SWEATSHIRTS / Mens Heavyweight Crew Neck Sweatshirt
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Voted Best American Made Sweatshirt by Esquire. This is the original American sweatshirt made with our custom developed 12.4 oz 100% cotton fleece. Features classic 4" ribbed cuffs that stay up when pushed up and do not stretch out. The cut is classic and fits like it should: comfortable but not oversized or sloppy.

  • 100% cotton, 12.4 oz combed ring-spun fleece
  • Custom made for durability and dry exterior hand
  • Brushed interior for softness and warmth
  • 13 oz cotton rib with 5% spandex for recovery
  • Raglan sleeve design
  • Double layer rib side paneling for mobility and fit
  • Classic 4" long cuffs and waist ribbing
  • Ribbed V-shaped "sweat catcher" neck detail
  • Double needle straddle-stitching with high-strength thread on critical seams
  • Pre-washed and shrunk to fit
  • Built to last
  • Made in the USA





  • Simon Chang, 3/14/14

    I have an original hoodie, half zipper, and soon a hoodie 2.0. I ordered size medium for them all.

    I was gifted this crew neck sweater back in Aug 2013 for my birthday, and I am not certain whether this was a version before or after their changes, but I'll assume before because people are complaining about it being very large, while it feels tight for me.

    The material quality and construction of this sweatshirt is as good as the rest of their stuff, but the fit is a big issue for me. The torso feels a bit short compared to the hoodie and half zip sweater, so that if I bend over, the back of my torso is revealed. Overall, the thing is a bit snug, and in fact, I can feel the head opening on my neck (it's too tight) even after a few wears (I've had this for a few months).

    I would stick with the hoodie for $20 more. The fit here hasn't been consistent.

  • James, 3/13/14

    This sweatshirt runs very large, I usually wear medium sized items and even the Small was too big for me. I ended up returning the item because the cut and fit did not meet my expectations. I was hoping for something like the pictures that was tighter fitting, alas the product is not like what you see in the pictures.

    It's too bad, because the return was easy and the fabric was AMAZING! That is I want to buy more from American Giant, I just have to wait until they change the patterns.

  • Brandon, 2/17/14

    Got a large crew neck in and very nice quality but fit me like a dress. I'm 6'1 180lbs and usually wear a large but I'm waiting on a medium. I'm afraid it may even be too big. Never seen sizing like this.

  • Jon, 2/6/14

    The fit is nothing like the pictures, it's loose and baggy. Sweatshirt is very comfortable, but only good for wearing around the house. Very disappointing, and delivery was two months overdue.

  • Matt L, 2/5/14

    I just stopped by AG's offices the other day to try on the crew necks and bought one on the spot. I love the robust construction and attention to detail. Unfortunelty I bought one of the last small crew necks in their original slimmer cut. I really want to buy more but I guess I'm too late to the party. Please bring back your original sizing! I'll buy every color


    This is one of the softest things in the world. Softer than a fresh baby hot out of the oven (by oven, I mean a womb; we're not eating babies), yet the fabric is still durable. However, from a few of the reviews that I read before making a purchase, it noted to size up... Depending on your physique... don't!! I am 5'10/165lbs athletic build with broad shoulders. I normally wear a small in most brands of clothing, however, a medium will fit like a large here. Therefore, unless you've got a gut, then I would say size up because the torso is a loose fit (the hem does not snug around you like the picture portray, which isn't a bad thing, I prefer it). Purchase the size you would purchase a t-shirt on average, I cannot stress this enough!

  • Ben, 1/27/14

    Just got my sweatshirt, and wow. I'm not disappointed. Reading the reviews, I ordered the small in hopes of avoiding a baggy fit. (I'm 6'0" with an athletic build.) I'm happy to say that the small actually fits really well, if you prefer a fitted look as I do. So sizing is definitely a bit big. However, I couldn't be happier with the construction of the sweatshirt. This thing feels like it'll last forever.

  • Anthony, 1/24/14

    Make no mistake, the quality and construction of the materials is great in usual American Giant style, but the sizing of this thing is mind-bogglingly bad. How can a size L in their hoodies fit so well and so flawlessly when the same size in their crewnecks is an awkward, baggy, poorly-trimmed mess? Sleeves are too long, waist and neck are entirely too big, the whole thing is just all around a poor fit and not even close to the sizing used for their hoodies.

