SWEATSHIRTS / Heavyweight Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt

We built the "Greatest Hoodie Ever Made" from the inside out paying attention to every detail.

  • 100% cotton, 12.4 oz combed ring-spun fleece
  • Custom made for durability and dry exterior hand
  • Brushed interior for softness and warmth
  • 13 oz. cotton rib with 5% spandex for recovery
  • Double ribbed shoulder panels with forward facing seaming
  • Reinforced elbow patches
  • Classic 4" long cuffs and waist ribbing
  • Double layer rib side paneling for mobility and fit
  • Double-lined hood
  • Kanga pockets reinforced with bar tacks
  • Custom metal zipper, grommets, and drawcord tips
  • Color-matched zipper tape and drawcord
  • Double needle straddle-stitching with high-strength thread on critical seams
  • Clean finished interior seaming
  • Pre-washed and shrunk to fit
  • Built to last
  • Made in the USA


This item is unavailable in this size.




  • jetjuan, 4/27/15

    I cannot help but absolutely loving this sweatshirt. I have worn it practically non stop at times but this has taken its tole on certain parts of my sweatshirt. The overall construction has stayed in tact and pretty solid but, the fabric at he ends of my sleeves are starting to come apart as well as the seeing that connects this part of the sweatshirt have holes in them now. The holes I can repair but the fraying I don't think I can. I haven't considered mailing my sweatshirt back with the warranty because I have become very close to this sweatshirt because of its overall quality and its almost became a part of me so I would not want a replacement. All in all I believe that attention has been paid to every aspect of this sweatshirt but more could be paid to where i pointed out. Thanks for an outstanding product, I recommend anyone to pick up this product! just to be clear, I have worn this sweatshirt A LOT! Im usually sitting down at the computer and studying so this could have added to the stressing of the sweatshirt at the areas I have mentioned.

  • John, 4/25/15

    Received my Hoodie today. Exactly what was promised. Great fee & fitl. Think a Hoodless model is in my future.

  • onewithnot, 4/24/15

    The color persimmon is what I'd call dark orange, and is exactly what I was hoping for. I'm 6 ft. 190 lbs., and the large size fits across the shoulders and the arms are long enough. The cut is athletic (narrower at the waist), so if you have a gut or want to wear it over heavy clothes, you may want to go with the XL. I've been wearing it pretty regularly for about a month and no complaints so far.

  • Daz, 4/22/15

    I am 6 ft, 200 lbs, no gut. I usually wear a large but after reading other reviews decided on XL. Lucky I did. Material is the thicker than Under Armour hoodies I have. A-G is about 1/4 thicker than UA though UA sheds water/rain, A-G does not, but is warmer. Zipped up is firm around the middle, not for the weighty folk. There is room for men with some arm muscle. Will keep the wind out.

  • Jesse, 4/19/15

    I'm 5'10" 185lbs, muscular/athletic. I bought a Large heavyweight full-zip hoodie and it fits perfectly. It's loose enough that I can wear a shirt underneath and is shaped great without any weird bulges or stange features you get with cheaper hoodies. Great design, product and brand. Couldn't be happier with it!

  • Adam, 4/15/15

    Got this as a gift, size XL. It's definitely heavy, but that doesn't really help if it doesn't fit. It's bottom waist band is way tight and really tall/long same with the wrist bands, they might as well start at the elbow. My t-shirt underneath bunched up and stuck to the inside which I can't stand. I would expect the whole thing to shrink up and become a shmedium after the first washing. This was not made for the working man, this was made, as one reviewer put it, "for the hipster with the girly arms and no chest." It probably would go really well with a PBR pounder. That pretty much sums up my experience. I am all about made in the USA and what AG seems to be about, but we need to continue to challenge them to not just win us over with creative marketing, but earn our dollars on their steep prices with products that measure up. I will be returning.

  • Hiswordsaves, 4/13/15

    Fantastic! Now I see what all the hype is about! I have a heavy weight hoodie and 6 heavy weight tees. Great construction, materials and made in the USA!!! Whats not to like!

  • Greg, 4/13/15

    I haven't taken it off since I got it a few days ago. The quality is awesome! I'm a fan. One problem....all my other hoodies now suck! Best. Hoodie. Ever.

  • wiscdev, 4/12/15

    I have several 2XL hoodies in other less expensive brands, but was eager to try an AG hoodie, due to their great reputation. My first impression when I pulled it from the package that it was the heaviest hoodie I'd held in my hands. It appeared to be solidly made. Sadly, or ironically, the 2XL was anything but Giant. I also had a friend who normally wears an 2XL try it on and it looks like a sausage casing on either of us. I had to return it.

  • JL, 4/10/15

    Comments on sizing are accurate, it's designed a bit large. I've worn holes in both elbows, the fabric is fraying on the sleeves pretty heavily. I'm shopping for a replacement when this one came back up and I thought I'd write a review. It was nice while it lasted, but it's not going to stand up to heavy use (few of my clothes stand up to heavy use though).

  • Robert, 4/9/15

    When I orderd the hoody I immedietley had doubts ordering on line size quality .
    Well I was wrong this hoody is the dogs bollocks .perfect fit xl , and far better quality I have ever seen here in Europe . I am now going to throw all the old crap sweat shirts out and order some new .Thankyou.

  • Lach, 4/8/15

    Overall, this is a very high quality hoodie. There are a couple of things to note...

    1. Sizing - It all depends on how you want to wear it really. I typically wear a Large (I'm 6'1" 190 and athletic build). I like to wear hoodies over clothing and the XL was perfect. Size up if that's what you want.

    2. This version of the hoodie is unlike anything you've tried on before. It's heavy, jacket heavy. I usually layer hoodies with t's, casual shirts or under a vest jacket. No need, it's that heavy. It could stand alone on most cold weather days. If that's what you're looking for, this certainly fits the bill. As a reference, I wear American Apparel's Tri-Blend Hoodie. It would take about three of those together to equal the thickness of this hoodie.

    3. The hype - it's a hoodie, don't get carried away. Is it worth the coin? Meh. If it makes you happy to have a solid product with some popularity behind it, go for it. Otherwise, I think American Apparel's Tri-Blend will suit 99% of the people out there.

    I think the midweight version of this hoodie might be a better investment and more along the lines of what most people wear.

  • CRL, 4/7/15

    I own a heavyweight hoodie and sweatshirt in every color.

    Love the brand and everything it represents.

    Consider the founder a genius and highly recommend the following:

    I F**KING LOVE THAT COMPANY: How a New Generation of Brand Builders Is Defining the Post-Amazon World by Bayard Winthrop
    Link: http://amzn.com/B00OQTE53E

  • Steven, 4/5/15

    Undoubtedly, one of the highest quality pieces of clothing being made in the world. Fits great. Looks fantastic. Feels Nice. Stands out from the "ordinary". I love it. Worth every penny!! I own three plus bottoms.

  • AubsVT, 4/5/15

    I have bought five of these heavyweight hoodies so far. I only had an issue once with the sleeves. After contacting the GREAT customer service team, a replacement was delivered to my door a week later.
    This would NEVER happen with Carhartt. Highly recommend you pick up a few of these great hoodies. Thanks again Customer Service!

  • Fly for the weekend!, 4/3/15

    I am already a big fan as my first hoodie(black) from AG was a win! So I decided why not another an possibly some sweatpants to go with. Orderd yesterday standard UPS. They arrived this morning. I am about to be snug as a bug in these premium sweats and I am still reeling over the product quality and the on point service. They do not fake the funk at American Giant and I appreciate it!

  • slinger, 3/31/15

    certainly the sweatshirt is made well, but for $89.00 I could have bought 2-3 hoodies that are equally as well made. the $89.00 price is ridiculous ! be sure of your size, it's not very forgiving !

  • John, 3/31/15

    There is a lot of discussion about the fit, so I'll add my comments to that.

    I'm 6'1", 170, 33 Waist, 34 Length pants, I wear about a 41-42 in a suit jacket size. I'm tall and thin, so I wear anything from a Medium to an XL depending on how it's cut.

    First off, the size charts here are very accurate, great job.

    I think some of the disagreement about whether these run big or small is due to people wearing them for different reasons.

    If you are wearing it in warmer weather over just a t-shirt, then you may think they run big. If you wear it in cold weather over a thermal, like a jacket, then you may think they run small.

    I wear sweatshirts over a long sleeved thermal, and a t-shirt under that. So even though I'm thin, I like a good sized hoodie.

    Also, these are cut fitted, or trim, they aren't huge and baggy. The sleeves are a great length, nice and long.

    I ordered the L and the XL. The L was a little too snug over a long sleeved shirt. If I was wearing it over a t-shirt, it would be ok. But even that is trim.

    The XL is better for me. It's much bigger in the chest, but the waist part of it is still cut trim. I can easily wear it over a heavy long sleeve thermal, and be comfortable.

    So overall, if you're wearing over a t-shirt, and you're trim/thin, order true to size. If you are a bigger guy, or you are wearing it over heavier things, go one size up. If you are large in the waist, I don't think any would fit well, because the waist is cut pretty trim, even on the XL. I have a 33 waist, and the XL is loose around my chest, but not around my waist.

    Anyway, love the sweatshirt, great quality, awesome product and service!

  • Purdue, 3/31/15

    Nice, heavy, material. I thought the color looked taupe; it's not, it's all a nice med - dark grey. I am 6'1", 220#, 38"W, 44" chest, 16.5 x 34 dress shirt. I ordered the XXL and it fits great. I have a little extra in the sleeve length, maybe 1".

  • Paul, 3/30/15

    This is a very nice sweatshirt, but too small and too tight. Your size chart implies that someone 5'9" and 179 lbs would be comfortable in an M size. I am 5'8" and 170 lbs, and it feels like my circulation is going to be cut-off. Granted, I have a 42" - 44" chest, but I'm a fairly slim person compared to the average American. Actually, looking across your size charts, all of your suggestions are on the narrow side, based on the M size that I received as a gift. Now, I can't get a direct exchange, and it's too complicated to return it, and then ask my sister to re-order another one in an L. Too bad, because overall it is a nice piece of clothing.

  • LW, 3/30/15

    The quality of this sweatshirt is exactly what American Giant stated. I am 5'8", 165lbs, and the Medium fit me perfect. The only reason I gave 4 stars is that I thought the material would be a little softer. Maybe after it gets worn in...

  • Jesse, 3/28/15

    5'10, 180lbs, athletic / muscular build.
    Medium is a perfect fit. Strong, thick, quality material.

    Can't really say anything else that hasn't already been said before. Wanted to buy the best hoodie ever made; wasn't disappointed.

  • isakall, 3/28/15

    The cost is double other full zipper hoodies. The quality is quadruple. First; the fit. After reading comments here I ordered XXL (Phantom Grey - color is accurate). I've always bought sweaters in XL or L. I've NEVER put on an XXL and liked the fit. I am 6'4" 240 pounds. Athletic build with a 36" waist and a 48" chest. The XXL is perfect. It fits snug at the waist and a little roomy at the chest. I exercise and have rather large arms and I HATE tight clothes. This sweater is as close to perfect as I could hope for. Word to the wise ORDER ONE SIZE LARGER than you normally would. I have a Carhart XL and that fits looser than this XXL. Cloth; Simply Amazing. Workmanship; Made in the USA, which is always good, often the best. In this case; THE BEST.

  • Old White Wolf, 3/27/15

    The quality and feel of this sweatshirt is fantastic, but they need tall sizes as there is not enough length in sleeves and torso. I'm 6'4, 230 pds and beautifully muscular with creamy white skin.

  • SamJam, 3/26/15

    Thank you Thank you Thank you. Finally a good looking hoodie that is comfortable, durable and fitted. Fit and finish is top notch. Material and build quality is million $$$$. This has been my everyday wear. I am looking forward to see it develop its own patina.

  • Freakachu, 3/21/15

    6'4, 200 lbs. XL has a huge torso, L has a good torso. Need longer length and longer sleeves - Large-Tall would be perfect, would buy 2 of every style if it were available.

  • Tim, 3/20/15

    Perfect weight for Pacific NW, heaviness feels good. How about a quarter zip in a thinner fabric? The hoodie's nice, but a little street.

  • Romeo, 3/20/15

    Would have loved to keep both hoodies, but the sleeves are too short for my long arms.

  • MTexploerer, 3/20/15

    I bought this for my partner for his birthday. He commented to me that of all the good in his life he, he is most thankful for these things: being born, being with me, and the sweatshirt. As for the fit, it's spot on, He is 5'9, 170 and has broad shoulders, with a narrower waist. He's extremely pleased.

  • MadStevieK, 3/19/15

    Yes - best sweatshirt ever. Without a doubt. Worth the $$. Will buy another. Fits true to size.

  • Dan, 3/19/15

    Excellent quality!
    I am 6' and weigh 165. A large looks great but is snug. This garment is sized smaller than similar products. Order accordingly.

  • Jules, 3/17/15

    These are literally the best sweatshirts I own!

    They both fit perfectly. I wanted to order the women's sweatshirts bc I like the colors better, but the sizes are way to small.
    My 5'4" 155 pound female body fits perfectly into the size S sweatshirts.
    Body Shape: I lift weights but also have a bit of a bellycakes.....
    I have both the Black and Green versions.
    My girl friend who is 5'4" and 250 pounds fits very well into the XL in black.
    Body Shape: Her weight is very evenly distributed throughout - arms, legs, bellycakes.
    We have both had our sweatshirts for over 6 months and they wash up beautifully and do not shrink at all. The color hasn't faded on the black either, which is a nice feature!
    Personally, i would like it if you brought back the orange color.
    Regarding the warmth factor, we are in Wisconsin and I found the sweatshirt to keep me plenty warm down to about 35-40 degrees.
    My friend wore her sweatshirt as a winter jacket most of this past winter and was literally about to die of heat exhaustion wearing this sweatshirt last fall.

  • anandamide2.0, 3/17/15

    So, last year, I finally bought one, size large, black & snatched it right out the box upon receiving it. Unfolded it, sized it up visually, put it on... a bit form-fitting & am thinking, they run small, don't they...
    Truth is, am carrying more pounds than I ought to. Since then, I've worn it several times & have come to the conclusion that I really love how it not only feels, but, better yet, fits me. When I wear it, zipped up I really like how it moves w/ me. Its construction makes me think of the plates on a rhinoceros. I feel protected w/in it. The hood's size's just right, btw.

  • Brady, 3/14/15

    I purchased the navy blue in medium. I am a 5'6" athletic male that weighs ~160lbs. I have a larger upper body than most my size but am not extremely large. The medium fits me pretty perfectly. The quality of this sweatshirt, like everyone else agrees, is pretty exceptional. It is extremely thick and does a wonderful job of keeping you warm through any mildly to averagely cold day/evening. It actually is too warm when worn above ~70 degrees.

    The fit is perfect and I love how it stays snug around the waist and mid-section. Some complain about the pockets being too high, but I actually prefer this; it keeps EDC stuff from falling out and is a pretty comfortable resting place for your hands.

    The thickness of the sweatshirt causes the thing to be pretty stiff, but somehow remains soft. However, whenever you bend your arms for a long period of time (i.e. talking on the phone etc.) it actually starts to tire the bicep and forearm from having to bend and crease that much fabric. Albeit, this is a minor "flaw" that probably says more about the wonderful quality of the materials than anything else.

    The cut is a little or the shorter side (which I like), so someone who is taller than me (most of the male population) would may want to shoot for a size up if they would like it to be longer. However, I don't know how this would change in the fit around the chest.

    My only qualm would be the "bacon" effect that the sweatshirt has around the zipper when it is worn un-zipped. Again I believe this is caused by the thickness of the material but it doesn't look as great as I'd hoped when worn un-zipped.

    Overall, lives up to its reputation.

  • enrique, 3/13/15

    Purchased the medium in "Phantom Grey".

    First, the color is accurate--exactly what you see on screen.

    The fit is slim but not tight. I'm 5'9" and 175lbs and the M is a perfect size in chest, overall length and sleeve length. The construction and materials are unlike anything you can get in this price range. It's put together well and feels like it will last you decades in both materials and craftsmanship. The cotton is thick but doesn't restrict movement thanks to the ribbed fabric on the sides and shoulders. The armholes are high enough that you don't expose your midsection when lifting your arms. The hood is thick and warm thanks to it being double-lined and fits my head perfectly.

    Being heavier cotton, it's thick enough to wear over a t-shirt outside on chilly days but slim-fitting enough to wear under a coat on really cold days. I've also worn this sweatshirt indoors zipped down and didn't feel hot.

    People like to focus on how it's made in USA. I think this is important and not a gimmick at all. Sourcing materials and crafting here in the US allows American Giant to make a sweatshirt that adheres to very high standards of quality and construction and their business model means the public is able to purchase at a very reasonable price.

    Basically, a really great sweatshirt with no real weaknesses--you won't be disappointed. Their customer service is also very helpful and quick. I got very quick responses to my questions via email.

    PS Obviously, we're all built differently so I'm leaving the chest, length and sleeve measurements taken with sweatshirt laying flat and zipped up.

    Chest: 22"
    Length (hem to hood seam): 25.5
    Sleeves: 26"

  • Slim, 3/13/15

    I am 6'2, 190, and fit. I usually wear a large shirt but sometimes go down to a medium. The large hoodie was a little too tight considering shrinkage after washing. I went with the XL. Great hoodies overall.

  • WBH, 3/12/15

    Agree w/TBH. I am 6', 240lbs, I work out/lift weights, and the XXL I ordered is too narrow in the shoulders and really tight around the body. Quality, material, zipper and construction are truly superior. I love the limited ed RED as well. I will either return it (rtn svc is great) or send it on to my soldier son.

  • TBH, 3/11/15

    By reading some of the other reviews, I figured these run big. They dont. I'm 5'9" 180 and medium was really tight, mainly around the shoulders. If I were younger could probably get away with the tight thing but.... Quality is great, however; solidly built, thick and soft.

  • Travis, 3/11/15

    The first garment I received, although very high quality in terms of materials, had a couple construction flaws that detracted from the overall aesthetic and functionality. As soon as I let AG know about my concerns, they immediately sent a replacement that was free of the problems the first hoodie exhibited. Amazing materials, top notch construction and some of the best customer service I've encountered. Highly recommended!

  • 007, 3/11/15

    True to size, fitted, very soft and warm. I love the design!

  • Tyler, 3/10/15

    To IGs comment I'd like to say the fact that they tell you what size it fits and that over 48in will not is reason enough to know it won't fit. Giving them 1 star because they said it wouldn't fit and it didn't fit is ridiculous. The product is exactly as stated and incredibly well made. In no way deserving a bad review simply due to your stature. I'm writing this so others will keep that in mind.

  • Ernest, 3/10/15

    I received two AG zip hoodies for christmas 2012, these have been in steady rotation nearly every day since. Super durable, super comfy. They're a little faded from regular washing but hardly any signs of wear. No holes, pilling, or fraying, and I'm not easy on clothing. Definitely my favorite with no equal in sight.

  • CAS, 3/10/15

    My son suggested I buy one since he loved his and knew I liked high quality. He was absolutely right. Order one and a week later ordered a second. Wore them all winter. Warm, comfortable and beautifully made.

  • IG, 3/8/15

    Loved the hooded sweatshirt until I put it on. When they say 48inch chest for xxl they are not lying. If you are any bigger give it up, My son wears a xl in most clothing and the xxl fit him. I wear a xxl and it wasn't close,. It's a shame. I really wanted one.

  • PMB, 3/8/15

    I had an extremely, EXTREMELY, positive experience ordering from American Giant. I ordered the heavyweight full zip hooded sweatshirt, and I love it. The quality, as well as the overall weight and feel of the sweatshirt is great; it is by far my favorite hoodie. I ordered a size larger than I normally wear, and it fit perfectly. Also, I cannot say enough good things about American Giant's customer service. I needed to exchange my initial purchase, and American Giant went above and beyond, way beyond, my expectations to make sure my order was perfect. I will definitely order from AG again.

  • Deej, 3/7/15

    Okay, let's get this out of the way first: Like everybody else says, this is an EXCELLENT sweatshirt. $89 feels high, but if you want the best, I guess you have to pay a premium.

    I am not a sweatshirt guy. I have never liked sweatshirts. Generally they feel too baggy in the body, or they mess up your hair or your clothes getting them on and off. So, buying a sweatshirt was a big step for me, and I love it.

    The model in the picture, "Austin", is 6 feet tall and has a 32-inch waist. I am 6 feet tall and have a 32-inch waist. I would say that his build and mine are almost exactly the same. The picture shows him wearing a medium sweatshirt, so this should be a no brainer, right? I should get a medium. But many of the reviews talk about ordering a size up. So, I ordered both a medium and a large.

    I should also mention that I do not like my clothes baggy. I much prefer a clean look ... not skin tight, but not loose either.

    The bottom line is that a Medium fit me and looked fine. But, it did not feel comfortable. In particular the medium was tight on my forearms to the point that it pulled the sleeves of my shirt up a bit when I put it one. Also, it felt a bit restrictive through the chest when zipped up.

