worn in casual setting and can also get away with dressing it up. Great work. Very pleased. Got here in one day too.





American Giant manufactures clothing in the USA, focusing on what matters- fabric, fit, construction, durability. We're committed to offering exceptional quality at a fair price. If anything you've purchased from us isn't living up to this commitment, please send it back to us for a full refund any time, for any reason.