  • JC, 1/1/14

    I cannot say enough positive about this sweatshirt. First and foremost the sweatshirt is American made. You buy this sweatshirt you are not only purchasing an optimal product, but you are keeping Americans employed. Secondly the construction is top notch. If you want a girly fitting sweatshirt, look elsewhere.

  • Matt, 12/31/13

    Agree with posters below. Much baggier than expected. I'm 6'4" 205lbs athletic build and initially ordered XL based on old reviews had to return for a L which is still looser than expected. Was hoping for more.

  • mike, 12/30/13

    XL Fits slightly loose at 6'0" 205 lbs. The weight and feel of the cotton is a pleasure to wear. Holds up very well to washing, shrinks a bit but doesn't lose its shape. Details like the tapered midsection, and extra long sleeves really make this sweater stand out.

  • MM, 12/27/13

    Originally purchased in 2012 - that one was the best sweatshirt I ever had. Just received a replacement sweatshirt. Cut is now noticeably looser and not as tailored, material feels less substantial, and even the neck hole is too big. I want my original back. Love the AG brand; worried your growth is bringing you back to "the rest of the other brands". Hoping the sweatpants meet expectations. Customer service is awesome though. I'm just tired of having to send things back.

  • Young, 12/20/13

    The material and sewing quality is very good unfortunately, the small fits more like a medium tall, it is way too long and fit at the wasit/bottom hem is too big I'm 5'6", 145lbs and a 31W. I really want to like this product and support this company but the sizing is way off.

  • A.B, NYC, 12/17/13

    The quality of these sweatshirts is amazing, but I'm disappointed by the recent, inexplicable changes in sizing and cut made by AG. My first two sweatshirts were impeccably cut (I'm an athletic size S- 5'7, 165 lbs) but my third was noticeably baggier, longer in the sleeves and not well-fitted. I regret having waited to purchase a third one as they obviously changed their styling sometime in between. I love the originals not only for how well they're made, but also for the athletic, tailored fit that has elicited a number of compliments. And if wanted a roomier fit I would simply have bought a larger size. From reading the other reviews I now know my experience is not unique. The sweatshirts are now simply better made versions of something I could buy at a chain sports store-- and why would I want that? I just ordered a pair of sweatpants a few days ago but I suspect that that will be my last AG order unless the sizing issue is sorted out.

  • Michael, 12/11/13

    Bought two of these sweatshirts in a Small and Medium because I was unsure on how they fit. I have heard from past customers it was a nice slim fit (like the model) but that was not true. Waist, arms, chest was too baggy in the medium. The small was skin tight on the forearms, perfect chest and still a little loose in the waist. I am disappointed that I had to return both of them because I really need a high quality made crew, such as these.

  • Aaron, 12/9/13

    So I got my small (I gave the earlier 5 star review upon receipt of the medium). If you are not overweight, size down! I like a more tailored fit. With the small, my chest still has room (~40") which is just nuts. The small would be perfect if the elastic actually wasn't loose around my waist (34" waist). It's just a bit ridiculous. I"m keeping the sweatshirt, but I really want American Giant to inform us when we can get the original cut. That or offer two different cuts to accommodate those who want a baggy fit. If you want it to fit like it does on the model, I suggest to size down and don't expect the moon. I would give it a 5 if the elastic lower was 1-2" tighter.

  • Andrew, 12/4/13

    The fabric and build quality are still top notch but I'm afraid I must agree that their cuts seem to have changed. I purchased one of these last year and it's my absolute favorite sweatshirt. I recently ordered another and had to size down to get a similar fit. Even with the smaller size, it seems to fit wider. I am head over heels in love with the original one I purchased. The new one may turn into a Christmas gift.

  • Tina, 11/27/13

    Bought one for my husband in a medium and it was really boxy and loose all over. He's 5'11, 170 lbs. Seems like these sweatshirts were made for short, fat people. Very disappointing. Sending it back.

  • AB , 11/25/13

    As a previous commenter mentioned, they have resized the product. Apparently they were getting complaints that the shirts ran too small. If you're expecting the tailored fit as it appears on the models, I should warn you the shirts no longer fit this way. The arms are much baggier and the waist billows out. This is fine if you don't have an athletic build, but if you do you may be disappointed. The quality of the material is the same as always (great), but not sure I would have ordered if I had known they resized. Five stars dropped down to three because there is no indication of resizing on the site and because the shirts no longer fit as advertised. Hope they heed feedback and acknowledge any resizings on their site in the future.