    Since the Medium looked so great I feared that the Large would look baggy, but it did not. It looked every bit as good as the Medium, but was a little looser everywhere making it much more comfortable.

    Oh, I should also mention that I tend to be naturally warm and rarely wear heavyweight shirts. The Medium with a heavyweight shirt underneath really would have felt snug. Much too snug for my taste.

    I agree with the general sentiment. "Sizing up" definitely makes sense unless you are at the low end of the range for sweatshirt size they indicate you should purchase.

  • ATL_Mark, 3/7/15

    Received today, Phantom Grey, Large. Size is perfect. Garment is very well made, nice and sturdy, great fit.

  • Daniel R., 3/7/15

    I read an article that this was the greatest hoodie ever made. I followed the link to check out American Giant and sounded like a good story, but seemed like a leap of faith to spend $89 without ever having tried one on. Went for it, received it in the mail, tried it on...definitely best hoodie I've ever tried on. Trying it on for the first time felt like I had owned it forever. 5'8", 170 lbs, athletic build, feels perfectly fitted.

  • bobhett, 3/5/15

    I'm 6'1", 165 lbs and this sweatshirt just simply had a weird fit on me. I ordered both a medium and a large based on the reviews, figuring I would keep one, but I ended up sending both back. The hood of the M hung low and heavy on my back and I kept feeling like I had to shrug it back up onto my shoulders - it made the whole hoodie feel awkward and uncomfortable. The L also felt like it had an awkward heavy hood, but was simply too big for me - it was all loose and sloppy. I really wanted to like the hoodie - I wear hoodies all the time and this one seems extraordinarily well made - but I guess I'm just not shaped right for their clothes. Oh well.

  • Jake, 3/4/15

    I am 6'3" 210 lbs. medium build with a little bit of a beer gut. This is form fitting but not too tight. The length is good overall including the sleeves. Shipping was quick and would definitely buy another.

  • KornDawg, 3/3/15

    I'm 5'9" 150lbs This is well made and great fitting hoodie. The little details like the reinforced elbows, metal tips on the drawstring, and deep front pockets knock this hoodie out of the park.

    There's always a lot of apprehension when buying from a retailer and not being able to try on to see how it looks. I purchased the medium and would compare the size/fit with that of Abercrombie & Fitch.

  • Kento, 2/28/15

    i bought phantom grey and black color
    fitting is very nice
    thank you

    from Japan

  • Gabe, 2/25/15

    Im 6'1" 175lbs I have read about this hoodie and like that its made in USA with domestic cotton. I ordered a Large heavyweight previously and found it too baggy in the body and arms. I returned it for a medium that fits better in the body and arms, but now the length of the torso feels too short. Im a bit frustrated with these one size fits all sizing. A shorter guy who wears medium may feel its just right. I really wish AG would offer slim fit options or tall options; we are all not just larger or smaller versions of each other. If your body falls in the middle of the bell curve, this will probably fit you.

  • Ian, 2/25/15

    Love the hoodie. News articles keep taking about how expensive it is, but it's really more like a jacket than your typical hoodie and most people would be okay with $90 for a jacket I think. Seems like it might be a bit much for the summer (it's winter now), so maybe get the lighter version if you live in southern California or something. I'm 5'10" and 145 lbs. with a pretty thin build and normally wear a 15.5"x33" slim fit dress shirt. The medium fits great, though would probably still fit fine if I gained 15 lbs.

  • Nicodemus, 2/25/15

    Overseas delivery to Finland was swift, hasslefree, duties paid. On receiveing my hoodie, always a bit cautious with online orders.. I was more than a happy satisfied customer! This piece of a garment made my day. Will be ordering more! Proper quality fabric, nice and heavy, great cut. Works!

  • Cheryl, 2/24/15

    I purchased 3 in November. One for my husband, son and me. The two men in my life are VERY particular about fit, color etc. They thought I was buying them just another hoodie. However, they both loved this jacket. So do I for the same reasons: Materials, reinforced elbows, it's lined so well that it really seems to hold it's shape and not really wrinkle. In addition, both of them dislike wearing heavy jackets and found this to be a very nice alternative.
    These jackets were worth the money.

  • Joey, 2/24/15

    If you are used to an American Apparel hoodies like I was, expect something different. AA hoodies are blended and cut very slim. AG is an athletic cut and the materials and craftsmanship are excellent. I got the small duffel color and am 5'9" 145lb. with a 29in. waist.
    i look forward to testing the durability with my six-month old.

  • Ramiro, 2/24/15

    I have the Phantom Grey and Cranberry colors in size M. I'm a 5'8 male with a 31-32 inch waist and 32 sleeve. I would say the medium fits comfortably though if I wanted a slim fit, I might be able to squeeze into the small. Overall, the hoodie is sturdy yet ages well and the cotton softens over time. I wish AG offered the sweatpants in Cranberry as well. It's a great color when available.

  • the toad, 2/24/15

    ok, love the hoodie but way to short for us tall guys! dont neglect us tall people!

  • dick, 2/20/15

    Love the black hoodie. Wonderful quality and appearance. However, the XXL is not really and an XXL. I can fit into the hoodie but it is too tight to be comfortable.
    Giant should make a XXXL if it is going to use tight sizing chart.

  • DanO, 2/19/15

    Just got my gray hoodie. I had some concern about what size i should get. I like them big and usually I'll get Xl but many reviews say they are made snug. Built to fit today's slimmer youth. Well my youth days are long gone along with slim. So I decided on XXL. Fits good. Big on the length of the sleeves and hood and comfortable on the waist. I'm a bit under 6' and 200 lbs. 48" chest and 38" waist. Love the material and the feel of it. Looks to last a long time.

  • Chris, 2/19/15

    I am 6' 175 lbs and I got the Phantom Grey and Heather Grey Heavyweight hoodies in Medium. I consider myself skinny with little to no gut who does not like "hipster" tightness. The medium fits me well and could even be a little tighter as it seems to stretch out a little after use. I debated a lot after reading the reviews if I should get a large and am glad I did not. Would even try a small if it wasn't extra work to ship back and forth. As for the hoodie, it looks good and is well made, but don't get your hopes overly high.

  • Mike, 2/18/15

    My som bought me a gray hoodie and I thought, I don't have room for another hoodie in our closet. And then I noticed when I want a sweat jacket, I always passed the others up when I went for a hoodie. I bought the black one for myself and another black for my wife. She was always going for it and passing 10 or 12 other similar jackets. Now I'm buying one for my son in Michigan. There absolutely the best fitting and plenty warm while never feeling heavy.

  • gogreengo, 2/17/15

    I bgave this hoodie to my future son-in-law for Christmas. He's 28, lives in Wichita, Kansas. He wears it everywhere. says that it is the perfect weight and warm enough to not need a coat most days.
    I followed what many of the reviewers said and sized up. He's 5'9" and about 200 lbs. I gave him an XL and the fit was perfect. He wears a large in most tee shirts.
    Also I bought a size S by mistake which was super easy to return.

  • Chiep07, 2/17/15

    Im 5'7 tall & 130lbs, S fit me so nice. the shoulder's place on me perfect. maybe bcoz i got lean type body, it fit like a loose-fit shirt, & im normally S for most tees brand out there

  • Chris, 2/16/15

    There seems to be a lot of back and forth about the sizing of these hoodies. I'm 6'3" 190 pounds, 40 inch chest, 32 inch waist. A size large fits me perfectly. So perfectly, that I don't think this would fit if I were 10-20 pounds heavier. So for my specific build, the Large is a perfect size.

  • Jake, 2/12/15

    So I generally don't leave reviews for products I purhcase online, but felt obligated I had to write this one.

    I purchaed the American Giant hoodies and also the Flint and Tinder 10-year hoodie (which I feel is a rip off of the AG hoodies).

    The American Giant hoodie feels very solid, comfortable, fits amazingly well, and washes well.

    How does it compare to the Flint and Tinder 10 year hoodie? Well, owning 3 flint and tinder hoodies I feel that the AG ones are better overall, especially the cuffs and the hip materials used and they also fit much better.

    The flint and tinder 10 year hoodie has very strechy soft weak feeling material used on the cuffs and the hips that feels like it will give out after a few washes whereas the AG ones feel like a tank!

    I wish I could give this hoodie 10 stars as I have purchased every single item AG carries and will continue to do so.

    Keep up the great work guys!

  • So Sad My Husband Is Too Damned Tall, 2/11/15

    I love the quality of the fabric and construction, but unfortunately, both the large and extra large do not adequately fit my 6'4", 185 lb husband. Neither size is really long enough in the torso, but most importantly, the sleeves! The extra large size really just increased the width of the body for a heavier person, and didn't change the dimensions where he needed them - in the sleeve and torso length.

    If American Giant ever considers making tall sizes that would REALISTICALLY fit a slim, tall man we would snap up one in every color. But the size chart is very misleading in regards to long sleeve length. Both sizes will need to go back. It's a shame because as I've said, the quality of the materials are amazing, and I love that they are made in the US. I wanted to love these SO badly...I'm bummed!

  • Zach, 2/11/15

    Great hoodie, out of the box it fit me perfect. i bought a small, im 5'6 130lbs

  • Durrdog, 2/11/15

    How can an outfit so committed to materials and construction--both of which are amazing--skimp on the size variable? We need a "tall" line of sizes that accounts for those of us on the thin side or who are over 6'1" with sleeves 35"+

  • Chan, 2/11/15

    I am 6'4", 175 lbs., 33" waist - I was freaked out about sizing after reading a million of these reviews, so I ordered both a L and an XL, with the intention of returning the one that didn't fit. If I were a bit more of a hipster and liked skinny jeans and really tight fitting stuff, the L would have been great. While I do like form-fitting clothes and don't really wear anything one would call loose or baggy, I also like to be comfortable when it comes to layers- that said, the XL fits me freakin' perfectly! Form-fitting and comfortable without having a bunch of extra room. Able to be layered underneath another jacket or worn alone with just a t-shirt down to around freezing. Super high-quality and burly construction with minimal bulk. Overall, I totally agree with everyone who says this is the best hoodie they've ever owned. Incidentally, I ended up giving the L that I ordered to a close friend rather than return it just because I wanted to share the awesomness!!

  • Chris, 2/10/15

    Love the fit, fabric, etc. Comfortable and Durable. I live in the midwest and wear it all winter. I am going to get a second one, but I am waiting for more colors to come out in my size.

  • Rick, 2/3/15

    Excellent quality is meaningless if all sizes run too small. Are these designed and sized for American men or pygmies?

  • Dubh, 2/3/15

    I'm 5'8, 168, 16 ½ neck, 32 sleeves, 43 chest, 34 waist. Have had the large, black, for over a year. Yes, sleeves long, body long. Wears like iron. Takes 20" snows, 9º temps, Lake Michigan waves, walking the Lab.
    Best hoodie ever. Perfect for Chicago.

  • Luke, 1/28/15

    Love the material and the durability. Unsure about the fit. Bought the medium, as I fall inside their size chart. 6'0, 150, 32 waist, but I have fairly broad shoulders, long arms, and long torso. The sleeves could be longer. I think the torso fits as intended (compared to their model who is supposedly the same height), but I'm not sure it's supposed to ride above my belly button when I lift my arms. Snug across the shoulders but fits perfectly across the chest. I have no gut, so that isn't an issue. Feels warm and comfortable aside from the above issues. Tempted to exchange for larges.

  • Rob, 1/23/15

    I wish they had XL tall. It fits me, but I wish it was longer.

  • DML, 1/23/15

    Fit: I am 5'9" 165lbs and medium is perfect. I always wear it over nothing but a tshirt. If you want more layers and my size, go large. I bench, deadlift, and squat 300+ lbs but don't look it. Great cut if you are fit.

    My only concern, and I don't know if this is a dye thing (I know it is with jeans) but the black seems lighter and maybe thinner than the grey one I bought a year ago. Hopefully it holds up like my original one.

  • Don, 1/19/15

    I'm 6'1, 175 "Normal" body type and this hoodie fits like a glove. For sure more tightly fitted than usual as many have commented and if your barrel chested or beer bellied then either size up or look elsewhere.

  • Black Jacque, 1/18/15

    I own three (3) heavyweight hoodies. They are by far the best I've ever owned in terms of construction.

    However, sizing remains a problem. I've *bought* four (4), heavyweight hoodies. Two (2) are truly XL (Black and Navy). One (1) was a Medium (Phantom Grey), despite being labeled XL. (I gifted that to a smaller man.) One is a Large (Dufflel), despite being labeled XL. (I lost weight, so I can wear it.). You can never tell how its going to fit, despite the labeled XL size.

  • BKC, 1/18/15

    Fit: 5' 11" 170 lbs. Large fits great. Waist fits close and sits at right where your leg bone attaches to the hip.

    Quality materials and very well made. Very comfortable. Received in less than a week. A+!

  • Love my new hoodie!!, 1/14/15

    So I just got my hoodie today and it is amazing. I am about 6 ft and 215, I'm in shape but not ripped, I would say I've got about 10-15 lbs of Xmas cheer to work off. I typically wear XL in every other sweater and jacket I wear but chose wisely to go up a size.I went with the XXL. An XL would have undoubtedly been too tight and would fit like spandex on my chest back and arms. This sweater definitely creates a nice V shape. The first thing you notice is how sturdy it is and the weight of the cotton, it literally felt like new money. I definitely recommend. Personally, I would prefer a sectional hood with a 4-5 inch panel down the middle of the hood to avoid a point but really who cares. The lined pockets are a nice touch. Another nice feature are the circular cut arm holes vs. the standard oval. Also FYI to my LE friends that carry every day, the thickness of the hoodie eliminates printing. Cheers!!

  • Mike in B'more, 1/13/15

    I read about these sweatshirts about a year ago. The article talked about how much people love their American Giant sweatshirt...and now that I have one, I can see why! This is easily THE BEST SWEATSHIRT I own. I wear it constantly. I highly recommend this product.

  • Greg, 1/11/15

    Fit: I'm 6'4" 265#. Broad through chest, shoulders and a thick trunk. I was skeptical about size. I wear and XL in almost everything but decided for XXL. It was a great choice. The hoodies fits through the arms and chest with plenty of room to do any movement. The sleeves aren't too short and the length is perfect. It feels athletic cut but for athletes not skinny models. It fits enough you could fluctuate weight during bulk and cutting cycles and it would still fit comfortably.

    Material: It is a little stiff and I love it. Anyone remember the old Levi jeans that were stiff at first but after years of hard use get soft and last longer then your car? These remind me of those, making it hard to justify not using them to do work in!

  • Dave, 1/8/15

    Fit: I'm 5'10" 150 lbs. I'm a fairly skinny dude. I don't like baggy/bulky clothes. I wear fitted dress shirts. A medium fits me like a glove. My wife says I look like a hipster. It's a "fitted" fit, look at the model shots. It's what I wanted and I love it, YMMV.

    Fabric: wow. Thick, warm, durable, soft, tightly woven. Really nice stuff. Someone compared to "flexible armor", that sounds about right.

    Construction: a cut above most any other sweatshirt. Forearm/elbow reinforcements, carefully sewed seams, metal hardware, side panels. This is constructed like a fashion piece, not slouchwear. Awesome stuff.

    Overall, I want about four of these. I can tell already I'll be wearing this frequently.

  • Kristen, 1/6/15

    I got this for my husband for Christmas and he LOVES it. He wears it all the time. Excellent quality - incredibly well made. My husband said it's really soft and warm. He is tall and lean and this fit perfectly!

  • Eric, 1/6/15

    Received an XL for Christmas and absolutely love it. I'm 6'3" 220lbs, wide shoulders and long arms (and a slight beer belly). Sweatshirt has great length in the arms and what I would consider an athletic fit; it hugs me, without being restrictive. It took me a few times wearing it to get used to the fit (my other sweatshirts are generally oversized so the arms fit correctly), but I love it. Extremely warm. Would be ideal for me if it were 1-2" longer, but will not keep me from getting another one.

  • JayWhip, 1/5/15

    Ordered the navy for my fiance, as he has really enjoyed the black and phantom grey ones I bought him in the past. This hoodie, however, is noticeably thinner than the two I purchased last year. He was somewhat disappointed in this one. If you're making them thinner now, American Giant--please don't.

  • Gareth, 1/4/15

    Great top. More tightly fitted than usual as many have commented and if your barrel chested or beer bellied then either size up or look elsewhere. Bit tight at first and would have returned but too much hassle as live in UK. Glad I kept it as has stretched with wear and quality is great.

  • Eric, 1/2/15

    This hoodie lives up to the hype. Been wearing the hoodie instead of my Carhartt coat in the cold Nebraska winter, but unlike the coat, I can also wear the hoodie inside. My only suggestion would be to make a "tall" version of each size, with a few inches added.

  • FearTheBeard, 12/31/14

    I just received my hoodie and I don't want to take it off ever again. The material is heavy and good quality.

    I am 6'1", 200 lbs with an athletic build; broad shoulders, 46" chest, 34" waist, long arms and torso, 17" biceps and the XL feels tailored. Snug without being tight at the torso and chest, shoulder seams come out to the side delts and the cuffs stay past the wrist with arms outstretched.

    Typically, I buy XL to accommodate my chest and they are blousy at the mid section, which is annoying and unsightly. I wish more clothes were cut for a tall, V-shaped build. Kudos, AG!

    Also called customer service about a shipping question and the young lady who assisted me was polite and quite helpful. I will definitely be making more purchases from American Giant.

  • Kay, 12/31/14

    It fits perfect, Size L, I am 6.1 and 183 lbs. typical freeclimber figure, I am from germany and there is no hoody or sweatshirt on the europaen market that is comparable to yours in this price range.Absolute comparable to sweatshirts from Nigel Cabourn (250$). Do you have new colors for the sweatshirts on your schedule for 2015?

  • Jeff, 12/29/14

    hands down, the best hoodie ever made, comfortable, durable, perfect fit. LOVE IT!!!

  • Minifork, 12/27/14

    Gave my son one for Xmas and he should be your next male model or spokeperson. When company arrived Xmas day he modeled his sweatshirt and raved about all the features. He is very,very,very pleased with your product.

  • astewart, 12/26/14

    Three stars for great color (phantom grey), heavyweight fabric and quality stitching. But the size is ludicrously tiny. I ordered an XL for my 6' 2" son, 230 lbs, but it looked like he was trying to squeeze into a child's top. My husband tried it on (6'0", 155 pounds dripping wet, usually wears a M) and it fit him perfectly. Given how large Americans are on average, I'm puzzled how anyone but the wispiest of hipsters could fit into this jacket. Will sadly have to return.

  • Tyrin, 12/25/14

    I really wanted to love it. but it's all or nothing with the sizing. it's either skin tight and short. or short and floppy. for the price of get a carhartt that will actually last instead of wearing thin after the third wash. good luck to you!

  • Al Douglas, 12/25/14

    22 y.o. Male 5'7" 165 lbs/athletic build. 42 in. chest, 30 in. waist. My dad bought me a Medium for Xmas. It fits a bit snug but the length is good. Not like my other hoodies, but this looks good with the slimmer, form fitting style. I probably could fit the Large but the Medium is fine. Definitely quality design and material

  • Mort, 12/25/14

    I own the black hoodie, the phantom grey mock, and the heather grey sweatpants. They are my three favorite pieces of clothing. The fit, feel and features are perfectly designed. I bought four more hoodies as Christmas presents for my sons and daughters in law and they were a huge hit. Well done, American Giant!

  • Ropes , 12/25/14

    Just got this hoodie, very pleased so far. Quality build and fit. The reviews on the site were huge for picking the right size so make sure you read them before you order. I'm 6'2, 215-220 lbs, wide shoulders and long arms...I'm an XL in almost every brand I buy. I bought the XXL based on the reviews on the site and it is a great fit. Slight taper to the waist which is unique compared to other hoodies, yet enough room underneath to wear a thick long sleeve shirt if necessary. Haven't washed it yet and a little worried about possible shrinking since 100% cotton, but so far so good!

  • CJ, 12/25/14

    Bought this in lieu of a pullover. I love it fits a little small I'm 5'11 130lbs so granted I'm a little "lanky" but I'd recommend a large if your over 5"10. Fits different than the pullover which is more loose but still a great, high-quality hoodie. Can feel the durability at touch and have received nothing but compliments since purchase. Would recommend to everyone!

  • C-Murder , 12/25/14

    Love mine!

  • Jackie B, 12/24/14

    Bought a large for my husband who is 6'1 and slim, hoping that from other reviews this would be long enough and fit a tall but not wide frame. When I opened the box and compared the sweatshirt to one from target I saw the cheap target one was actually 2 inches longer! When he tried it on it was easy to see that one of the sleeves was longer than the other and any slight movement or bending over would expose his stomach/back. I am really disappointed and will be returning it.

  • Craig, 12/22/14

    I can not say enough about this hoodie. The quality is outstanding. I would even say that it's better quality than higher end brands. You can actually feel the quality. How often can you say that about a garment. Even the zipper is well thought out. I can't wait to see how this hoodie ages. I'm sure I'll have it for the next 10 years. Great job!

  • P Bogner, 12/22/14

    I bought this hoodie after reading an online article about "the best hoodie ever made". This is definitely a quality product and I expect to get a lot of wear out of this hoodie for many years. You can tell immediately by the fabric and by the design, a lot of effort was put into making this product. However, it should be noted that if you aren't in any kind of athletic shape or body type, this is not the hoodie for you. I consider myself of average body type (6 ft tall, 200 lbs, 36-37inch waist, long arms) and the XL hoodie fits okay. The arm length is great, however it is snug around the waist. The way it looks being snug is nice, but for the sake of comfort, I would prefer it fit a little looser.

    That said, I like the hoodie and recommend it if you are looking for a quality hooded sweatshirt.

  • fix the middleweight!, 12/20/14

    The heavyweight is much better than the midweight, the midweight gives you a beer gut as evident by all the reviews below. Fix the middleweight american giant!!

  • Heidi Ray, 12/19/14

    This hoodie stands up to the hype. All the men folk in my life LOVE this hoodie! They love the attention to detail, the feel, the thickness but most of all they love the fit. All of them are in-shape (weightlifters) and they love the fact that the XL or XXL they have to get to fit their shoulders are not shaped like a tube around the waist- these sweaters are perfect for the athletic men in your life!! And I love the women's hoodie too!! We all love the fact that the sleeves actually fit!!

    I prefer reviews with shape and sizes so I can relate to which size would fit me (or the men in my life) so here they are:
    Man #1- 6'3" 190lb -L (XL also fits good)
    Man#2 - 6'2" (very wide shoulders) 190lb XL fits perfect
    Man #3 - 6'2" 215lb XXL fits well although is a little snug through chest and shoulders but we have a tough time with clothes for our Thor.
    Me (this is in the women's thick zip hoodie) 5'8" 150lbs L fits great through shoulders and arms and the length is great- both of which are typically hard for me to find!!

  • Musty, 12/19/14

    Just want to throw a shoutout that the Duffel Limited Ediion Hoodie is actually military green...despite the photo depicting a more mustard color.

  • Billy, 12/18/14

    I'm re-submitting a review one year later. First of all the sizing on these is a nightmare. They vary wildly. I had to order L, XL, and XXL. Second I've worn this hoodie not very often as the bottom piece (cuff?) stretched like crazy and looks bad. I should note I am 6' tall, weight 180 lbs, and it is loose. There is no reason for this to have stretched. The most frustrating part about this sweatshirt is the cuffs. They are literally falling apart at the seams. It's heavy weight cotton but the manner in which the cuff seams are stitched has destroyed them. I wouldn't recommend this hoodie to anyone at 50 dollars, let alone 90.

  • Jon, 12/15/14

    I've been wearing my American Giant hoodie for a year now, and I have to say it is by far the best sweatshirt I have ever owned. I am not kind to it - I am doing a lot of construction and landscaping around the home, and here in Atlanta you never need to wear anything warmer than this. It is really lasting well, and still looks great (aside from some oil / paint, my fault). I am buying more, and you should too.

  • Ray, 12/15/14

    Purchased two, Duffel & Heather Grey. i am very pleased with the quality. Super attention to detail. Would suggest sizing up to anyone who may want to layer. Normally I'm XL at 6' 4" 215lbs but XXL works out very nice. I am so glad an American company is producing great quality at an affordable price.

  • Stu, 12/13/14

    Great jacket. Very thick,warm,very well made.

  • Chris, 12/12/14

    Im 6'0, 190, I opted for xl absolutely fits perfect, glda i didnt go for the large

  • Noodles, 12/11/14

    Pretty cool hoodie. Material is semi plush inside, rougher stronger material outside. Definitely feels heavyweight. You will not be complaining about this thing feeling thin or too light.
    The zipper is nice and strong, doesn't unzip itself despite having fairly wide teeth.
    Almost hugs my torso, but still feels roomy enough.
    The sleeves seem a little longer than they should be. It works out because it means your wrists will not show unless you put your arms straight up. Nice long cuffs, unique elbow guards, hood drawstring grommets and metal tips add a classy touch.
    Hood is about the right size to fit my large head in, but if you put it on it lifts the whole thing a couple inches in the back. Not really uncomfortable, but you will notice it.
    Overall, seems pretty nice. I've waited so long to get one that I'm almost afraid to wear it out! However looking at the build quality and with AG's customer service. I'm sure I'll be golden for years to come.

    5'5", 165 lbs., 41 in. chest, 32" waist, 20" sleeve

  • Jashim, 12/9/14

    5'10" 205 lbs. Semi muscular build. I ordered a medium and it fit perfectly! with a bit of slack around my chest, shoulders, and arms as needed. Allowing mobility and providing warmth!

    I've worn mine 3x in below 30 degree temps. It is easily the warmest and most comfortable hoodie I've ever worn. I ordered an extra one as a gift for a friend. I will definitely be shopping their full line of items because I love the quality And fitting of everything.

  • Ron, 12/9/14

    i'm 6'1", 195lb, 16" biceps, 47" chest, 34" waist and like a few people have mentioned this is not an athletic cut. I bought it as its American made and most have good reviews but this doesn't work for me. Will be sending back

  • Frank, 12/9/14

    Comfortable, tough, and fits nice.

  • Michael E, 12/8/14

    I want to love this hoodie...but the sizing was so off I can't even wear it now after washing it once. I'm 6'6" with a 35-36 in waist. I bought the XL after reading the sizing chart and thought it would work. The truth is this hoodie just isn't designed with tall people in mind. It's short to begin with but when you add in how tight it is, the thing just hugs my waist and rides up. I thought I could deal with it at first but after washing it, it shrunk just enough to where I can't wear it at all. I'd like to try an XXL because I really do love the quality of it...but I don't really want to go through the hassle of returning it when it doesn't fit either.

    If you're a 5 foot something skinny person...go ahead and get one, you'll probably love it. Tall people not so much

  • Kelevra of Princeton , 12/8/14

    I'm 5'11-6'0 about 170. I have a lean build. I went for the XL. It's perfect. I have so many hoodies (20-30?) but this is by far the best and most comfortable. Quality is first class. I'm not sure what anyone heretofore has to complain about...these are the best. Just bought my second.

  • Steve , 12/7/14

    It's like comfortable armor. I'm 5'6 180. It I got a large, fits well, makes me look thinner. I've had it about a year and it sh owes very little wear

  • YonYonsonfromWisconsin, 12/7/14

    The sturdiest, warmest hoodie I have ever owned-excellent sewing and heavy fabric. I am hope to see more color options like forest green or the return of the deep blue they offered in 2013.

  • Michael C., 12/4/14

    I'm 5'9", 175 Lbs, 40in chest, 33in, and 15.5in biceps. I got a size Medium hoodie. Fits true to size. A little less room in the arm/pit area compared to my other medium slim hoodies. I have great mobility in it and it doesn't feel loose or get sloppy even after working all day in it. Excellent sturdy construction. Feels good and looks good. When you hold quality, you know you have made a great choice. Proud of this MADE IN USA product!

  • Danoindenver, 12/3/14

    Got mine in the mail last night. Washed it and it fits perfectly! I am 5'10 and weigh 160 I have a shirt sleeve length of 33" and a large fits me almost perfectly I can see the value and quality! Perfect
    Perfect !

  • JR, 12/3/14

    I wanted to like this, but the sizing is terrible. Is this a hoodie for ants? I'm sad that I have to send it back.

  • Quality Police, 12/3/14

    This fits nicely, feels nice and looks nice. BUT I HAVE SOME BAD NEWS
    This hoodie advertised to last 10 GODAMN YEARS. I have had this for about 3 months, and im already seeing some issues. Ex. the washer by the hood has completley fallen off, and the hoodie strings needed to be tied to not fall off. These are small issues, but dammit, this is supposed to last me 40 times the amount of time i;ve worn it, and im seeing some issues. Small ones, but still issues. Only have washed it about 2-3 times.

  • NightKoder, 12/3/14

    This is my first purchase from AG the day before Thanksgiving and opted for the upgraded shipping. I ordered the Large size, even though I'm only 5'5" and weight 155 lbs (40 inch chest, 42 waist). The large fit very well through the shoulders chest, though long through the body (which always happens with me). The workmanship is outstanding, and the quality of the material is excellent. I highly recommend this hoodie.

  • AubsVT, 12/2/14

    I have made several purchases from AG, and left nothing but great reviews.
    Unfortunately, the stitching on the pockets of the last heavyweight hoodie I bought seem to be coming loose around the pockets. This is a real let down because I fully support this company and their mission. This didn't happen with the other sweatshirts I bought..
    I would attempt to return it, but since I was so satisfied with the other purchases, I didn't even consider saving the return shipping label. Otherwise I love this hoodie, and the Burnt orange color has been discontinued I think. =-(

  • Travis W, 12/2/14

    This is a very stylish and functional hoodie. The slimmer fit gives it a nice look. The thick fabric keeps me warm when outside in the cold and doesn't overheat when I'm inside.

  • Sparboe, 12/2/14

    I bought this hoodie last year (or was it two?) and I honestly can say it's one of the best things in my closet. The construction and fit are beyond good. 89.00 seems a bit steep but I'm pretty sure my kids will be wearing this hoodie (and I don't intend to "save it" for them, either). Do yourself a favor and buy 2.

  • Wantedtolikeit....really did, 11/30/14

    6'1, 195lbs, 17" neck, 33 waist, 46 chest. I'm athletically built, and wear "athletic" cut clothing whenever I can get it. This is NOT ATHLETIC CUT, it's 'Hipster' cut. This means if you have girl-like arms/skinny, and no muscle in your chest....this is for you.

  • blakeBARD, 11/29/14

    I'm 6'5" so would prefer either an option of a tall version or maybe the hoodie just be an inch longer. Also, I understand their stance on making solid colors only since they are flying off the shelf. But, as a way to support our troops I think a camo line is needed. Overall a great hoodie. A lot of people compliment me. Just want more options with colors, length.

  • GloriaQ, 11/28/14

    I was very excited to receive this hoodie... Maybe because of the high expectation, I was not impressed.
    I was kinda suspicious about the MADE IN USA idea, I don't really understand. made in usa doesn't lead to better quality and whatsoever. Speaking of material, it is not hard to find 100% cotton and soft hoodies with cheaper prices.
    Nevertheless, I still purchased this one. It is heavyweight, like said, but the material is not very soft. The style is simple but practical. It is something you can wear for quite a couple of years.
    But.. Let's face it. It is way too thick to wear a jacket out of it in old weather, and in not so cold weather, it is by itself too heavy.
    Pricewise, I prefer to spend 50$ on a A&F hoodie when it's on sale.
    I have to return it.

  • Satisfied customer, 11/28/14

    I bought mine a year ago and I wear it constantly. It was worth the wait list, which was well handled by AG. Warm, well made, fantastic piece. Truly the best hoodie in the world. 6 foot 180 lbs, large was a perfect fit. A little bit of wear on seam at end of sleeves by my wrists on the inside, gives it some character.

  • Gaily, 11/27/14

    I bought 2 of these for my son for Christmas and they just arrived. They are nice and heavy and I am hoping that they will be a good fit. I am writing this review to let people know that the "Duffel" colored sweatshirt is not at all like the color that is shown on the model. It is an army green. It has absolutely no yellow tones as shown. It does match the small color swatch shown which is very different than the model photo. It's not a bad color just not what I expected or what is represented!

  • Jake, 11/26/14

    I think the quality is great, but my issue is with the sizing. I ordered a medium heavyweight hoodie(I'm 5'10" 165 lb 33" waist). I like fitted clothing but I thought this was just a little to tight on me. I'm sending it back for Large.

  • Anthony, 11/25/14

    I'm 6'2" 185lbs and the XLwas a little too snug for my taste...There's not a lot of give to it. I decided to keep it and give it to a family member for Xmas. I just ordered the XXL hoping that fits better. In terms of quality though there's no question that it's built to be around a very long time!

  • dsburto, 11/24/14

    ME: 5-10, 175lbs, 42R Suit Coat...Athletic build. I bought the Large Duffle Heavy Weight. Everything fits perftect. Not too big, not too tight. Sleeves are excellent length. Don't hesitate, just give them your money already!

  • Jacob, 11/24/14

    I purchased a Men's Large and a Women's small Heavyweight Hoody. Extremely well made, I love the weight and robust/sturdy feel, great for cold mid-west winters.

    I would describe both mine and my wife's as a fitted hoody, they fit comfortably snug through the chest, shoulders and upper arms. I was apprehensive about the length (stops right below the belt line) and the fit through the waist because it is close. But, after having worn it for close to a year, it is the most comfortable and best looking sweatshirt I have ever owned. It still looks great, so far no issues with size after washing or the waist/wrist elastic getting over-stretched. Definitely recommend.

  • Steve, 11/23/14

    One of the best pieces of well made clothing I've ever put on. I am just under 6 feet 185 pounds. The mens large fits as well as I could hope. Appreciate the reinforced sleeves and shoulders. The zipper seems fine to me. Catches immediately and smooth as butter. One thing that really stands out to me is that I can reach as far as I can and the cuff of the sleeve does not move out of position (pull up). Really impressed by this well thought design.

    I'm already looking at getting a second one. I have one for my 19 year old daughter but she doesn't get it till Christmas.

    A big question is why $90 for a hoodie. I don't see it that way. I see it as a piece of quality clothing that will last. Besides it looks great on me. That's were there is value to me. American made...I'll go for that every time when it's made well.

  • A, 11/21/14

    I really, really want to like this sweatshirt. The material is overall very good, thick and durable. Comfortable, too. The fit is good, I didn't feel like I was wearing a trashbag as with a lot of the hoodies I was looking at (I'm 6'4 and 135 lbs - lanky, so when something just "sits" on the body, fitted but not squeezing, that's significant). Stitching on my medium seems of quality so far, hasn't given me any reason to be concerned. Pockets on mine are good, fortunately. I like the tapered openings and squaring towards the rear and bottom, so I can actually drop things in there without them falling out. Biggest concerns have been with QA. The zipper on my sweatshirt is just slightly longer than the height of the fabric cut, so there's lots of in-and-out going on if I have it zipped up fully; it's both uncomfortable and unsightly, and only presented after laundering. Also not a fan of the lack of cover at the top of the zipper - would like just a bit of windbreak for my neck.
    The entire hoodie feels *just* too short - only by an inch or so. Similarly, the hood is abysmally, nearly unusably short, and it's a two-piece hem to boot. So every time I pull up the hood to keep from freezing to death, the entire thing tightens across the shoulder and back to stretch up and over my head, so the bottom of the sweatshirt ends up rising to fit the hood over my head. It's like a bad joke. Making it a three-piece hood with square hemming would probably alleviate that issue but so would just making the hood longer in general. Hell, if the body was longer I might not even be bothered by the tightness in the shoulders. Overall though, the feeling of being punished for wanting to use the hood is a huge turnoff.

  • Danny, 11/20/14

    My mom bought me this hoodie for my birthday and I wasn't quite excited about her buying me a $90 hoodie so I kept it in my closet for some time thinking I was going to return it. Then one day it got cold and I didn't have to many warm clothes in my apartment so I threw this on. I've been wearing it about every day since. Fits great, feels great, feels like quality when you put it on. Highly recommended.

  • Marcie, 11/20/14

    Excellent Quality!! However my sizing choice was way off. Mon son is 6'1" and approx 178 lbs. I ordered what the Model is wearing and it is WAY too small. I'm trying to see who in the family for Xmas, this might fit. I just don't know if I should order L or XL now for my Son. In my opinion the size runs SMALL.

  • GoBears, 11/20/14

    Before purchasing this I was a little skeptical but now that it has arrived, I totally get all the hype. It's not sloppy/saggy/poofy like most hoodies are, and actually gives you a trim and flattering silhouette. It wears in to become on of the most comfortable hoodies you've ever owned. I have had a couple of Flint&Tinder 10 year hoodies, and Arborwear hoodies, but I think American Giant beats them all hands down. Strong shoulder line gives your shoulders a broad and strong silhouette. It is rather trim fitting so if you have a belly I would suggest ordering one size up. If you are of an average size like me, it fits perfectly.

  • kma, 11/20/14

    Stats: I'm 6', 188 lbs, athletic build. I normally wear medium but after reading dozens of reviews, I went with the large and it fits perfectly. It's thick, heavy, and warm which is exactly what the doctor ordered for the (relatively) mild winters of North Texas. It's exactly what I was expecting and well worth the price.

  • CAS, 11/20/14

    We've all purchased sweatshirts for years and years but nothing compares to this one. It is as strong as a tank, comfortable as a T-shirt, and almost as warm as a parka. Bought one and will buy another today. Worth every penny!

  • Evan, 11/19/14

    Most aspects of this hoodie are great--it's sturdy, comfortable, and impressively warm.

    The one complaint I have is about the zipper. The teeth can be sharp. When I accidentally scraped my hand across the zipper this morning, it drew blood. I like everything else about this hoodie, but it's disappointing to see a problem like this in a product that's otherwise so well made.

    On sizing: the size small fits me really well, but I'm 5'4'' and around 120 pounds. I sometimes get my clothes from the kids' department. I'm guessing that most people who wear a men's small will want to go up a size.

  • Russell, 11/19/14

    I just got my XXL hoodie and it at least two sizes to small. I purchased XXL items from Amer. Giant in the past and they fit fine. I checked the label and it said XXL but there's no way that's true. Is Amer. Giant beginning to skimp on their QC? Now I'm gonna have to go though all the bother of sending this thing back during the holiday shipping season.

  • Robert21, 11/18/14

    Ok, Made in USA is nice but I do not think that it was worth the asking price. Feel bad for having paid so much. I ordered a large, as I am 180# and it fits snug (and that is before it is washed). The sleeves have exceedingly long cuffs. I do like the color, heavy weight and contrasting inside of the hood. Do not like the long cuffs and the fit is snug. I do not return things but I do not plan on buying again. Disappointed.

  • William, 11/18/14

    6'2" 200 pounds. XL fits a little snug around the middle but that is not an issue with me. If you have a waist larger than 35-36" you may be better off with a XXL.
    I had an issue with defective fabric color on one of the long sleeve t-shirts and I was promptly sent another one with no hassles and no charge. Excellent customer service!

  • Dlaz, 11/17/14

    Where does one begin...Made in America really says it all. The quality and construction is by far superior to any crap you find at a retail store. I am sold on this American company can't wait to become a repeat buyer..getting the wife a hoodie. As far as sizing goes. I'm 6' 195lbs normally were sz Large. I went with the XL and fits perfect not too snug or loose. Highly recommended.

  • Bullets1958, 11/17/14

    I bought an XL, I'm' 6'3, 235. It is snug fitting, but with a wonderful heft.It's currently freezing here in Texas, and this is plenty of jacket.
    The zipper on my hoodie is strong, I added a small pull so I could find it easily with gloves on.

    The sleeves are long enough, the shoulders fit great. I might get a 2X if I reorder just so I can wear a holster under it.

  • Ponydeal, 11/17/14

    Why is everything so slim fit ? I received the hoodie for a birthday gift, it's to tight, who is this aimed at, kids ? Hipsters ? man it's a hoodie, grown ups don't wear hoodies for a fashion statement, I can understand the slim fit if you are looking to make a fashion statement in some clothes, but a hoodie or a sweatshirt, t shirts, give me a break.

  • Col. Poopypants, 11/16/14

    I picked up an XXL after reading/hearing all the hype (and to some degree I guess I just wanted to be "patriotic", who knows). Anyway, long story short: I LOVE it!! I am a fairly large guy (6'1 245lbs) and a gym rat, and the XXL fit me perfect. Yes, it's snug and it definitely fits a "V" torso type better than a "I I" type so keep that in mind. That being said, it's heavy, sturdy (so far), and looks great. I will definitely be ordering another. Oh, watch your drawstrings in the wash...mine, like some others here, also ejected during the first wash.

  • esteban, 11/14/14

    I really wanted to like this hoodie, but the fit is terrible for a "slim" person; I'm 5'10", 150lbs.

    + Construction seems solid
    + Reinforced elbows and shoulders
    + Pretty good sleeve length

    - Small is a bit loose on the body (decent on arms though), but waist is way too short. Pockets are also way too high due to this.
    - Medium is way too lose, though waist length is better. Arms are pretty loose too.
    - Zipper zips unsmoothly and seems likely to get stuck
    - Hood is pretty shallow and is pointed rather than squared
    - Pockets are a bit loose/unsecure
    - Would be nice to have a cover at the top of the zipper for a hoodie claimed to be so well designed

    Other notes:
    - Hood string has metal aglets which are nice but could damage something when you lean over it (like scratch a laptop monitor). Also they slip out of the holes and into the hood while washing/drying unless you tie a knot around them.