  • Jayslacks, 11/23/13

    The sweatshirt doesn't have the same fit as the hoodies, but they are still very well made. I almost feel like the clothe is a better quality than the hoodie. Once you put it on, you know this will last a very long time. Worth the money.

  • Ferg, 11/23/13

    Had it less than a week and had to steal it back from my girlfriend.
    I'm 5'11 190 lbs. A Large sweatshirt was perfect and keeps me warm in Canadian winters. Might stay in shape just so this sweatshirt always fits.

  • Aaron, 11/23/13

    This product is beautifully crafted. The materials are top notch. I ordered these after I read an article that stated their fabrics come from an American cotton spinner and Mill (Pardale and Carolina Cotton Works). This is as American as you can get. I weigh probably 158, have a 39.5" chest and 33" sleeve (waist is 33.5"). The elastic around the waist is too big and the fit is baggy all around. If you are skinny and athletic and like your clothing to not be baggy, size down. I will be returning my Medium. The zip hoodie looks to be a bit on the small side so I'll stick with the Medium on that product. A bit frustrating, but this product is worth the wait.

  • Will, 11/22/13

    Quality is good, but fits poorly. I'm 5'8" and 160lb, and a small is way too big. Wish it came in XS.

  • Dean, 11/21/13

    I love the material and overall quality of the sweatshirts, but the fit is terrible. The small is very, very small (skin tight in the forearm and very short in the body) and the medium is huge (very long in both the sleeves and the body, and very baggy in the waist), not the inch or two larger that their sizing would suggest. Maybe I just fall in right between? Order fulfilment control isn't the best either, as both my orders were incorrect. Very fast shipping however. Having said all of that, if the heavyweight hoodies make another appearance, I'll definitely be buying a few and rolling the dice with the sizing once more :)

  • ChrisMc, 11/21/13

    Nice Quality, But nothing exceptional. I like that it is American made, but there are other quality made sweatshirts made here. Just search on the web. I have another sweatshirt that is cut like this one and I'm not crazy about the fit. I would have given it 4 star if it didn't fit so small. I always buy everything XL and this would have been better in XXL. No point in sending it back because they don't even carry XXL.

  • Raj, 11/20/13

    Material, construction, and style are all great on this sweatshirt. However, the sizing is waay too big. I'm a 30 waist, 36 chest, 5'11'' with a fairly long torso, so, based on the sizing chart, got a small. It was incredibly baggy around the chest and waist, length too long, sleeves too long. Too bad - I would have loved this sweatshirt otherwise. Apparently American Giant has changed their sizing for this model recently, so take that into account and consider sizing down. Luckily, they are great with customer service and have an awesome free return shipping policy.

  • Glenn, 11/18/13

    I initially bought this sweatshirt in a size large after reading that the fit was very athletic and fitted. I'm 6'0 and 185 lbs with a 41" chest and an athletic build. I ended up returning the large as it was too big and reordering in a size medium. I just received the medium, and again, it's still too big. Definitely not fitted and pretty loose. Although the quality seems top notch, the fit isn't for me. I like my clothes to be fitted with more of an athletic cut and this sweater wasn't so. I'll be returning it shortly

  • Dennis, 11/18/13

    This sweatshirt is very well made - heavy, high quality cotton and sturdy stitching. A-G has transitioned away from the tailored fit shown in their model photos though. Their sweatshirts (hoodies too) now have the more typical baggy fit found in most other athletic clothing. That's either good news or bad news, depending on your tastes, but don't base your fit expectations on the model photos. That fit doesn't exist anymore.

  • Andy, 11/18/13

    I love this sweatshirt. Great material, great quality, great fit. I am 5'8" with a 42" chest. The L fits me perfectly. I think a hoodie will be my next purchase.

  • Will, 11/17/13

    I was really looking forward to this sweatshirt, but the fit was just terrible. 5'8'', 36 inch chest, 31 waist, 145 lbs. The small heather grey fit like a tent and was wayy too long. Look at http://www.reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice/comments/1qs0pn/has_anyone_else_experienced_inconsistencies_in/ to see that I'm not the only one with this problem. Sent it back the day I got it.

    Construction and materials are great though, but for most people paying at this price point, fit is a big factor.

  • James, 11/17/13

    Based on the reviews up through Aug '13 or so, I'd been looking forward to a snug, athletic cut sweatshirt. That's not the case with this latest batch (November '13). I'm 6'1" with a 32" waist and I had thought a medium would fit well, based on the earlier reviews I'd read. Unfortunately, the medium I received was cut noticeably and annoyingly loose at the waist. I guess I could return it and try my luck with a small? But the last time I wore a small of anything was when I was 14 (a long time ago).