    Overall not worth anywhere near $90 in my opinion because of all of these issues. Everyone’s body is different, but these hoodies definitely seem geared to bodies with a bit more heft. If American Giant offered a “slim fit” then maybe it’d be worth it.

  • Zach, 11/14/14

    This is sadly not the best hoodie/sweatshirt.
    -The sizing is off, it's not just fitted it's tight. I ordered based on the model in the size chart, being smaller than him I figured a medium would be loose on me but upon trying it on it's tight.
    -The top seams of the front pockets don't line up, according to my tape measure they're offset by a quarter inch but with such big seams it's really noticeable when zipped.
    -The patches for the elbows are also off. When i put it on one elbow is perfectly centered in the patch but the other is off to one side. I realize noone is perfectly symmetrical but this makes it look bad no matter who would be wearing it.
    Inspector 12 you let me down :(

  • Duke, 11/14/14

    Within a couple of hours from posting my first review I received an email from AG customer care. They apologized for the inconvenience caused and offered to replace the grommetless hoodie with a new one. Today they sent me a confirmation that the replacement has dispatched. Great, great, great customer care. Thank you Shelby for taking care of this! AG, you've won a loyal customer.

  • tchikin, 11/12/14

    The construction is great. The material is heavy and had heft, but the zipper feels cheap and halting.

    The biggest issue is sizing. I ordered an XXL to make sure there was enough room for my admittedly very broad shoulders, and there wasn't an inch to spare. The length is short and so are the too-tight sleeves. The hoodie fits more like a large for some makers and a medium for others. There's no way this is even an XL.

    Maybe I expected too much from all the hyper, but I expected waaaaaay more from the so-called best hoodie ever.

  • Duke, 11/12/14

    heavy thick cotton fabric, great stitching, has a quality feel to it that promises years of trouble free wear. that said, one of the grommets fell off during the first wash. the draw cord came entirely off the hood too. and that's before even wearing the garment (I tend to wash everything before I wear 'em). the sizing is a bit off too. i am 5'10'', 151 lb, 38'' and normally fall between S and M (that sounds funny). i got the M and it turns out not as trim fitting as expected. i can live with that though. but that grommet man, bummer. i was going to send it back but return from the UK is not exactly cheap so...I'll learn to live with that too. but really guys...loose grommets?

  • jimballa, 11/12/14

    Find me a better hoodie and I'll buy it. Otherwise buy the shit out of this one. Best quality from the thickness to the zipper. Rock my grey one on the reg!!

  • Sfgiantsfan, 11/11/14

    My heavy weight navy colored hooded sweatshirt arrived and great quality is the first thing you notice when putting on. Feels like it will last a long time if properly cared for. I am 5'7" and 155lbs and the medium is perfect. This is my first purchase from American-Giant. I am an older guy and have never spent this much on a sweatshirt, but I do appreciate quality which means I won't be throwing away a cheap one after wearing a short period of time. As a big SF Giants fan, I may come back and get the black one. I don't see Orange. The quality is worth paying for even if it means getting just one instead of two. I guess that means looking forward to a black one later when budget allows. I hope this company does great and I am pleased to wear a sweatshirt made in USA. Thank you.

  • Mike V., 11/10/14

    I love the construction and build quality. Can't be beat. However, it wasn't clear to me that this is a 'sport fit' item. I saw 'heavyweight' and figured great, I can buy it for work and replace my mediocre Carhartt with it. Well no. I'm an average size guy. 5'11" 180. I wear Large t-shirts and XL hoodies. I ordered an XL and it was very slim on the sides and the arms. No room really for a long sleeve t-shirt or flannel underneath. So the articulation isn't good in the shoulders, as I planned on turning wrenches at work while wearing this. Not gonna happen. Also, the elastic tape strips at the wrist and waist are too long. The wrist tape squeezes my watch so it digs into my wrist. And the waist tape wants to snug around my hip, which is annoying. It should sit slightly baggy at my belt line so my Leatherman is accessible. I wish AG would take the dimensions from Carhartt, but build it in the US, with AG standards in build quality. THAT would be the perfect sweatshirt.

  • Chick in men's clothing, 11/9/14

    I'm female, but got the men's hoodie because female sizing is always ridiculous. I wanted this specifically because it looks long and thin. Not the case, not like it looks in the pic (only complaint so far), but I love it anyway.
    I am 5'7", 160 pounds. I measure at 42-30-41, which is a fairly medium build with an hourglass figure. I bought the men's Large, and it rests about halfway over my butt, and the sleeves come to my knuckles (score!) The fit is slightly loose all over but not so much that it looks baggy or unkempt. I'm certain a medium would've fit like a glove, but the large is already a little shorter than I'd hoped, so I chose to keep that.
    The hoodie is a very solid material, a bit stiff at first, but after wearing a month, its very comfortable. The pockets are perfect: big, roomy, and nothings falling out of them!!! The hood is FANTASTIC! I have a big head and even bigger hair (hip-length mess of curls) and the hood covers with about an inch overlay past my face to really keep me dry. The thick material keeps you super warm, I walked around campus on a brisk day and went from freezing to sweating because the fully zipped interior did such an ample job of retaining my body heat. You can zip it for ultimate warmth, or leave it unzipped to have a bit of added warmth without over heating--super versatile!
    I will note that you do feel like there's a bit of a beer gut thing happening. Its feels really roomy around the mid-section... but look in the mirror and you don't see it. Sorcery? I think so. It really does feel huge on, but in the mirror and to others, it looks like a clean-cut hoodie. The attention to detail is awesome.
    While I'll admit I still wish it was longer and slimmer built (like pictured), it is still an awesome hoodie. 4 stars because of the picture to reality discrepancy.

  • Pomegran8, 11/8/14

    This thing is wonderful. I'm 5'8" 165 pounds, 32 inch waist. Athletic/toned. Medium fits me like a glove. Sleeves are perfect, length is perfect. It's warm enough for getting firewood on a cold, Colorado night, but also doesn't keep you from overheating. I love this thing and I'll be getting one for every person on my Christmas shopping list.

  • Pepito, 11/8/14

    Just received my black and grey. Best hoodie ever. Great job AG

  • County Medic, 11/7/14

    Great product. Made in the USA truly living up to it's name, and price point. I'm 5'9", 160lbs; the mens' heavyweight hoddie fit perfectly. Haven't washed it yet. Probly wash cold then tumble dry / low dry. Excellent attention to detail. Have paid more for hoodies with competitive detailing but lacking in execution. This garment is built to last

  • Joe C, 11/7/14

    Very impressed with the overall built and detail quality of this hoodie.It's heavy, warm and made in the USA. Order the black XL regular mail on a monday and got it on saturday. Im 5'7 180lb and 36' waist with a beer belly, the XL fits tight on the chest and belly but after wearing it for a week it feels perfect now. I'm putting 3 other colors on my xmas list.

  • Zlatko, 11/6/14

    Bought this whilst in California, where it was practically my only hoodie seeing as the weather isn't really appropriate for heavy hoodies. When it arrived, I noticed the quality right away, but for a while I was kinda apprehensive about it, and though it wasn't all that . It wasn't until I went back home and compared it to my other hoodies that the quality became really apparent. I have 1 other navy hoodie besides this one, its decent huality and my favourite until now, you can tell the difference in quality from 30ft, just by looking at it.Really pleased with it, and the quality will definitely be purchasing other products.

  • Salty Dog, 11/6/14

    This is, by far, the best constructed sweatshirt I've ever owned, in every detail. Be aware that this sweatshirt is sized slightly smaller than most. I wear a size XL in all other brands but the XXL in this sweatshirt fits me perfectly. I would suggest ordering a size up!

  • Orlando, 11/5/14

    Fits great!

  • Charles, 11/5/14

    Hands down the best piece of clothing I've ever owned. But it's too small. I expected it to be tight since I exceed the XXL chest size (I'm a 48") but I was within the waist size (I wear 40")

    The quality and look of the hoodie far exceed the fact that it's too small. I'm saving for my next one. Hopefully they'll put out a XXXL or I'll lose weight.

  • George O., 11/4/14

    I have fallen in love with hoodies from AG. Very impressed with the quality of the fabric and the timeless look it gives. Definitely an A+ for me. I was so enthusiastic about it and bought my best fiend one!

    One little difference I noticed was that Phantom Grey felt alot more heavier and had less "give" to the fabric than the softer Heather Grey version (both heavyweights). I called in AG and was told its due to the dyeing process and assured me its the same fabric.

  • Live Virginia, 11/4/14

    It is the BEST hoodie I've ever owned. It about time clothing is made in the USA. The quality and workmanship speaks volumes. It fits great and keeps me warm.

  • Derek , 10/30/14

    Just ordered mine and waiting for them to ship it still. I hope its worth the wait, i hear good things about them and look toward that nice heavy weight hoodie!

  • Touchdown , 10/29/14

    Seriously. In every way hands down. Saving to get a second one.

  • Grey D Bob, 10/23/14

    My Friend let me try on his XL Hoodie. I was sold. It fit well and was really good quality. So I go home an order my own along with some t shirts. I buy everything XL the heavy weight tees are short, boxy, and have tight sleeves. the mid-weight tee fits great. the hoodie is super tight. Tighter than the mid-weight tee and a little short in length. I like the American giant philosophy and mission, I just am having a hard time enjoying their products.

  • Ser, 10/22/14

    Nice hoodie, good fit. Just bought another in phantom gray to replace one my friend "lost" (he probably jacked it because it's awesome). I'm 5'11 165 lbs and the large is perfect.

  • Dutchman, 10/20/14

    The XXL while a great fit in the sleeve length does not fit around the chest for bigger people. I'm not super fat by any means and every other company that makes an XXL item fits around the chest but not these. The heavyweight cotton is amazing though, alas I guess I'll never get to own one unless they start making bespoke items.

  • Jersey212, 10/20/14

    If you are looking for a warm tailored hoodie, this is it. The construction and the fabric makes it feel like it was made custom to fit your body. The fact that it was made in the USA speaks volumes about the quality. I am definitely going to check out the crewnecks as well. Great job American Giant.

  • AubsVT, 10/17/14

    I have purchased 3 hoodies from AG so far. Two for myself and one for my wife.
    Couldn't be more satisfied if I scoured the earth! Just picked up the heavyweight burnt orange. It's great, and fits in very well with the Fall foliage. Super comfy, and everything I expected. If only I could get a refund for all of the money I wasted on lined Carhartt hoodies, I'd have one from AG in every color.

  • Satisfied, 10/16/14

    Honestly the best hoodie I've ever owned. It's easy to tell that basically the whole jacket was built to last. It's comfortable, flattering, and fits well on an average athletic build. I'm 5'11 180 and got a large.

  • TheTata, 10/12/14

    I purchased an XL Heavyweight Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt about 2 months ago, and I am extremely pleased. I wear it more and more as the weather gets cooler and cooler here in Ohio. The quality is outstanding...it truly is "heavyweight". Go with the bigger size if you are undecided. Some pricey things are well worth the additional money, and this is certainly one of them!

  • Sal, 10/10/14

    Heavyweight in P. Grey. 5'9" 155#. 30"/31" waist. 38R sportcoat. I ordered a small and medium. The small was a little short but fit great otherwise - I have a longer torso. I prefer the fit of the medium and am keeping it. Fit and finish is top notch on this product.

  • HugeNed, 10/10/14

    I bought two, and love them, wear them almost every day. The only only problem, and it developed surprisingly quick, was the rapid failure of the cuffs. The left seam (I'm right handed) is undone, and the cuff is completely worn through at the fold. The right cuff is on its way too.
    No other part of the hoodie shows that kind of wear, in fact the rest is in more or less pristine condition. I've had them over a year now, I would imagine the cuff issue has been resolved. They're still worth the money and you'll without a doubt love wearing it for years and years.

  • yosh, 10/9/14

    just love this hoodie. super comfortable and light in weight,but very warm and wind resistant

  • moseschanting, 10/9/14

    Bought this because 1) it is made in the US and 2) the reviews.

    After having worn this over the last few weeks as the temps in Chicago began to drop into the 50s during the day and 30s in the evenings, I say the hype is all that.

    The quality is second to none compared to the other sweatshirts I've owned in the past. The fabric is heavy and looks to me it will last a good long time. The construction looks to be equal to the task. This sweatshirt is build to last!

  • Tammy, 10/9/14

    I bought the XXL for my boyfriend (6'5", 32 waist, 250 lbs) and despite his measurements being well within range of the XXL size chart it is too tight around his middle (he does not have a large "beer belly"). It's a shame because he really liked the quality of the material and the spacious hood. He asked me to order the next size up and I had to break the news that this was the largest they had...Will be returning this.

  • TheDan, 10/8/14

    Heavyweight in Ph. Grey. Fantastically comfortable all the way around. 5'11 with a 46 chest and long torso, XL is perfect. All the quality is as they say, and heavyweight already taking care of Colorado fall with zero issues.

  • Danad, 10/4/14

    I own 3 of these hoodies. Even one from when they still had the Talon zippers and the old sizing scale. The quality is top notch. After 2 years, the cuffs of the navy blue hoodie have started to wear off and tear. But keep in mind I wear that hoodie 3 day of the week for 2 years, that's actually very good. The new mediums are bigger than the original but not so much so that it looks baggy. I'm 5'9" and 160 lbs. They are perfect to wear under a jacket in Wisconsin winters and as a jacket in the fall. The price is definitely worth what you buy. I will continue to support AG as long as they keep pumping out quality clothing.

  • Chris, 10/1/14

    Wish I had 30 of these. Undeniably the greatest hoodie I've ever worn.

  • jason, 9/30/14

    5''10" 160. Got the large. Slightly on the big side new but fits pretty well after a wash and dry. I usually wear a size 40 sport jacket. Arms are a bit on the long side also. That being said, it's pretty awesome hoodie. Nice fitted feel and good looking. Going to be my go to all fall.

  • Gregg, 9/26/14

    I really wanted to like this hoodie, but I wound up sending it back. The material was just too heavy and thus uncomfortable to wear, so I will reorder the lighter weight one. It fit very well in the shoulders, but the cuffs were too tight at the wrists. I hope the lighter weight one is better

  • Adam, 9/19/14

    I purchased my first American Giant heavyweight full-zip hoodie last month. I was hesitant to spend 89.99 on a sweatshirt, but I'm glad I pulled the trigger. I purchased the black hoodie - looks great with jeans and boots or even business casual at the office. It is indeed a heavyweight sweatshirt, but not too much so. Thick and sturdy (and sure to be warm), but not so bulky as to make it uncomfortable under a coat or unflattering in appearance. I'm 5'11, 218lbs, with a fairly athletic build for a 43 year old. The XL fits close to the body, but not too close. Its a very flattering athletic fit. Great heavyweight zipper, great oversized hood, great reinforcing elbow patches, great cuffs and hem, GREAT HOODIE! And made in America. I will be ordering the full-zip hoodless sweatshirt soon and probably an addition hoodie. AG is sure to be on my Christmas list this year! I hope the best for this American company and I have no doubt the outstanding quality coming from AG will mean continued success. Great job!!

  • stephanie, 9/19/14

    just received the sweatshirt, i ordered a small for my boyfriend who is about 5-9 and 145lbs (size 29/30 pants & small/xsmall tshirts). seems to be excellent quality, looks like it will hold up over time. This was defintely on the very small side, he likes his clothes to have a tight fit hence the sizes he normally wears, but even this was skin tight and a little short at the bottom especially when he lifts his arms up it rides way up. he decided to keep it though cause he was worried a medium would be too big, and its a pain to order and send it back twice if he decided that was the case.

  • Michael, 9/18/14

    Very nice hoodie. My only problem is the waste is too tight and it rides up on me because I'm so tall. I got an XL. I'm 6'6" with a long torso and if the waste band was just a tad bit looser then it would be perfect. Sleeve length was my main concern and they are plenty long enough

  • BOSTONWHALER, 9/12/14


  • Eddy, 9/11/14

    stout, stylish and smart. if you wear one you rep one cuz many ask about it. the quality is visible...bomber.

  • Chris, 9/10/14

    I bought a heavyweight Medium. Everything about it was right, except the armpits. Too tight. I've had it for over a year, but probably haven't worn it more than a dozen times because I don't like that binding in the pits. I ordered a baseball jacket in Large, but it had the opposite problem. Too big all around. I sent it back. I'm hoping they have solved the armpit problem now, but I'm reluctant to try another Medium.

  • AzKid, 9/5/14

    I'm 5'8",160lb.,Tshirt I bought was Lg,and it's tight.Heavy sweatshirt in Med. was just the opposite,past my hands and butt.Got a Sm. now and the sleeves are ok but the body and length are tight.Love the quality and great customer service but the sizing is kind of hit or miss.

  • Joseph, 9/2/14

    The zipper is a little sticky and the sleeves are about 2" longer than I'd prefer but overall it is the best hoodie I've ever worn. The length, fit around the chest and size of the hood are perfect for me at 5' 9" 180 lbs. I also really like the double thick material on the shoulders and elbows. Best of all, made in the USA. I'm going to try the medium weight hoodie and a couple t shirts next.

  • snorklet, 8/30/14

    I bought this for my fiance' after reading about it online last year. Fast forward about ten months. It's heavy, warm, and the phantom grey color hasn't faded. However, the cuffs are fraying after less than a year's worth of non-daily use and the zipper pull came off. So we won't be purchasing any more, even though we try to support American made products.

  • Shane, 8/26/14

    This is the best I've ever had for such a short time. I wish the sleeves were longer. I'm 6'4" and after a month or so and a wash or two it shrunk up enough to not fit anymore so my former fiancé took it. Gotta say I miss the hoodie most!

  • dhung, 8/22/14

    Bought two hoodies for spouse and I. The materials used are definitely heavy duty. Keeps us warm in Canadian weather.
    Only issue is the finishing. On one of the hoodies, white thread (red hoodie- female) can be seen on the outside beside the zipper seam. On the other hoodie, a small line of stitches have come apart (haven't gone through a wash).

    Build is superior than most other hoodies. These are comparable to the 10 year hoodie or Lulu Core hoodie.

  • Den, 8/21/14

    Very well constructed. No doubt it's quality.

    My only issue is the large was just too tight and restrictive.

    I'm 6' tall, 205 lbs with a 36" waist. It was uncomfortably tight for me in the chest and gut. I went ahead and exchanged for XL and it fits perfectly with no bagging or sagging.

  • Omar S, 8/11/14

    After owning many hoodies this is by far the best fitting and best feel. I am 6'3", 165lbs with a 32 waist. Tall and Skinny. I got the Medium and it fits like a glove. Sleeves are plenty long and it doesn't ride up my back.

  • Almost but not quite there, 8/5/14

    Loved it...at first. Good fit, nice feel, comfortable. But the navy color fades badly and not in a blue jean sort of way; just gets uglier. The cuffs are wearing out at the seams and won't last long. The metal zipper occasionally snags and pulls out stitch.

  • dawgsnake, 7/31/14

    I've worn hoodies from Carhart for years. Bought a heavyweight hooded last year. Wore the daylights out of it. Washes great and fits great - no shrinkage. Bought the version without hood. Fits great as well. Wish AG would make an insulated version. I'm outdoors a lot and would like an insulated full zip hoodie to layer under my outer coat. Carharts shrink, zipper pulls break. These AG hoodies are far superior and worth the $$.

  • Andre in San Diego, 7/26/14

    I love the way this hoodie feels and is constructed. I am 5'10'' 185lbs and a large fits me great. I ordered a black one and loved it so much that I a grey one the same week.

  • Melbourne247, 7/23/14

    Fantastic Hoodie. I am 5ft 3" 170lb, and a little round around the middle. I bought the large in Navy and its fits perfectly around the chest and stomach. Its a little long in the arms and torso, but thats ok. It's a great piece of clothing. You can tell the hoodie is well made and worth it to get something that will last. Love it.

  • David, 7/21/14

    Phenomenal hoodie. I purchased one last year and wear it non-stop. It has held up great! I am 6ft and avg. build. You hear a lot about sizing, but I feel that the large is snug, but not restrictive. It's heavyweight, but not bulky. I cannot wait to buy a couple new colors this year!

  • bk, 7/16/14

    I just received my heavyweight sweatshirt and it seems like a keeper that will last a long time. I’m definitely pleased with the purchase. I’ve had a Carhartt sweatshirt that’s lasted for the past 16 years and this feels like the same quality and probably better. I read a lot of reviews on sizing so I thought I would add to the cause because this doesn’t fit like any other pull-over or zippered sweatshirt I’ve ever owned. I wear a 42R suit, I wear shirts with 34-35 length arms, and I’m a 33-34 waist. Based on these numbers and their size chart I ordered a large and after receiving the sweatshirt it fits fine but I could probably easily go with an extra-large as well; I definitely gave it some thought. The arms and chest fit great but this is a slim fitting sweatshirt at the waist. It is almost like a fitted sweatshirt. I live in a beach climate year-round so I won’t be wearing lots of layers underneath this but if you plan on wearing multiple layers underneath this sweatshirt I would opt for the next size up.

  • Nick , 7/10/14

    This is the greatest piece of clothing I have ever bought.

    When its cold, I'm warm
    When its a little hot, I'm cool

    Not to mention how durable it is. This hoodie is as soft as a babys butt and as tough as a car-hart Jacket.

  • Joel, 7/7/14

    Marketing on this site and elsewhere suggest that this hoodie will "last a lifetime". It won't. I've had mine for about a year, and both cuffs have begun to fray. The *rest* of the hoodie indeed seems very durable, but that won't matter much once the cuffs start to look like a dog chewed on them. I've worn many hoodies over the years, and the cuffs are always the first thing to go - usually after about a year of daily wear. This hoodie, for all its premium-priced, American-manufactured "high-quality cotton", will last me about as long as the $15 hoodie I
    bought at H&M. It seems like they increased the quality of every part of
    the hoodie except the part that always wears out first. What good is that?

    If you like the style (I do) and are willing to pay a premium for it, you'll be very happy with this hoodie. But you'll be disappointed if you believe that it will last for decades, as suggested here: http://www.slate.com/articles/technology/technology/2012/12/american_giant_hoodie_this_is_the_greatest_sweatshirt_known_to_man.html

  • Zippy, 7/3/14

    I got the phantom grey and color faded out after washing twice. Fit is not for tall slim people (5'11 155) . I first tried the medium and sleeves were way to short. I then got the large and the sleeves are a little short but the body was at least long enough. Was hoping this would be my new go to hoodie but because of the poor fit it's my work wear. Fabric is nice and thick.

  • Pikins2@ Hampton,VA, 6/25/14

    I received this hoodie and it was outstanding. I have never seen such quality work in the hoodie's ever. It is heavy-comfortable and feels good. It will replace your bulky winter coat in a minute. The order was too small. I sent it back. Before I sent it back I received an e mail asking me if I was satisfied with my order. I told them I had sent it back and when my credit card was refunded I would reorder the right size. The shipping back was FREE. And true to there outstanding customer service the notified me when my card had been refunded. The contacted me in-between to see if I was happy with there service. This is old fashioned customer service where the company really cares what the customer thinks. I encourage you to see the reviews on this product. NON are bad and when you receive the order you will give outstanding reviews also. I wished they had more products with this kind of quality.

  • Brett, 6/24/14

    I've read all the reviews and praise on the AG products, and admit it got me to buy this sweatshirt. It's a great piece of clothing. It's clear it's well made and worth the addtl money to get something that will last. I was on fence about the size given what I read in other reviews, and the size chart, but I went with the XL, and so glad I did. I'm 6'3" and about 197, on the slender side but need the length in clothing for my height. The arms have a nice amount of room to them, but everywhere else fits just right. Looking forward to getting another color soon.

  • Syd, 6/23/14

    Highest quality and American made! What more can you ask for?

  • San Diego Giant, 6/23/14

    I'm 35, 5'11 235lbs. Ordered the xl in heather grey. Let me start off by saying that I've read all the hype about American Giant hoodies all over the net and watched all 2 consumer reviews(at the time of posting) on YouTube, and was going in skeptical (but wanting to love it) of how good of a hoodie this could be. With that being said, when I pulled the hoodie out of the slender brown box and thick plastic bag it came in with one hand. I immediately noticed the weight of it. I was kind of nervous of how the fit was going to be as I put it on, (was deciding between an xl and xxl) but the size was spot on. The weight of it (by far heaviest hoodie I've owned) sitting on my shoulders and chest felt good and was more fitted on me than baggy, which I liked. I appreciated the subtle details, like the small anterior left label logo, tough zipper, and double padded rear forearms. The wrist cuffs were longer, and hand pockets higher than I'm use to. But the way it fit and felt on me, it wasn't an issue. My initial impressions have eased all my initial doubts. The only thing left is lasting power. But as I'm writing this review I'm in love with it. So much so, I want to order another one but you're all out of xl in the cranberry. Restock please

  • JM, 6/23/14

    The fit/cut is perfect, and the material is durable. The shirt is colour-fast, and doesn't shrink with washing. This is my favourite sweatshirt.

  • Pete G, 6/21/14

    I thought carhart hoodies were the best around until I bought one of these!
    Better quality and fit than anything else I've ever owned, well worth the 90 bucks.
    I'm 6'1" 225 lbs and the xxl fits perfect.

  • Carey, 6/19/14

    Absolutely defines quality. I am 5'10" and 170 lbs. (no gut) - the medium fits perfect, just like the picture with no folds or extra arm length.

  • Stevie, 6/16/14

    Wow! Just got one for father's day and it is fantastic and made in America! Fits great! I love it!

  • Marc, 6/14/14

    I needed to replace my old worn out hoodie I used for work and now I needed a decent one to use and not ruin now that I'm retired. This could be the last one I'll ever own. It is a perfect example on why things need to be made here in America and not some sad cheap Chinese garbage.
    I'm 5-10 & 175lbs.got a large, and it fits just right, don't have any problems with the sleeve length or the overall length.
    I can see where depending on the body shape/type you might have, a issue with the snugness around the waist. This is not a loose fit that people might be used to from buying past looser bulkier cheaper quality from Asia. Good for keeping the cold air out. This is thick and has a large hood that will be good for rain or snow protection and you can easily wear a hat underneath.
    The T-shirt a large also is thick and will be perfect for the winter and cooler temps. This combination should be great in the winter except maybe on the real cold days here on the Northeast coast.
    Buy this, you will not regret it..........M

  • Mr T, 6/9/14

    Best quality hooded sweatshirt I have ever seen, thank you.

  • Chris, 6/9/14

    I was reading an article several weeks back about the success of American Giant. Based on reviews, I went ahead an ordered a heavyweight hoodie, one navy, one racing green. Mine arrived this weekend and exceed my expectations! Great fit, extra room under the arms, quality construction and attention to detail. One of the best online clothing purchases I've made. Thanks AG!

  • Turtles, 6/7/14

    Bought this in a large for my dad. He won't take it off. Says its hard for anyone to top this quality build. Makes me a bit jelly because I didn't get one for me

  • Mr.Chuckles, 6/7/14

    The quality feel is just so surprising! I was expecting a well made hoodie but not as awesome as this!I didn't believe the hype because, well, it sounded too good to be true, but this hoodie represents american made products with flying colors. I have a good range of motion with it, its warm but it doesn't make me hot (I'm wearing it in 70F weather right now; comfortable) and the pockets are nice and deep (but not excessively). The elbow reinforcement is a very nice touch. Not too fitted but still slimming. Thoroughly impressed.
    My build is athletic, 5'8''.

  • Jerry, 6/4/14

    I just received my sweatshirt. It is perfect, everything I pictured and more. Sizing of the Small is exact. The material is thick, warm and comfortable. All construction detailing is extraordinarily high quality and obviously built to last for the long haul. Could not be improved upon. All the advertising and press are accurate. This is the best sweatshirt in the world and by a wide margin.

    Mine is black. Now if they would only release a deep red, I would buy another immediately!

  • John Ferrie, 6/3/14

    A friend of mine told me about this awesome hoodie he bought from American Giant. I looked at their website and thought it looked terrific, although the price was a bit up there. I decided on the colour I liked, but then was apprehensive about the size. I live in Canada, so it is one thing to order a hoodie, but quite another to return or exchange it. I called and actually spoke with someone who works there and not just some operator prepared to take down my credit card. She was very kind and politely asked my size and assured me the large would be just right. Not a week later, my hoodie arrived. The UPS delivery man handed me my box and I was immediately surprised at how heavy the box was. My beautifully packaged hoodie was thick and luxurious and BEYOND my expectations. It fit like a glove, roomy and full, but still with an athletic fit to it. This is HANDS down my most favourite hoodie. I want to order more in other colours. Well done American Giant, you got it RIGHT!!

  • irkulyen, 6/2/14

    This hoodie is everything good that people have said about it. The quality of the material and workmanship is unsurpassed. Fits perfectly and looks great! This hoodie and a long sleeved T-shirt is all I need to stay warm autumn, winter, and spring here in Seattle. "Made in America" rounds out a perfect item of clothing. Highly recommended!

  • Robb, 5/31/14

    I am 6,1 185, I got an XL, fits great, maybe a tad long in the arms. I prefer my sweatshirts to be a little bigger overall. I don't like the look of a super fitted hoodie. It manages to still look fitted but not overly tight. XL for me.

  • Trent, 5/29/14

    This definitely lives up to the great reviews and press. Well-built, comfortable and stylish. I am a bit over 6 foot and 185 and found that the XL fit a bit better than the L (which is the size I have for the other AG items).

  • Drew, 5/28/14

    This sweatshirt really holds up to its name as the "greatest hoodie ever made". The quality is outstanding and it fits very well. I have long arms and torso so I ordered an XXL for extra length. Normally this size is too big in the mid section for me but this one fits perfectly. It weighs about 5 pounds and has double stitching throughout so if you are wanting quality and durability, look no further!

  • chinacow, 5/25/14

    I'm 5'8" 180 lbs, stocky to athletic build with even proportions. The medium fit perfectly out of the box. It slims a little through the abdomen but not to the point where it's unflattering. It actually looks really good. I'm going to buy a black one next.

  • Dave in Indiana, 5/21/14

    Ordered a hoodie on Monday and it arrived on Wednesday! Fantastic service. Without a doubt the finest, heaviest, most well constructed hoodie on the planet! However, my physique is not that of an athlete anymore (I'm 55). The waistline that used to be 28" is now 38". I'm 5'7" and weigh 220. Very stocky with larger than average forearms. I say that because the sleeves on the XL hoodie I bought were a more than a bit snug and the body of the hoodie is snug enough to not allow me to wear anything other than a T-shirt under it. I believe that if American Giant were to offer a semi-custom service, where a customer could order a hoodie, provide their own measurements and be assured of getting a great fitting, incredibly well made hoodie at this price point, they would have more business than they could imagine! Can't say anything negative about the construction of this hoodie. I just don't have the slim physique necessary to wear it comfortably.

  • Mike, 5/20/14

    I absolutely love my two heavyweight hoodies. Add an inside pocket for a cell phone and you'll get that fifth star from me.

  • Don Juan, 5/20/14

    Im 6'6" definatly need to add tall sizes to the mix to prevent it from being a belly shirt and sleeves too short...Had to send it back for this reason

  • Dirk, 5/17/14

    I just received mine after reading about your company. As an expert shopper in simple and sturdy apparel, I chose your heavyweight XL over the Arborwear full zip and the Carhartt K185 full zip which has been my current favorite in a L tall for years. I am 6"1" and 195 - from an era not used to the tighter fitting clothes of the past several years. An XL tall would be perfect but I am going to exchange it for a XXL to see if that will add length and sleeve length. The finish and feel of your sweatshirt are wonderful and the small price difference to support American manufacturing is worth it. I wish your company success and hope to live in the XXL soon.

  • Michael, 5/14/14

    This is my first purchase from AG and I am impressed with this sweatshirt. It has a nice heavy feel and the craftsmanship is excellent. I am 6' 210lbs and the XL is a snug (but ok) fit. If you are little larger in the waist, I would get one size bigger. The sweatshirt has a tailored fit, so keep that in mind. Overall, I love it and plan to try some other products from AG.

  • kerbalicious, 5/13/14

    Wow, I love this hoodie, it is everything I hoped for, perfect. This baby will keep me warm through these Canadian winters. Its heavy, soft and the best built I've seen. I purchased the burnt orange and the color is perfect

  • CR, 5/12/14

    I'm wondering if some of the hype around these hoodies make them difficult to live up to. I bought the burnt orange one, and the color and quality are outstanding. However, the cuffs and hem are pretty long, resulting in perhaps a more snug fit around the hips. It's definitely fitted, as most reviewers note which isn't a huge deal: I'm 5'9", 215, and the L works well for me, but it feels long (and I'm long-waisted). No way I could go with the XL, it would be down to my knees.

    It's a solid hoodie, for sure. Nice details in the shoulders and elbows. Maybe I'm just a little ambivalent about the price point.

  • Maddog, 5/9/14

    Could you please add Tall size options for us lanky folks that add about 1.5 inches to the sleeves?

  • James, 5/6/14

    I would have given this a solid five stars; however, the Navy Blue heavyweight sweatshirt I had received recently was about two or three shades lighter than the one pictured on American Giant's website.

    I think the quality is the best I've seen for hooded sweatshirts. It's thick enough to keep you comfortably warm, and the construction and materials are of very high quality.

    I hope AG can make darker Navy Blue sweatshirts such as the one pictured on their site since I was a little disappointed to receive something that looks WAY different than what I had expected.

    American Giant is a great company that supports our economy by manufacturing their products in the US.

  • JoeyP, 5/5/14

    First AG product, and I love my new heavyweight hooded sweatshirt. First thing I noticed was the quality of the material and how well it is put together. Also, this sweatshirt is a "fitted" piece of clothing, made to fit well instead of being baggy. As such, many will find the sizing true to size or small compared to what they are used to. I am a 6'3", small-frame guy but with long-arms, 175 pounds. I have trouble finding shirts that are long enough for me, yet don't drown me in material. I went with the Large, which was perfect for the length, and not baggy at all in the torso. It is the best fitting sweatshirt I own. Worth every penny.

  • Evil Ed, 5/2/14

    I bought the burn orange and it is my favorite jacket period. I'm 6' 2" 189 pounds and the extra large was a perfect fit. Only problem is now it's May and too warm to wear everyday.

  • Ricky, 4/27/14

    If wishes did come true. i would soon be endulged in hoodie heaven

  • Windy City Lou, 4/25/14

    Cozy, warm,, soft all those things you love about your favorite sweatshirt but Better. Will definitely get a 2nd one in a different color.
    I'm 5'7" - 180lbs, 32" waist with athletic build and the fit was perfect. I plan on washing in cold water and line dry as I'm afraid it would shrink.

    You can definitely notice the attention to detail in this product. Worth every penny.

  • jesse., 4/24/14

    The quality of service and of the product are hard to describe. I put it on and my worries about the purchase price evaporated. To offer a critique would be to say that it is almost too much. Heavyweight means HEAVYweight, it is going to take a few wears to get used to. You might want to consider the medium weight. Will buy additional products again, and recommended without reservation.

  • Dave, 4/24/14

    Love my American Giant Hoodie - it fit perfectly and is very durable. However, don't wash your hoodie! Even washed in cold water and hung to dry it shrunk and ruined the fit. Had to buy another. Just plan on dry cleaning it.

  • TeeJ, 4/23/14

    When I saw that this hoodie was hand made in the USA; I really did want it to be the best hoodie I've ever purchased. Whether it was to justify the $89 price tag or just feel a little pride that there are still great American made products; I wanted to believe the hype but clicked, "Submit Your Order" with cautious optimism.

    If you're on the fence, don't hesitate. You will not regret this purchase. I'm writing this review the morning after receiving my black hoodie and liking it so much I just ordered a second in burnt orange.

    The material is an excellent, heavyweight cotton that makes most other hoodies feel like your typical undershirt. I'm 6'1 and about 175 lbs and the large fits great. Snug but not hipster tight; neat looking enough that you can dress it up a bit to wear out or just lounge around and be comfortable with it in either setting. All of the stitching looks solid and despite owning it for less than 24 hours at this point, I feel pretty confident that it will last.

    Take it from a cautious optimist... believe the hype.

  • Brady, 4/18/14

    I won't be purchasing hoodies and t-shirts from any other company now. American Giant has ruined them for me, in the best way possible.

    These hoodies are ruggedly made, thick, and fashionable, right down to the smallest details. Hell, they even capped the hood cord with metal. Who does that???

    Furthermore, when I sent an email asking about getting a tracking number for my order, I received a response (not exaggerating) within about a minute. If more companies treated customers like this, we'd have seriously difficult decisions to make when it comes to buying clothing. But luckily, we don't. American Giant stands alone.

    Starting my AG collection, now.

  • harry, 4/15/14

    I own nothing that is XL but that's what I'll need as the Large is too fitted. I'm an even 6 footer, at 185 lbs and a medium frame.

    Quality seems over the top and I have already returned and reordered.

    No return label in the package but customer service emailed me one right away...

  • Mateo, 4/10/14

    Thick, solid hoodie that is well made, stylish and sturdy. Great zipper, deep hood.

  • Ben, 4/3/14

    I got one in Navy in August 2013 and loved it, though the fit was just a bit snug on me. Put it to the test on a trip through New England in October and I basically lived in it for the week.

    I liked it so much that I bought another in black in February. The black one fits a little differently, either because a slight variation or maybe I shrunk the navy one a bit in the wash, it's hard to say, but the black one fits perfectly; that little bit of extra snugness I found in the navy one isn't there.

    This second one I ordered is the best and I never want to wear any other hoodie.

    Other reviewers have noted some variance in size, too, so I wonder if that's why the navy one I got is a little more snug. Sizing may or may not be perfect for you, but I won't deduct a star for that because if it doesn't fit, they let you return it for free.

  • ForzaMilan!, 4/3/14

    Received my order within 2 days. I'm surprised on how heavy-weight it is. Living in California, this can easily be my winter coat, thats how heavy it is. I'm 5'7", 170 lbs, athletic frame, ordered the Large, perfect fit. I can wear a couple of T-shirts underneath. I love it, ill probably order another. Its $90 but I have $40 sweatshirts that look horrible after awhile, stretched out, basically round in shape. Being short, I have to be careful on what I wear, this hoodie fits perfectly and makes me look taller/slimmer.

  • Ken, 4/3/14

    After lurking around a certain section on reddit regarding male fashion, I found what redditors raved about the perfect hoodie. They also mentioned that the fit was extremely "boxy" and "huge."

    I took a chance and bought my true to size, medium (I'm ~170, athletic built, 5'10"). It fits just like your H&M fitted hoodies, especially around the waist and mid torso area. There's a bit of room on the chest area, but it's not significant enough to be called boxy. The quality is high up there.

    A small detail they don't show on the pictures is that there is a black trim if you unzip the hoodie. It's the details that's really interesting regarding this hoodie.

  • Lex, 4/2/14

    I had been searching for a good, durable hoodie for the longest time, and after disliking the fit of one from LL Bean, I discovered American Giant. It's extremely well-made, cut for a more athletic build (the belly doesn't just balloon out), and most of all thick. I have a feeling this guy will be hanging around for years to come.

  • Bockwinkle, 3/30/14

    Was reluctant to shell out 89 clams for a hoodie....I once bought a suit for $149 and it has lasted 20 yrs being worn once a year....I planned on wearing this hoodie daily so maybe 89 isn't too outrageous....I wear mostly TNF and Champions....the former being bought on sale or on eBay...after reading the reviews I figured I'd roll the dice...I told no one of my purchase so I would not endure any undue ribbing if it was an ill spent 89$. Deciding on the size was the biggest hurdle...reading that someone who was allegedly 6' 215lbs wore a medium and someone who was 5'8" thought the sleeves of a large were short. I am an actual 6'1" 170 lbs 8% body fat frame with long limbs....and the large fits perfectly right out of the box...when I wash it for the first time I have to make sure not to shrink it because it fits perfectly in the shoulders and arms....lower torso could shrink a bit. In TNF I wear an XL for sleeve length.
    Great initial quality....people complain about the stiffness of the material....probably the same people who use baby wipes to wipe their arse after dropping a deuce. I love everything about it....no cell phone pocket?? I really could care less...I wear pants that have pockets. Zipper doesn't seem highest quality?? It works and doesn't bind what else do you want? Too bulky to wear under other clothing?? I wear it as an outer layer....maybe your coat fits too snug. I could wash this thing tomorrow and it could disintegrate in the wash and then I would have a beef....and believe me if it does I will let you know.
    Shipping was free and but not super fast but no biggie....the presentation of the hoodie in the box was impressive, as it should be for an $89 hoodie. So far very impressed.....if you are on the fence I would think of it this way....eat this week or hoodie, I would opt to eat. Hoodie or buy less made In China crap at target this month, buy this hoodie.
    The choice is yours, some things are worth a sacrifice.

  • Cal, 3/27/14

    Nothing more to say , just the best hoodie in the world .

  • Mirk, 3/25/14

    Its not as warm as my Timberland hoodie because it lacks a Sherpa lining however; the attention to detail on this hoodie is astounding. The quality is truly phenomenal and the fit is perfect. Its snug but allows for full range of motion. The American Giant hooded sweat shirt will without question far outlast my Timberland hoodie. Would be nice if there were a sherpa lining options. Just saying.

  • Stu, 3/21/14

    I finally got one after looking at this site for months. I am 6 foot, 200lb, non-athletic body. I first bought a Large and it fit perfect. It hugs your body and it looks very fitted. The thing is for me, you can only wear a t-shirt under it and it fits like a glove.
    I though, like to wear a button-up shirt and t-shirt or other layers, this size would not do. I return this for an XL and it has alittle more room that I like.
    So for guys around my size:
    -Size L if you want it fitted just wearing a t-shirt under it
    -Size XL if you want alittle more room that just wearing a t-shirt under it

  • Allen Goodreds, 3/17/14

    Shipped from San Francisco on Friday and arrived in Brisbane (Australia not California) on Monday afternoon. I was kinda hoping it'd take longer to ship as it's still 33°C/91°F here today and so far too hot to actually wear yet!

    I'm really happy with the fit and finish. As soon as autumn finally arrives here I'll be getting a lot of use. Thanks.

  • S. Walker, 3/16/14

    I like the hoodie but can see why some people have gripes (cut, hood depth, color, size, etc). The cut is a modern fit (slim fit) and size may vary for a handmade cotton hoodie. I find the large comfortable and fits well in a semi-casual way. Based on the look the person desires they may want to go up a size. American Giant may want to think of adding pics of the side and back of the model to give people a better idea of the fit. I like Phantom Grey and my Father has an old Mercedes so that color so I knew what to expect. The picture of phantom grey is too dark which will cause some people to return it for black. I would recommend the hoodie and the warranty should dispel any fears.

  • Betsey Bengal, 3/16/14

    I bought this for my husband. You can tell the heft and quality of this sweatshirt even before you pull it out of the plastic bag. Once in your hand you realize the lack of quality in every other sweatshirt you've ever bought before. I inspected and pulled on this garment from seam to seam and this is expertly sewn.

    My husband is 6' & 175 lbs (lanky but ever so slightly round around the middle) with long arms, and the M fit perfectly everywhere but just a teeny titch snug in the waist, not uncomfortably though. He loves it. So this definitely has a 'tailored' fit, if you're rounder in the middle you will need to size up.

    I am looking forward to seeing how this washes up over the long run. I would definitely love to see this and the mock heavyweight in both army green and a camel brown (staple colours in my opinion).

    Lastly, we actively seek out North American made products, they are too few and far between, we need good quality manufacturing in this country, so kudos to you AG! Keep up the good work.

  • Simon Chang, 3/14/14

    I have an original gray hoodie and half zip sweater before AG blew up. The gray hoodie is almost a daily wear and my favorite piece, but I roll up the sleeve often and after about a year, the cuff thread has separated, and generally the sleeve is not as tight as it once was, but I expect it from wearing it so much. It still feels nice and fits great.

    I ordered another hoodie in royal blue in October and noticed a lot of design changes. The zipper got stuck initially but after I snipped off some thread, it was fine. The fit and size have changed as well. I wear a medium at 5'10", anywhere from 160-180lbs. The original tapered well from chest to a snug fit around the waist. The newer version was generally larger and did not have the same athletic/tapered fit, I'm guessing because the consumer base expanded to a more average population (i.e. not fit). Slightly disappointing, but it's still a hoodie that's very nice quality.

    However, I returned it (a few months later actually) because the color ended up being too bright. I'm reordering a black one, and I'm going to observe if the size/fit is consistent.

    That said, the customer service has been superb through all of this. Shelby has always helped me out, always being quick to respond through emails, and ordering and returning has been no hassle and very lenient (as I said, my return was months later). Such ease that I feel some guilt over the free returns, but then again I own 4 pieces from AG, and I referred a few friends as well.

    There are some design/size/consistency issues that need to be worked on, especially with other clothing, but with the customer service they have, I'm still a loyal customer.

  • Roddey, 3/12/14

    It is indeed the most heavyweight durable sweatshirt I have ever had. I am very pleased with this purchase. I am 6' 3" 235 pounds and the XXL fits fine.

  • Xofis, 3/8/14

    This is a dress-casual hoodie for going out, not an everyday soft and comfortable one.

    Pros: Impressively heavyweight, rugged outer fabric, reinforced forearms, stretch side panels, athletic cut so enough room for broad shoulders and chest.

    Cons: Ordered dark gray, got light gray. Spanx for men-- tight around middle (I'm not slim, but hoodies should be relaxed). Hood is too deep to jog with, stands up and blocks peripheral vision when running.

  • Lincoln, 3/6/14

    I have two small, full-zip hoodies in different colors. I love them. But this review is more about the customer service experience I received. A couple days after receiving one hoodie, I noticed a hole in the back of the hood. I called American Giant and sent pictures. They responded immediately. I was offered a full refund or a replacement hoodie. Plus, they let me keep the one I already had. They've made me a loyal customer. Looking forward to trying their mid-weight pullover hoodies.

  • Irison ray, 3/3/14

    I ran across American Giant via a tag line I noted on the internet that said Best Hoodie Ever!. After reading the history and numerous reviews I bought the Mens Large Hoodie in Black. I am 5' 10" 170 lbs. Here is my 2 cents… The overall construction quality is heavy duty and Im sure will last a loooong time. A+. The fit from the chest up and through the arms was perfect. But, from the chest down it feels tight and not much room, or give. Almost feels like an athletic or tapered cut. To me a hoodie is a casual garment and should feel the same way…Given the hype around this $89 hoodie I had high hopes...sorry to say I won't order another one.

  • slashsplat, 3/1/14

    I got the heavy zip hoodie in XL. I am 215# and 6’2” and 38” waist. Long arms and torso.

    The quality is EXCEPTIONAL. Worth every penny. Material is silky and thick, workmanship is QUALITY. Shows what Americans can do.

    It fits a tad snug (have not washed it yet) and is just right for me as an XL. Slightly snug at the waist, but that is with a full-size 1911 pistol in holster and two mags on the other side with a ¼” thick by 3” wide belt on Duluth heavy cargo pants. Shoulders and chest fit fine. The hood is a tad short, and pulls down a bit when I turn my head – worn over a well-fitting low profile cap. Could use ½” in the sleeves and 1” in the hood. But – overall, good fit for a guy who never has anything fit well.


  • steve, 2/28/14

    The underlying question: does it live up to the hype? The answer depends on what you're looking for. If you're looking for something warm that's a little windproof to wear on wet days, this is your hoodie. If you're looking for a well-cut mid or outer layer for mild to moderate weather, this is your hoodie. If you're looking for all of this with 100% cotton (no poly fleece), this is your hoodie. If you're looking for "made in the USA," this is your hoodie. Is it worth the $$$? Let me check back in with you in about five years.

    I'm 6', 195 lbs, moderately fit. I went with the XL.

  • Mickey, 2/27/14

    So I'm probably not the usual customer for a mens heavyweight zipped hoodie, being as I'm a female sheep and cattle rancher out in Oregon. But, work is what it is and I really needed a good, tough hoodie that would keep me warm and the hay out of places that hay just shouldn't go. This fits the bill perfectly. I'm a fairly short and stout woman, and after talking to customer service we figured the womens sizes probably wouldn't cut it so I picked up a men's small. On my 5'2", 135 lb frame, this sweatshirt is comfortably large, the sleeves drop naturally to my wrists without engulfing my hands, and the hood fits over a baseball cap, a hair bun, or anything else I particularly want stuck to my head while I'm working out in the barn. One of the things I love about this sweatshirt is actually that the hood is big enough to provide some wind chill protection to my face, unlike most which barely cover your head and leave you looking like the town drunk after you've been out in some heavy weather (red nose and flaming cheeks). The pockets are deep enough that I haven't dropped my cell phone, even when wrestling rams for vaccinations, or carrying twin newborn lambs across a dark pasture with the sounds of coyotes on the hills. The zipper is heavy but easy to pull, and unlike the zippers on my Carhartt or Upper Playground hoodies, they don't scratch my face at the top of the hoodie, or look like they'll rip apart at the bottom of the hoodie, even while I'm bucking hay over a fenceline feeder. The fabric is super dense and soft, so tightly woven that stickers from the thistles that occasionally get into our hay bales don't poke through and get me, although I wouldn't go rolling in a blackberry bush any day soon. Overall, this is just what I needed: tough, functional, comfortable, and sized dead on the money for a woman with muscular arms from doing hard work every day. Being made in America, and a company with live, honest to goodness HELPFUL customer service was just the frosting and cherry on top. So for my ladies that don't fit the willowy build and need a little extra shoulder or arm room, don't hesitate to pick up the men's sizes. They're still fitted enough that they don't look frumpy, and they work far better than worrying that if you lift your arms you'll blow a seam on some lightweight, poorly stitched, made in China "girly" hoodie.

  • HoodieKid, 2/27/14

    The cut of this hoodie is unlike any before it. It consistently makes the meek look buff and the round look fit. I ordered my first as soon as the Slate article released, and EVERYONE I met wanted one.
    The front pockets are sized perfectly for carrying tea and Skittles, and the material feels almost thick enough to stop a bullet.
    Great job!

  • Midwest guy, 2/26/14

    Pros: Great quality, thick fabric, USA made.
    Cons: Hipster cut. Made for men with no arm size or flat chest. If your Japanese and/or never do push-ups, this will fit. If you exercise or have any muscles, move on.

    Sad, because I REALLY would like an all cotton, USA made hooded.

  • jim joe, 2/26/14

    i cant fault the build. i loved the sweatshirt when i received it.

    i do question the extra padding on the shoulders. i dont like how it protrudes, i wish it had a lower profile and was less noticeable.

    but my main issue with the hoodie (im a large and this hoodie is a bit tight was a large) is the length of the hoodie. ive had many hoodies and they all have this standard length that they go below my belt line, ending around my front jean pocket. this hoodie, UNFORTUNATELY goes a good 2-3 inches lower. its a length i would expect a coat that i would wear over a hoodie.

    deal breaker for me.....my loss.

  • Derp, 2/25/14

    Not exactly soft, or something I'd fall asleep in. If you spent the day doing rigerous activities, then maybe it's more the hoodie for you.

    It's design is virtually flawless; it's built to be rugged and feels like it can take a beating, but it's not something I'd pair with pajamas -- more like something I'd need crawling around in mud. The material in the hoodie's interior needs to be less rigid and coarse; less like the outside.

  • T-Money, 2/21/14

    Okay... reality check. This is an okay hoodie Yes, it is durable, and the company's ethos is admirable. But Pros aside, it has some Issues:

    1. It's too thick to wear indoors. Great for outdoor wear, gets a little thick when layering, absolutely too thick for indoors.

    2. It's lacking an interior cell phone pocket. This is a no-brainer. A lot of thicker hoodies add this (J. Crew, for instance), But for the "greatest hoodie ever made," I think this was a miss.

    3. Echoing other Cons: too thick, texture of material is rough (not cottony soft, more like a chamois cloth), fit is a bit too loose on me in M.

    It's good. But not for $89, and definitely not wait-on-backorder good.

  • Hoodie Lover, 2/21/14

    I was on a dead end track in life. I spent my last $100 on this Hoodie, one last shot! I cannot begin to thank you enough!
    As soon as I wore it out the first day, I met a wonderful girl. We are getting married next June.
    Then my boss saw me in it and before the day was out, I had a new promotion. No more mailroom for me!
    This is crazy! I love my hoodie!

  • Shaun, 2/20/14

    I love these. I have a pull-over. I have a zipped hoodie too. Both were large, but too small for me. In fact my huge pumpkin of a head had to squeeze through the pull-over. So I started dieting. And I started jogging. I lost a lot of weight and can now wear them. I'm 5'6' 155 lb. Thank you American Giant for improving my overall health and good looks.

  • NWest, 2/18/14

    Hands down the most comfortable, durable sweatshirt I've owned. As a native of the rainy Pacific Northwest, this heavyweight sweatshirt is perfect for keeping me warm and dry during those rainy seasons. I have no problem with paying a little more for a high-quality sweatshirt that I know was made in the USA by a company committed to customer service and bringing jobs back to the states rather than outsourcing. Go American Giant!

  • Jay, 2/18/14

    I bought a Medium but probably should have gotten a large; I followed the chart. its uncomfortably tight around the arms but still very soft after a few washes. (Its the one i usually hand out to my girlfriend)

    My brother-in-law bought one, a medium, a different colour, its bigger... Size by colour?

  • Josh , 2/18/14

    Disappointed to learn that American Giant has changed the fit of what was a truly great sweatshirt. Return customers, please be aware that the mens heavyweight full zip hooded sweatshirt is now cut roomier and shorter.

  • Vicky, 2/17/14

    The hoodie feels smooth, heavy and is very comfortable. I plan to wear it throughout the winter. Finally we have a piece of cloth that is Made in USA. On the downside, the hoodie is smaller than its advertised size. I bought an L but found it to be smaller than those of other brands, so had to return it for an XL (by the way, the return of the product was seamless). I also felt the zip gets struck in between but probably after a few uses, it could get smooth. I hope a wash doesn't shrink the fabric considerably since it is made of cotton.

  • banjo handtowel, 2/15/14

    I love this company and the quality of their garments, but boy is there a lot of wiggle room in how these things fit. I got a XL heavy weight one of these back when they used the TALON zipper (you should really go back to that zipper, BTW) and the fit was perfect. Very slimming. snug fitting around the arms, chest and abdomen, but not too tight. I received one in the CRANBERRY limited edition colors and the fit was much more in line with other hoodies on the market: Loose and a little slouchy. I got one also in the light weight French terry and that one was also looser, but I figured that was because of the lighter material. I were American Giant i would probably return to those fitting guidelines. They let slightly chubby middle aged guys like me feel slim.

  • Carwash, 2/14/14

    Take is from a guy that was wearing a hoody when Mark Zuckerberg was wearing a onesie...... This is the highest quality / best value piece of clothing I own.

  • whereisbradly, 2/13/14

    Hands down, this is the best hoodie out there. Worth every penny. Bought a grey one a few months ago and love it so much that I just got a navy one last week. Not too baggy, medium fits me very well (I'm 5'9" 165lbs). Fabric is soft on the inside, tough on the outside. I just wish they'd make more colors!

  • banquo79, 2/13/14

    I read an article about this sweatshirt. It was hard to swallow that a hoodie should cost $80 (since raised to $90) but when they eventually became available, I bit the bullet and bought one. I am ridiculed by those who find out how much I paid for it, but I have to say that I think its worth it. When you think about it, you don't balk at paying $100+ for a jacket, and that's what this sweatshirt is. I wore it almost every day in the fall as a jacket, then, just added it under my coat when it got colder. Its also a casual lay around the house shirt, going out to the bar shirt, scooter jacket, rain jacket and second layer under your coat for the really cold months.
    Before making the "jacket equation", I satisfied myself with the fact that it is hand made by american workers earning an actual living, and I'm willing to pay extra for that.
    But when you get it, and see that the elbows are double layered with patches, the zipper is industrial quality, and the pulls have brass ends on them, you realize you're getting what you pay for.
    The sizing is EXACT. I'm 5'8" and 160# and with my medium I can wear a tee shirt under it, or maybe a baselayer polypro shirt. That's it. Even a long sleeve tee shirt might be a bit tight if doesn't fit close.The fit is made to hipster/athletic proportions.

  • JB, 2/13/14

    Awesome hoodie...HOWEVER!!! I am 6'3 290Lbs and a fit man. I have a 56" chest and this XXl is skin tight on me. I would highly suggest you look into larger sizes than that. America is getting bigger not smaller. You really need more larger sizes. I will be sending mine back. Sorry.

  • Arnaldo, 2/13/14

    Something changed. The quality sort of feels a little cheaper, is a lot stiffer and way tighter and I have the same size as my other one which is a Large and I have lost an extra 5 pounds so it is not me. I prefer the YKK zipper over the Talon one. I gonna send it back for a refund.

  • Nick, 2/12/14

    Can't say enough good things about this hoodie. The quality is unparalleled. Excellent for medium to cold weather. Feels like it will last longer than I will. Also fits really well. Couldn't be happier!

  • Ray in OK, 2/11/14

    I am 5'-11, weigh 220 lbs, ordered an XL. It fits really good, maybe a little long in the torso and sleeves, but I haven't washed it yet. I would give this hoodie 5 stars except the Hood has a point! Like a KKK hood! I have seen some other hoodies built with an additional panel running up the back of the hood and across the top toward the front, just to keep the point from forming. You put so much design and craftmanship into this wonderful, made-in-USA, product that it is a shame to have a less than perfect hood. Otherwise I am very happy with the product and the shipping, packaging, service, etc.

  • Boli, 2/10/14

    When I read the Slate article I could not help but be intrigued. I wear a hoodie every single day and I've gone through the good and the bad. The one that I am currently wearing I have had for approximately three years and it's sufficient. Has double stitching on the pockets, is heavy without being to heavy - all in all a solid and reliable hoodie. Therefore, when I read the Slate article I had to consider how this product could possibly be THE GREATEST EVER!!! I read multiple reviews and was intrigued by the several reviews that stated that this hoodie is definitely worth the six month wait time. I am an impatient person and couldn't believe there was any garment worth waiting for six months. I absolutely stand corrected! This thing is a TANK!!! Hands down the best stitched garment that I own. I live in Colorado - it's 16 degrees outside today and I am wearing the hoodie and a t-shirt, and I am as warm as can be! I do not need an outer jacket. The hood on this thing must weigh at least a pound and a half. People weren't kidding when they stated that you can feel the weight of it immediately. My greatest stroke of genius was ordering one for my spouse at the same time I ordered mine to ensure that it wouldn't be stolen. Regarding the sizing - these things are definitely not a slouchy hoodie. They are meant to be form fitting. I am a large busted female, there was absolutely NO WAY the women's sizes would fit across my bust so I immediately started with the Men's sizes. Even in Men's there was only one size that would fit and that was the XXL. It fits like a charm but the company needs to remember that America has an obesity problem and our population's waistbands are exploding. Larger sizes are going to be a must to accommodate every person who is going to want one of these. One last thing - I didn't have to wait 6 months. I ordered mine on 2/4/14 and it was delivered by 2/7/14. Truly worth the $$$ and I will be buying a lot more!

  • James, 2/10/14

    AG! This hoodie is super legit! Puts all others to shame. I am 6' 155 lbs and got a medium. It was a bit looser than I expected in a "athletic fit" hoodie. (-1/2 star) After a few washes, the shrinkage is minimal which is good because it was a little short at the waist. (-1/2 star) With the cons out of the way, the pros are quality is excellent. The stitching, material, and elastic exceed where other hoodies falter. The hood turns into a nice warm cave where no wind can penetrate. The zipper is firm but doesn't snag. I know this hoodie will out last any other one I could buy on the market for the price. I will keep it because the fit doesn't bother me too much.

  • Darin, 2/8/14

    First of all, believe it or not, I was expecting something more substantial from this sweatshirt called "heavyweight." It is thick, don't get me wrong, but from reading the reviews I had the impression that it would more jacket-like. This just seems like how a normal hoodie should be.

    For the fit, I chose a M being 6'0" 170 and it was the right size. I'm sure glad I didn't size up like people were saying and just followed the chart. Unless you consider yourself overweight do not size up. There is something amiss with the armholes, because if you raise your arms the whole sweatshirt goes up with them. That's really the only problem with this sweatshirt, and it's kind of a big one.

    The wrist cuffs should be noted, they are very long and weird looking, but I think this gives it a distinctive look.

    Is this worth $90? I'm not sure, but I'll be keeping it and maybe decide later.

  • Jeff, 2/7/14

    I'm 5'-10" and 170 lbs. The Large fit perfectly as far as I can tell. Already loving my heavyweight hoodie for this chilly rainy weather (glad to have the rain though).

  • Canuck, 2/6/14

    Like most other people, I was initially put off by the price, but this is one of those rare instances in our cheap-ass culture where you get what you pay for and then some. Somehow, this beauty is built like a tank but still fits like a glove. The cotton is thick and stiff before you break it in, but the cut and fit are so perfect that it doesn't feel rigid at all when you wear it. I assume it's similar to how Christian Bale must feel in the Batsuit. I'm 6'1", 185, with an athletic build, and I bought the large. It fits so perfectly that I feel like a super hero when I put this thing on. I also have weirdly long monkey arms, and this puppy never rides up on my wrists--the sleeves are the perfect length. And my favourite part is the hood. It holds its shape against your back when you're not wearing it, and it fits a human head without making you feel like Dumb Donald from Fat Albert. Now when I put on my other hoodies from American Apparel, they feel like I'm wearing a flimsy plastic bag. Oh, and I'm a Canadian, so I had to pay an extra $25 for shipping. Still worth it. NO RAGRETS

  • Q, 2/2/14

    I stumbled across this brand reading an article on Pulse. At first I thought it was ridiculously priced for a hoodie but after looking into the company and seeing that it is made in the U.S.A., I gave it a shot and ordered one. It's hard to explain but this hoodie looks and feels very high quality. It's a hoodie, but not your typical hoodie. The cotton is dense and thick and the stitching is straight and looks strong. I am 5'9 @ 195 lbs. and purchased a large and it fits perfectly. If you have a somewhat larger gut for your frame you might want to size up because this is fitted on the tighter side. I really like it and am glad to took a shot and ordered it!

  • Nick, 1/29/14

    Thank you American-giant, you have re-ignited my obsession with sweatshirts. I'm 6ft 175lb, 36-37dress shirt length and L fits me oh so comphy! I will be buying more.

  • Elmo from Vancouver, 1/27/14

    I got my Large Heavyweight hoodie today and my first reaction was similar to the rest: AWESOME! The fit was perfect (I followed the sizing chart to get my size) and the quality did not disappoint. There is only one minor complaint, there was no American Giant tag sewed on the front of the hoodie. Not a big deal for me but surprised this detail was missed.

  • Ron, 1/26/14

    I ordered the large full zip. I am 5'11' and l75 lbs, very average build. I'm very pleased withthe fit. A medium would not have done it. What a beautifully made hoddie!!!!

  • Michael, 1/24/14

    The build quality is excellent.

    These things are not "athletic" or "slim" fit. They're "box" fit. I ordered a small which was way too short on me. I tried to make it work but I couldn't. So I ordered a medium - this thing was ridiculously wide! What an unflattering fit.

    Combine this with expensive shipping to Canada and a poor return/exchange system, and you've got an unhappy customer. Sorry, but I can't recommend this hoodie.

  • Jenny, 1/23/14

    Well made garment and nice and warm for outerwear. Not a baggy cut, so no extra pouch around the mid section. Purchased for my son and he loves it. Shipment arrived nicely packaged too. Thanks American-Giant!

  • pete, 1/22/14

    A very good, durable piece of clothing. I wanted to add a size data point: I'm 5'10", 165 lbs.. For reference, in a dress shirt I wear a 15' neck with 32/33 sleeve length (and that size is just about ideal). I got a medium hoodie, washed it, and put it on, fits great.

  • Fay Nissenbaum, 1/20/14

    Fine fabric, but wouldve preferred a double-ended zipper, such as the YKK brass #10 double zipper. At $89., an extra dollar for a better zip is 'chicken feed'.
    Also, no slight whatsoever on this model, but a thinner fabric version would be nice for those of us who wear 'em under jackets.

  • Weston, 1/17/14

    Fantastic hoodie. I am 5'10", 190lbs athletic build and the Large fits perfectly. It has a nice fitted and look, and the heavy material makes you look rugged. There was even a shipping problem, and American-Giant fixed it within hours! Highly recommended.

  • Robmetzg, 1/17/14

    I just recently bought the mid-weight navy hoodie and couldn't be happier. The length of the arms, shoulders, and torso is PERFECT. It fits comfortably and I can't even think of a single complaint other than it doesn't last forever. If you are currently on the edge about purchasing this- just do it, you can return it anyway (which you wont want to when you put it on).

  • Peter, 1/16/14

    This product may appeal to some, but not to me. I like to wear a t-shirt and a sweater, with optional hoodie over everything. The sleeves on this hoodie are much too tight to be comfortable with a sweater underneath. I'm reluctantly going back to my 15-year-old made-in-Bangladesh cheapie.

  • khaynes17, 1/15/14

    I'm not prone to exaggeration. Generally, I think very little I come across is the "best ever." But this hoodie is the real deal. You'll have no regrets.

  • AK, 1/9/14

    Great hoodie! I'm 5'11" 170lbs slim-athletic build (Medium in Nike hoodies) and the Large fits perfect out of the box. Someone made a comment earlier about sizing up and they were right. Unlike the AG t-shirts there isn't too much fabric in the midsection core - it's perfect on these hoodies - fits like a glove. Im a 34 in the sleeve and these sleeves are perfect even with my arms extended. And the zipper is fine, Im not sure what all the complaining is about.

  • Andrew, 1/9/14

    Only worn it for 3-4 months and it's already coming apart along the zipper. Build quality is far overstated; this thing can't even last a season, let alone a "lifetime" as some claim. The fit is nice and it feels solid, but you're better off with a less expensive product.

  • Ben, 1/8/14

    Something changed. I haven't owned a previous AG hoodie but reading the older reviews it seems as though the quality has dropped.

    I bought one back around October and out of the package it felt like wearing cardboard. Incredibly stiff. So I thought maybe I just need to break it in. Wore it straight for a week without much give. Washed it cold, tumble dry low per instructions. Even took it out when it was damp because I didn't want it to shrink. It shrank, a lot. And now the waist cuff rolls out and the zipper line looks like cooked bacon.

    It does it's job in warmth department. The cut is great for me and surprisingly the medium was (before washing) a good fit at 6'2" 155lbs. Guess I'll just let my girlfriend steal it out of my closet and wear it as an over sized hoodie for her.

  • D, 1/8/14

    The quality is great. But the torso is pretty short. I'm only 5'6" and the small fits great in the shoulders, but is too short in length.

  • Batman, 1/7/14

    I really appreciate the long cuffs. It's easier for a person with short/normal arm length to fold the sleeves than for a person like me with longer arms to ask for more cuff. The pockets are great for holding items but maybe not the ideal orientation for your hands.

  • Trips, 1/5/14

    After reading all the hype about his hoodie, I was just curious enough to invest and find out for myself. I am so glad that I did. Without a doubt, the best quality hoodie that I've ever seen. I'm 6'1" and 180 lbs and I ordered the large. It fits perfectly. The composition, construction and materials are all first rate. It'll last forever. I couldn't be more pleased.

  • tom, 1/5/14

    I ordered an XL and it's the best hoodie I have ever owed.

    I'm a really tall skinny guy (6 feet 6 inches) and it's really hard to find clothes which are long enough and designed to fit regular sized people, rather than fat/obese people. This hoodie does the job perfectly, it's long enough and actually fits my torso rather than being too big in the middle.

    Probably going to order a couple more in the future just so I can have a lifetime supply

  • Buddy, 1/3/14

    After I see some new colors then I will buy another.

    It is identifiably different. Great fabric. Strong sticking. Slim fit but with stretch. Expansion panel at sides.

    In its further development, here are three suggestions. Put a gusset panel in the armpits to add freedom of motion. Add some length to the neck of the hood to reduce the constant tension which annoyingly lifts the back. Enlarge the epulet inset to form a true yoke across the shoulders, doubled in back, to block a noticeable 'cold spot' when worn outdoors over an undershirt.

    Working on this to make a bit more of an outdoor suitable top would make it more comfortable item when not lounging about. If not a replacement design, then perhaps some toughening up could be a desirable alternate selection.

    Lastly, all USA, with appropriate quality and design detail, and sold at a fair price -- well, glad to know it's succeeding.

  • Tim, 1/1/14

    The construction looked good but it was much too small. I ordered a XXL, which should have been plenty large but it was too small in all dimensions, even the sleeves without rolling were a couple inches too short.

  • Dick, 12/28/13

    Girlfriend is getting mad at me for wearing it every day since Christmas

  • A-Dub, 12/27/13

    I ordered the hoodie before reading the reviews, so I was getting a little worried with all the talk of zippers, generations, and size issues. A few weeks went by and I finally got my hoodie.

    I immediately noticed the weight. It was heavier than any other hoodie I've ever purchased. It weighed about the same as a few of my jackets.

    I put it on and really noticed the weight. The size was perfect. I'm 5'8", about 210 with big, broad shoulders. It fit my shoulders well and although the length was more than any other hooide I've owned, it was just right.

    I've had loads of experience with zippers. Unzipping on this is easier than zipping up, but I didn't experience any snags or stops unless I didn't have the lined up correctly. No complaints here.

    The hood itself is pretty big. I like that. Very warm jacket and strong. It feels more like a jacket than a hoodie.

    Overall, I am extremely pleased with my purchase and look forward to doing more shopping with American Giant.

    Thank you...

  • Nordy, 12/27/13

    First off, the website says on backorder until 1/31/14 but I ordered mine two weeks ago and received it before Christmas. Thank you! Secondly, this is one fine hoodie! Outstanding quality and feel, solidly built and even with my broad shoulders an XL fits me perfectly. Love it!

  • Samuel, 12/26/13

    I bought a zip hoodie one year ago and it was great. I bought another one just now, and the quality is so crappy compared to before. I just re gifted this to my brother in law, and he hasn't worn it yet either.

  • jared, 12/26/13

    Heavy weight black zip.
    SIZING: I'm 5'10" 170lbs slim athletic build. The xl fits me very nice, not baggy but casual. I have never owned an xl anything before, but any smaller and this thing would be too tight for me.

    Despite all the hype, I am very impressed. I grew up in a hoodie (I'm 32) but have not worn one in years. The style/cut of this hoodie is amazing, the quality superior to any I have seen (carhart included).
    Great piece!

  • Kris, 12/24/13

    Absolutely the best hoodie I have ever owned. Fits great and is true to size. Would recommend to anyone who is looking for good quality stuff. Shipping was extremely fast and customer service respond fast with an answer to my questions.

  • daherc, 12/21/13

    when i opened the package and grabbed the hoodie i immediately knew it had the quality and thickness i read about. the hoodie is very sturdy and thick. its amazing, hard to describe just how tough and soft it feels.

    my second concern was the fit. i bought a medium. i am 5'9" 160lbs. i train (bench 275 with much larger than average lats, shoulders, chest and arms) so finding clothes that fit me in the chest and shoulders and arms without being huge around sides and stomach area is almost impossible. this hoodie fits perfectly. hands down the best fitting hoodie i have ever owned.

    this hoodie has me wondering why all my other clothes aren't just as amazing.

  • uhagen, 12/20/13

    just bought my fist couple of items from AG, including the heavy hoodie. It had a bit of a homemade feel to it with some imperfections but it totally lives up to expectations quality-wise and the customer service was super fast and really generous when one item had mayor flaws but could not be replaced as the color was out.

  • hans, 12/18/13

    Fantastic so far in many ways.

    However, no one has ever complained about sleeves being too long. The sleeves should just be 1 inch longer per size. People love and use longer sleeves - thinking of pulling them over your hands when its cold or cutting out thumbholes or lifting a hot pot or making snowballs.

    There is no way it would be a bad idea to have slightly longer sleeves, please!

    Thanks for making great clothes!

  • George, 12/18/13

    Never thought I'd spend $90 on a sweatshirt, and now I have two - a hoodie and a mock neck. Comfy, great-fitting, and well made. Can't recommend them enough!

  • Gadge, 12/15/13

    Top class hoodie. Attention to detail is top class. Zip quality, lining, hood shape and drop, and weight all spot on.

  • narikin, 12/14/13

    Many here would have you sizing up - this is not right, certainly not for me. I am a small in every thing else - suits, jackets, sweaters, shirts, and... a small here. Perfect fit, period. To believe the reviews would have had me ordering a medium, but glad I resisted. The problem is maybe connected with down-labeling of garments in the US menswear sector. They don't want to be the ones to tell you you need a large now, when in your past you were a medium, so they make a large and call it a medium. Flattering, but false. Or take a 42 jacket and label it a 40. People begin to believe they are a full size smaller than they are in reality, and when someone like AG here, or other companies like Paul Smith for example, actually size and label their stuff right, people think "its too small". Not the fault of American Giant - blame the Gap and bad suit makers for their size inflation!

    Oh, and I'm very happy with mine. Size, color weight, finish. Only problem was I got told off for not ordering one for the girlfriend. This will doubtless be stolen off my back soon enough.

  • MyFingID, 12/12/13

    Honestly I figured $90 was a bit steep for a hoodie, but being that I now work in an office environment rather than construction, figured I'd give it a shot. No regrets. My contractor buddies actually thought it would be a good deal except for the fact that it would inevitable be covered in paint. It feels good and solid, looks strong, and I assume is strong.

    All that said the best part has to be the company. I'm not a "screw the corporation" douche bag so understand that I don't care about all that small business crap, but as a business these guys worked very well. I had a situation where the USPS decided that the house I had just bought and was living in (with truck parked outside) was an abandoned building (this has actually happened twice. Apparently my Post Master is some sort of maniac who declares places abandoned on a whim). When my package was marked as delivered by was not on my doorstep I called up the post office and was informed that since my house was marked as abandoned they had shipped my hoodie back (along with my change of address state ID sticker and god knows what else). I called American Giant and informed them of the situation. They were friendly and seemed to work quick to come up with a solution. The solution seemed to be that they waited for the USPS to ship my hoodie back to them and they then overnighted back to me.

    I would highly recommend working with these guys. You won't be disappointed.

  • Erik, 12/12/13

    I got this solidly constructed hoodie in Navy. I'm 6'3, 225lbs with a 49" chest and 36" waist and the XL is a very trim fit for me. Maybe a little snug in the shoulders but since its cotton it can be stretched and sculpted here a bit. I'm sure the XXL would fit me just fine too, but I have enough baggy hoodies. If you're looking for a top notch hoodie under $100 with a tailored fit, this one is certainly suitable. I will be picking up a few more.

  • Kevin, 12/11/13

    So after what seemed like forever (with multiple dates being pushed back) my sweatshirt FINALLY showed up. No way this is worth such a wait?! Wrong. As much as I wanted to hate this sweatshirt, alas, I cannot. It is impeccably made with great attention to detail. I ordered a large and it is a little tighter than I would have thought but after wearing it and losing a couple lbs, it fits great. I had ordered another as well and after that one being delayed multiple times, American Giant did the right thing and gave it to me at a deep discount. I can’t fault them for staying true to themselves by using the finest fabric and producing in the US but man the wait times are terrible, especially since I know how good they are now. Communication was good as well anytime I had a request for an update on the timing.

  • Eric, 12/11/13

    I received mine yesterday, and I must say that I now understand why these are constantly on backorder. The construction seems bulletproof, it's warm (I was comfortable in just the hoodie and t-shirt while scraping ice off my car in barely-above-freezing temps this morning), and as for the fit? I'm 5'11, 165, with a slim/average build, and the medium fit perfectly. Definitely a fitted look, so if you're searching for that typical sloppy fit, go elsewhere. For the overall quality of the hoodie, the price seems reasonable, and the fact that it's American-made is just icing on top of the cake. Now if only they made sweatpants...

  • Ross, 12/9/13

    For something that is advertised as "The World's Greatest Hoodie", I am distinctly underwhelmed. The fit is not great, the colour is not particularly attractive, and the fabric is extremely tough, quite harsh against the skin, and generally uncomfortable to wear. It does feel very well made (although there were a few loose threads on show straight out the box) but I have seen better hoodies out there for the price.

  • Fran, 12/9/13

    The only thing I don't like about this sweatshirt is having to take it off to wash it. Gonna get another one to solve that problem.

  • Nati Lite, 12/8/13

    I own 2 AG hoodies, a mid-weight pullover and a heavyweight full zip. I wear both pretty regularly since late summer in Ohio. But since the weather has been getting much colder, my full zip has been getting heavy use.

    I never get cold with it on. Just spent 40 min walking my dog in the snow and all I had was a t-shirt and my heavyweight hoodie. Not to mention it's so comfortable to wear just around the house. I know it wasn't, but the thing feels like it was built to fit me.

    I am 6' tall about 155lbs so I am skinny, and bought a large. I used the size chart AG provides and find the fit perfect. I can only wear a t-shirt underneath comfortably (this is the same with my pullover mid-weight hoodie).

  • Jesse, 12/5/13

    The weight, feel, and construction of this garment remind me of wearing an authentic 1880's jacket from a stage costume collection, and I wouldn't be surprised if this hoodie holds up for just as long. I am 5'9" 150lbs with a 37" chest and 31" waist, and the Small fits me perfectly in the current sizing. This is well worth the price for an incredibly substantial and wearable piece of American-made clothing.

  • Patrick, 12/3/13

    I beat the hell out of this thing and it stands up to all test. Warm, strong and great fit.

  • Dave, 12/2/13

    It just feels better than any other sweatshirt I've owned. The cotton feels nicer, the zipper pulls more smoothly.

  • Stash, 11/30/13

    After waiting for a few months for inventory to come back I ordered a 2xl and it was too small....almost all others LBean etc fits...would need a 3xl. Gave it to a friend for a great Xmass gift.

  • Sam, 11/26/13

    Exceptional quality hoodie - heavyweight and you can feel the quality when you wear it! The ZIP is stiff though - and stutters initially. It has taken a while for it to run smoothly. Sizing and colour is Grey Blue - perfect (XL) and I'm -186cm / 96kg

  • satow, 11/25/13

    I'm 5'9" tall and weigh 220 lbs, with less than 10% bodyfat. My shoulders are extremely wide and my waist is 11" narrower than my chest width. My body type is V shaped. I ordered the XL hoping that it would fit. When it arrived it fit perfectly. It was roomy at the top where it counts, and narrow at the waist so it doesn't hang all loose making you look like a square sack. You can move well in it and you don't feel like you are going to tear it because the cut is perfect. It is an athletic cut, which most people will appreciate. I was a little concerned whether it would still fit after a wash and a dry, but it fit fine. It is absolutely THE best zip up sweatshirt on the market. The fabric quality is excellent. It feels soft yet strong. The zipper quality is excellent, it doesn't snag or fall apart like most cheap zippers. A lot of thought went into making sure that they made an excellent product.

  • David, 11/24/13

    I'm 5'5", athletic build and this hoody (size small) fits like a glove. I love the weight of the material and the construction looks solid. It's the little details that they've added; the reinforced elbows, the color-matched zipper, the metal tips to the hood drawstring...they all add up to a great sweatshirt that I look forward to wearing for many years. Great job American Giant!

  • Jon from Maryland, 11/24/13

    I'm 6'2" 190lbs- the XL leaves just enough room for some layers underneath, though i won't need much, it is very heavy duty...if i was buying a medium weight, the Large would be perfect with just a tshirt underneath...WILL BUY AGAIN!! LOVE IT!!

  • jason, 11/21/13

    By the way, I spoke to customer service at American Giant, and they said they resized their clothes to make them bigger and "truer" to what is normal. So, my hoodie, size Large (which I bought a while back) was really small for me. However, if you buy a Large now, it should run larger (compared to what I got) be more in line with what you expect.

    Just a tip.

  • Dean, 11/17/13

    This really is a wonderful hoodie. I love the way it wears, the heft of the zipper, and the weight of the material. As for sizing, I've ordered the t-shirts from American Giant in the past and have had mixed results with sizing. All were XXL and some were fine and some were too small. I'm 6'2" about 220 and ordered the hoodie in an XXL as well but wondered if the same fit problems would arise. This hoodie fits wonderfully, even after washing (and air drying) and I hope to wear it for many years.

  • Drew, 11/17/13

    Your grandchildren will wear this sweatshirt. It will make you stay outside to find excuses to wear it.

    I do think that if you measure yourself correctly and follow the sizing chart, you will end up with the right size. Even though the chart recommended I wear a small, I ordered the small and the medium after reading some of these customer comments. The small is perfect while the medium looks and feels terrible. These sweatshirts are supposed to be snug.

  • Tay0932, 11/13/13

    I absolutely LOVE my AG hoodie! The quality is amazing and it's built like a tank. It is by far the best hoodie I've ever owned. If you want a durable hoodie that will last forever, don't hesitate, BUY IT.

  • David , 11/12/13

    I ordered a large sized hoody after hearing people say that the size was too small. I'm 5'11 155 pound skinny build and it is not too large but is made for some one a little bit larger. I would recommend that anyone that is skinny to but a med. Additionally if the hoodies could be made in a slim and regular cutting that would be better for buyers in canada that can't return the product free of charge.

  • Ron, 11/8/13

    I'm 5' 10" and 200 pounds with a muscular build and ordered a large. It was a bit too big. The medium fit like a glove. I'm adding this because I find it amazing their are other reviews saying they need a xxl for the same height and weight as me. Bizarre.

  • Matt, 11/7/13

    This is pretty much exactly what I hoped it would be. No detail too small. If I could change one thing, I'd add an inside pocket.

  • John, 11/6/13

    This thing is absolutley bomb proof! The best hoodie Ive ever owned. Honestly noghting can compair to the quality of the stich and zippers that makes it above and beyond my exspectations. Im 6'2 215lbs and ordered a XL it fits like a golve. love it! Im now picking out a Midweight Full Zip in a diffrent color.

  • Chris, 11/5/13

    I am not even exaggerating to say that my American Giant hoodie is one of my absolutely favorite things I own. I think the thing I love about it most (and there are a lot of things) is that when you put it on it surrounds and conforms to your body. I feel like it fits me perfectly, like it was built for me. Secondly, I would say the pockets, which are perfectly placed to hold all kinds of things without slipping out. Why hasn't every other maker of hoodies figured this out? The material is absolutely fantastic, durable and movable at the same time. I wish I owned one of these in every color. As every other person on here says - it is worth every penny.

  • John, 11/3/13

    The zipper on this hoodie is a disappointment compared to the zipper on the hoodie I received in the spring. The pull is smaller and a much less appealing design. Functionally the zipper isn't as smooth.

  • Jason, 10/31/13

    I really wanted to love this sweatshirt, but in the end, I think it's just so-so.

    Pros: great materials, quality construction, really like the style

    cons: mainly, the sizing runs small. The size chart points me to a M, but I bought a L instead. The L was still small. The waste is tight and it's not long enough, so when i life my arms, my belly shows.

    That's the main reason for my disappointment. As a minor point, I would prefer the waste and wrist stretch parts to be less long. I usually folk the wrist stretch parts back into halves.

  • Michael, 10/31/13

    I am 5'10, 160 lbs, with a slim build. According to size chart, I am a solid Medium. When my Navy blue, size M, arrived, I thought it was too small, out of the package. However, it quickly stretches to the correct size. Now, after several months of wear and washes, it is perfect. Also, the zipper, which I thought was rough at first, has broken-in to be silky smooth. Best part about this product though, is that it is made in the USA. I really hope they get their supply chain issues fixed.

  • David, 10/30/13

    I'm 6'0" and 185lbs, I ordered the large and it fits perfect. Absolutely love it. Granted, I've only had this sweatshirt a little while and I'll be sure to post another review after a few months of wear as a follow up. I used to only wear LuLuLemon sweatshirts, but as of late the quality has suffered. Feels great supporting American made products.

  • Jstrip1, 10/22/13

    Construction seems wonderful. Fit is not great. XXL fits very small. Not sure I would order again because of fit. But quality is top notch . Just give some room.

  • I'd Wear a Hoodie Every Day if I Could, 10/21/13

    My single complaint is that the other cooler colors came out immediately after I received my phantom grey sweatshirt. I know I could return it, but I have no intentions of giving back this sweatshirt now that I have it.

    The build quality just feels different. It's like riding a luxury car for the first time. I'm warm but not hot, despite the changing weather. I love the deep hood (too many hoodies do NOT have a deep enough hood) and the inside of the sweatshirt is a different, softer material. The seams look like an elephant could jumprope with this hoodie (probably not, but whatever). I normally dislike the ends of sleeves that have elastic, but I love how AG worked these sleeve-ends. I also love the crimped metal ends of the draw strings. It just feels high quality.

    The one thing I'm looking forward to is how it stands the test of multiple washes. My current hoodies are all long in the front and shrunken in the back. The zipper keeps the front from shrinking but the back inevitably does not match up with the front after a year or so.

    If AG can fix that, then...well, I'll have to order one in every color.

  • Jon, 10/18/13

    Just got this hoodie delivered. Was referred here when I googled "best hoodie ever" and I can't really disagree now that I have it. No detail was overlooked, and it is a high-quality product. I bought a large, and while I wouldn't complain if it came down a bit lower around my waist, it still fits great. Super stoked to have a new warm, comfortable hoodie for winter.

  • Charles, 10/17/13

    I absolutely love my hoodie! Top quality that will last. I'm getting another one for sure, I'm addicted! :-) Also, shippement is really fast. This is a great company to do business with. I hope one day that they'll make a red one, that would be so cool!

  • Josh, 10/12/13

    I'm 5'11 175lbs. I ordered a Large and it it fits me perfectly. No detail is over looked on this thing. The seams are perfect. The fabric is heavy duty but very comfortable. The hood is the perfect size and double layered. The pull strings have custom metal covers that are crimped on the ends. The zipper is heavy duty. I really can't speak highly enough about the attention to detail. It is worth every penny.

  • Billy, 10/9/13

    I am 6'0", 200 lbs, wear a 44R jacket and I wear a Large in basically every other hoodie I've ever owned. I ordered an XL to be safe on the sizing based on some of the other reviews. This thing fits me like a medium. The sleeves barely make it to my hands. Of course now that I have to return it the XXL is backordered for a month. This is beyond frustrating.

  • Laura, 10/5/13

    I found A.G. literally by searching for "high quality hoodie" and was directed to an article on Slate about the best sweatshirt known to man. What an excellent way to describe it. I immediately bought one for my husband, he loves how it feels, and I get to enjoy looking at him in it. Fantastic shape, beautiful material and hardware. It's all in the details, and man did you guys get it right. Nice work!

  • geminni, 10/5/13

    I ordered this for my husband. He said it's definitely the best hoodie ever. Thanks for making clothes in a humane manner.

  • DanL, 10/4/13

    As an owner of a Rev.1 Brown (discontinuted color), the only differences I detected with my new Grey Blue were 1) slight difference in seam construction, rev.1 having a bit more overlap and 2) zipper is now a YKK, a bit lighter duty that the Rev 1. Fit seems to be identical. I am a 40 short athletic build with shorter arms, and I could be the fit model for the Medium, but it would not comfortably accommodate a sweater layer. Fabric seems a touch stiff compared to the rev.1 which I am attributing to washing a few times.

    The Blue Grey is a terrific addition to the line-up, subtle enough to wear a lot, but with enough interest to warrant a second look. I got the Royal briefly in my hands, and it was really nice but a lot more of a statement color and more like team wear.

    In the very minor complaints department, I would like the bottom AG tag to be a patch--for some reason the "loop" application bothers me, like it could get caught on something.

    I love my brown color way--I would like to see a color similar to "stout," a brown/black, which I think would complement the heft of the fabric extremely well.

    All in all, this is a superior product, unless you are looking for something soft and fuzzy. I own a Left Field sweatshirt which is similarly well made, and I believe more on the "Loopwheel" technique which produces a softer interior nap. Loopwheel products generally run 30-50% more, but I would say it is an apples to oranges comparison, AG products being more in the sweat and work category, with loopwheel products being a bit more fashion-centric.

  • Pete, 10/2/13

    Just got my Medium navy heavyweight full zip and I love it. It feels substantial and really durable. Love the fit too, for reference I am 5'8'' 150 lbs and it fits me very well, not baggy at all. I'm sure I will be buying more products from American Giant, starting with the midweight hoodie for the office!

  • RJS, 10/2/13

    Very heavy fabric, beautifully sewn, detailed, and finished. Stylish as well.They run a bit small, so I suggest that you order 1 size larger than normal.

  • Jayslacks, 9/28/13

    Here is my review online.


  • Best Mom Ever in Omaha, 9/27/13

    Saw the write up in Slate and ordered one for my son for Christmas 2012. He lives in his hoodie. Great construction and worth the price.

  • Jeff, 9/27/13

    I received my Hoodie last week. I had to send the XL back and get an XXL. I normally wear XL.

    I got the replacement and I love it. Fantastic quality and worth every penny.

  • Zack, 9/25/13

    This is by far the best hoodie I've ever worn. I ordered the large and I'm 6'1 at 185 lbs. It fits me better than any other article of clothing I own. It looks fantastic and I can see this lasting a decade or two and looking just as great. This is the standard all clothes should be held to!

  • adam, 9/21/13

    This quality is very great but you should keep something in mind before you order. This is cotton so it will shrink.

    I am 5' 6" and I bought a small and a medium. Out of the box the small fit me perfectly and the medium was too big. Eventually I would have to wash them so I washed the small in cold water hoping it wouldn't shrink. I washed the medium in warm/hot water to shrink it down to a size small.

    The end result was that the small shrunk to the point where when I lift my hands up you can see my belly and before it would only go up to my belt line. The medium now sits at waist level and goes up to my belt line when I raise my hands. The small and the medium shrunk even though I washed them in two different temperatures. I suggest you order one size bigger. Also the zipper didn't shrink so now its not straight and smooth but more zig zag (because the fabric shrunk) so I give it a 4 stars. I will order more though because it's better than any other hoodie.

  • SMB, 9/20/13

    After reading all of the reviews, I was worried that this would not fit me but it fits perfectly. The thing that I usually hate about hoodies is that I have to get a Medium since I have long arms but they end up being baggy/too loose in the waist area as I am thin but in medium, it contours to my waist great. The arms are a good length and extend a bit past my wrist and up my hand. The fabric is more dense than your typical fabric but still maintains a supple feel to the interior and exterior - it is by no means like a canvas Carhartt jacket as somebody mentioned. Fits and looks great - will provide more warmth than your average hoodie. The zipper could slide more smoothly out of the package but it does feel like its of a higher quality. I would like this more if the wrist and waist stretch sleeves were shorter in length - I think it would look even better. The phantom gray was not as dark as pictured on here or expected - I wish it were darker but it still looks good. Overall - definitely the best hoodie I've owned and worth the $90. My measurements - 5'11", 31 Waist, 34 Arms, 40.5 Chest. I'll be wearing hoodies once again now that I've finally found one that fits well.

  • Pete, 9/19/13

    I am extremely good looking and athletic and get loads of attention from women. Some of my clothing has ripped when they tear my clothes off - not so this hoody. The best made hoodie I have ever worn - delighted with the product and service received - would really appreciate a red one to match the colour of my acne.

  • Del, 9/19/13

    Either the labeling was off or everyone here is into thug life snow bro sweatshirts. I'm 5'11 160lbs and the M was HUGE on me. Returning for a small but I really don't have high hopes.

  • Barrett, 9/17/13

    The best hoodie you'll almost never get. That's how I would describe the American Giant heavy duty zip-up. I ordered once when it was on back order, and never received it. Never got charged, either, so I guess that's ok. Ordered again minutes after I got the "back in stock" email. This time it came – after nearly a week. Maybe I'm spoiled by some other online stores, but logistics isn't AG's strong suit.

    But making the best freakin' hoodie I've ever owned is! This sweatshirt is seriously worth the wait, and awesome for the price, too. I'm considering ordering more to stock up for the rest of my life, but I'm not sure this one is ever going to wear out.

    Thanks, AG!

  • Collin, 9/14/13

    Really wanted to like this hoodie. I'm 6-1 and 165 lbs. First ordered a Large, and it was a bit too short in the sleeves, and really short in the torso. If I lifted my arms up you could see my belly button.

    Sent it back and re-ordered an XL. That fit length-wise, but was really baggy (obviously made for a stockier guy, not tall / skinny).

    Giving 3 stars still because the build quality seems really nice, and I really appreciate the free shipping on returns. Would consider ordering in the future if they come out with tall sizes.

  • Thomas, Norway, 9/14/13

    This is indeed the best hoodie ever made and worth every penny. Coming from europe, and custom to european sizing, i would recommend that you order your normal size, unike many reviewers who suggest you should size up. I myself is 175 and a bit on the heavy side, still Size M fitted me perfectly. Snug and tailored appearance, without being slim fit or too tight.

  • chris h., 9/13/13

    Arrived earlier than anticipated, ordered about a week before the stated backorder date on the site and it arrived 3 days before that. Large fits well on me, 5'11, 195. Close enough that I am afraid to shrink it at all if I wash it. Everyone else has already commented on how heavy they are, and they aren't kidding. I'm ooking forward to colder days in western Oregon so I can wear it more. I wish I had ordered as soon as I found out about the company when they had more colors. I already want a second in another color.

  • Jason, 9/11/13

    Absolutely fantastic. I bought two, and I am very pleased. Looks like production is back up as it only took about 2 days to arrive (to be fair, I live in SF). As far as the sizing, it is true to modern cuts. If you want it a little baggy, order up a size. If you want it to fit, order your size. I am 6', 165 and wear a medium dress shirt. The medium fits absolutely perfectly--not baggy, not too tight...it fits. Order one of these. You will not be disappointed. Enjoy!

  • Unzipped, 9/9/13

    I ordered a Medium back in March of this year, however it was too small. I sent it back to get a Large (which was backordered). After a month, A-G suddenly canceled my backorder, and said I'd have to "reorder". ?!? So, I reordered. It took until the end of August to get my replacement.

    The material and cut are superb, but the zipper...? Mine gets stuck at the top of the waistband 4 out of 5 times, and after fighting with it, I usually just give up and wear the thing unzipped.

    After the ordeal I went through waiting for this replacement, there's no way I'll send it back and play the waiting game again. I may just get a local seamstress to put a proper zipper on it. Seriously, I've had better zippers on cheaper imported goods. It is not what I'd expect from a $90 US-made sweatshirt!! If I bought anything else from A-G after this, it would be a pull-over hoodie. They need to switch suppliers for their zippers before I'd get another of these!

  • Rob, 9/9/13

    Was super excited when I first read the Slate article "worlds best hoodie" so I ordered and waited for months.

    Now I'm super disappointed seeing the comparisons of the first edition to what I received. The slate article was written for those first edition hoodies, these ones had corners cut: lower quality zipper, shorter length that rides up, less attention to the seams. I would gladly trade what I got for what I expected, the hype totally killed the world's best hoodie :(

    Although I feel cheated, in the end I'm really going to try to wear this guy in for the winter and see what happens.

  • Chris, 9/7/13

    This is an awesome product. Like many have stated, if your unsure about your size order one up.
    I just wish they would get more in stock so I can get one for my wife and son.

  • zeke, 9/6/13

    my new one is a looser fit then the older ones, doesn't have the AG tag on the bottom outside, the pockets stitching isn't as good, and it is is shorter around the wast. it is still a decent jumper but not as good as the 1.0

  • Unzipped, 9/5/13

    The good: the material and sewing quality is much better than textile industry standards. The fleece face is unique, and superior to other sweatshirts. It is warm and comfortable.

    The bad: The zipper is the worst I've encountered in any garment, including "cheap" imported clothing. It requires both hands, and my full concentration to zip it up, and if the planets align right, it will zip past the bottom 4 inches maybe 1 out of 5 times. To say it's exasperating is an understatement. The zipper is crap. If I were to get another A-G sweatshirt, it would be a pullover.

    The ugly: I ordered a medium originally, and it was too small, so I sent it back, requesting a large. My replacement was pending for over a month before A-G just canceled it with no explanation, saying I would need to re-order. (?!?) So, I re-ordered, and it took over 3 months for my replacement to arrive. I am underwhelmed, sadly. After waiting a total of five months, I expected great things. Even though my sweatshirt is sub-par, there is no way I intend to repeat the returns ordeal. I will be the guy with the unzipped sweatshirt.

  • Andrew - Roseburg, 9/4/13

    So at first I was skeptical to buy from this company due to the outrageous overnight reviews, well this hoodie is everything it's cracked up to be. Well built, pre shrunk and the hood is double layered nice and heavy.

    Stop thinking about it and just buy it!

  • Lu, 9/1/13

    Granted, the hype around this hoodie seems absurd. But once you try it on, the quality really does take you by surprise. It's unlike any hoodie--or any other piece of clothing--I've ever owned. A must-have.

  • Joshua, 8/30/13

    I received my sweatshirt in July after a very long wait but ended up returning it. Calling this sweatshirt "thick" or "heavy" would be an understatement; it is really more of a jacket than a sweatshirt. I found the result to be not at all stylish or comfortable and more along the lines of Carhart in appearance. If a super thick, somewhat stiff sweatshirt that really is more of a jacket is your thing, then you have found your jacket my friend. Since I like what this company stands for, I intend to give the midweight zip a chance and I hope it is a more sensible alternative.

  • Gary, 8/30/13

    After being on backorder for 3 months, finally got my hoodie....the quality is outstanding...they quality American manufacturers used to make. The hoodie is now available in my size in Navy, so I ordered my second.

  • Juston, 8/29/13

    Shipped quicker than expected. I waited less than one month. Quality is outstanding. Heavy like a jacket. I'm 6'4" and 185 lbs. Large fits nice, medium would have been perfect if you like a fitted look. I'm going to order a second one in a different color. Highly recommended.

  • Ben, 8/26/13

    In contrast to many of the reviews here, I actually found my hoodie too big. I'm 5'5", 29in waist, about 63kg, so I ordered the S. Now I'm wishing there was an XS. Across the shoulders it's great, and the sleeve length is perfect, but there is too much room in the back and the arms, and the front pockets give a bulky (read "fat") look in the belly. The quality is fantastic, and I appreciate the more military look compared to the American Apparel hoodies I've been wearing, but I may stick with them for the moment because of their slimmer fit. Now considering my options—should I try a women's hoodie in S or XS to see if it fits better?

  • Daniel, 8/23/13

    The hoodie took a REALLY long time, but AG's customer service made it right. And the hoodie does live up to expectations---it is tremendously rugged and reeks of quality. Also, the attention to detail is impressive.

  • Len, 8/23/13

    After looking online for "best American made hoodie" American Giant came up, though expensive, the heavyweight hoodie, you get what you pay for. It is not just a little thicker, it's heavy, the reinforced elbows, the feel of the product, it's clear this is meant to last way longer than just a season or two. Especially in the Bay Area, where it's hoodie weather most of the year, depending on time of day. I can't say enough good things about this. Worth the price. I look forward to purchasing more.

  • DW, 8/20/13

    This is still a very nice sweatshirt, but they've cut some corners on it since the original version shown in the pictures. The stitching, especially around the front pockets, isn't as sturdy as it used to be, and the cheaper zipper used now doesn't slide as smoothly as the old one did. This new version is also shorter in length than the old one, with a slightly baggier fit. You still can't find a better hoodie elsewhere, but it used to be even better.

  • Karen, 8/20/13

    This hoodie doesn't need another 5 star review. But this is a fantastic hoodie! The cloth and workmanship are superb.

  • Farhad, 8/16/13

    Tailored fit, good quality everyday sweatshirt. Good for colder months of the year.

  • Daniel, 8/16/13

    Great looking sweatshirt. Very well made. But it runs really small. I almost always wear a large and I felt like a stuffed sausage in the AG large.

  • SLOmiikeD, 8/16/13

    After 6 months I FINALLY got my full zip hoodie. ITS SICK! I was impressed with the weight of the fabric and the reinforced elbows and shoulders. I told my GF, "HANDS OFF, ITS MINE!", sadly I know shes gonna eventually steal it for me..

  • Nate, 8/16/13

    Finally received my hoodie after almost 5 months of waiting. Garment itself gets 5 stars; it's beautiful; heavy weight, excellent fit (read that they run a bit small so ordered an extra large), a very high quality piece of clothing just as advertised. Service...not five stars. Worth five months of waiting? Probably not. I ordered in March, was supposed to deliver in June. In June, told not until August 1st. Actually showed up August 15. Great product, but I hope they get their supply chain issues worked out or they will probably not be around very long.

  • Scott, 8/15/13

    It took a few months but it arrived. Love the made in America and the stickers. The quality is awesome. This will last forever. It's nice and heavy. It's a little stiff at first and the zipper isn't smooth. A little break in and some wax will do the trick. You need to buy one.

  • David, 8/15/13

    The waiting was the hardest part, but finally received my hoodie today and now I never want to take it off. The weight, the fabric, the stitching details...all are first class! Can't wait to test it out in SF's wind and fog.

  • Travis, 8/13/13

    Hoodie fits awesome! Im 5'9 165 and a Lg was perfect. I received my sweatshirt in less than a week of ordering. I will order again.

  • Jeff, 8/13/13

    Upon FINALLY receiving the hoodie I ordered, I first noticed the serious weight of the fabric. However, what I really appreciate is all the fantastic added details. I love the added panels on the forearms and the yoke across the shoulders. These make the garment feel extra rugged.

  • Jim, 8/7/13

    This sweater is definitely heavyweight. Good for brisk weather, and will definitely be good for Canadian winter.
    Cut is great. Does not balloon out at the waist like other brands. Very slim, very smart. The sizes do run small. If you're in between sizes, pick the bigger size.
    Quality wise, best I've ever had.

  • Michael , 8/4/13

    Read a great article on the company..its commitment to quality and US production.
    Thought I would give it a try and ordered the navy blue hoodie granted I thought the price was a little steep. BUT is is worth it..every penny. I just ordered my 2nd in black. It is perfect weight for San Francisco, the quality exceeded my expectation, and it looks absolutely TERRIFIC..well worth the wait..

  • Zane, 7/10/13

    Let me start by saying that if you told me 6 months ago I'd be spending $90 on a hoodie in the middle of July, I'd say you were crazy. Of course, I did just that. This is my 3rd AG hoodie (2 heavy, 1 mid) and every single one has been an absolute joy.
    It is the most comfortable, durable, stylish, and ridiculously well-cut sweatshirt I have ever owned. You will feel like you are wearing a suit of cotton armor every time you put it on. Which for me is everyday the weather allows me to. The slightly stretchy side panels allow you to have a fitted look without trapping you in your outfit like an over-starched Victorian nobleman. The hood is best shaped/well constructed thing I've ever put over my head. It fits around your skull so effortlessly you'd think they'd sneaked into your bedroom to measure your head while you slept. Seriously, this hoodie is so premium you'll wonder why you'd wear anything else (I don't). I talk about these sweatshirts so much I sound like a company rep. (Totally would btw. AG get at me!) Buy this sweatshirt! Buy the midweight one too! Buy their t-shirts! Get a whole closet of this stuff! You won't be sorry!

  • stephen, 7/8/13

    when they say "heavy hoodies," they mean it literally. The hoody is skinny somehow. It is ok for me. The feel of cotton is good.

  • Redshirt, 6/19/13

    The durability of this sweatshirt is palpable in the air surrounding it.

  • John, 6/18/13

    To date I have purchase 6 of the hoodies. I have three left 2 given as gifts one taken by a friend and the rest I am enjoying.

    Excellent quality, everything and more that was promised, Oh yea, great customer service.





American Giant manufactures clothing in the USA, focusing on what matters- fabric, fit, construction, durability. We're committed to offering exceptional quality at a fair price. If anything you've purchased from us isn't living up to this commitment, please send it back to us for a full refund any time, for any reason.