    Whereas earlier reviewers may have described the medium as "a full size too small," I'd now go so far as to describe it as "a full size too big."

    Although the fabric and construction were everything I'd expected and hoped for, I'm only going to give one star because when variations in fit swing this big in between batches, relying on prior reviews becomes pointless and the whole buying online thing gets a lot harder. Still thankful for the free shipping for returns. Whew.

  • Jeff , 11/13/13

    Got one of these today, but it seems that the sizing has changed. (Looking at min c. comment) All the old comments point out how snug the sizing was, well this one just came off being back ordered and is very loose fitting despite me measuring smack in the middle of the medium range (comparing to a middle of the road medium crew sweatshirt I have it is an inch bigger across the middle on each side when laying flat). Disappointing that after waiting 3 months to be sending back.
    Material quality is nice though.

  • David, 11/12/13

    Great fit, basically a perfect sweatshirt. The sweater is perfect for the winter. I'm 5'11 160 and a medium fits and a large would have been too big overall I'm impressed with the quality keep it up american- giant!

  • Min C., 11/9/13

    I bought one of these sweatshirts less than a year ago. I got a medium and it fit almost too snug, but after a little time it relaxed and fit great. So, I ordered 2 more and got them last week. These are not the same. The fit is looser and not as athletically cut. The material is still nice and thick, but there is more of it. Still a very nice sweatshirt, but a bit disappointing after the initial Great sweatshirt.

  • Boru, 11/4/13

    Couldn't wait for the hoodie, picked up the regular sweatshirt in XL. I'm 5'8 and about 215 lbs. Yeah, I'm a little fat. Anyway, this sweatshirt fits great at XL. So glad I bought one. They really, really are nice. Getting one for the rest of the family! Hope they're in by Christmas!

  • Denny, 10/28/13

    A bit apprehensive when I ordered the shirt but upon receiving it, can attest to the claim that the quality, fit and workmanship are incomparable! A bit snug initially but after about an hour of wear, fit perfectly!! And proof that outstanding American made products are still available!

  • Thomas B., 8/22/13

    After spending quite some time looking for a simple, basic sweatshirt, I came upon American Giant. Their product did not disappoint. It is well built (read: substantial, made to last) and very tailored, which I enjoy.

    To give some details on fit, I ordered a medium. It fit quite snug initially but after about an hour of wear it relaxed a little and fit perfectly. I have a 39" chest and wear 32/32 jeans, 172 at 5'11". Fit is flawless now.

    Many thanks, American Giant. Now make some more in gray so I can buy another.

  • Jay, 8/7/13

    I'm really surprised at how tight this sweatshirt fit. I'm 6'2", 175 and a large was too small for me. I'm hoping an XL will do the trick. The sweatshirt feels thick and really well made.

  • SeanInSeattle, 4/23/13

    Very, very snug fit. The size chart says 41-44 inch chest for Large. I'm have a 42 inch chest and it fits like a second skin. If you are not in great athletic shape, I'd recommend going larger on the size. Build quality and fabric are excellent. The way it arrived wrapped in the box made me smile.

  • Rodney, 4/17/13

    Caution on Medium size, fit is a full size too small. I have one of almost everything AG makes tee shirts, long sleeves, hoodie, zip jacket and all fit great in Medium. This sweatshirt came and fit like a small. I've called to make sure they know but could be a near-term problem.

  • Bigfoot, 4/17/13

    You cannot destroy this thing. Heavyweight and fits close to the body. Quality material and construction. Like I said a snug fit, but I'm betting this is the type of sweatshirt that conforms to your body with age and washings.

  • Levi, 3/27/13

    Extremely high quality. This shirt shows what America can produce.

  • Skipper2491, 3/17/13

    Got a dusty blue today. I'm not an athletic build, but it looks great on me, feels comfortable, beautifully finished with very high quality materials and workmanship. I'm old enough that this sweatshirt will probably outlast me! Like me, made in the USA.

  • Rocky, 1/25/13

    I lucked into being able to get one of these for Christmas. It was a bit too small but your service to replace it was excellent. But not as good as the sweatshirt itself! This is the best thing I ever put on! I have lived in this sweatshirt since I got it, and as soon as I can get another color and one with a hood and probably more than that, I will. Thank you so much for an outstanding product. I gotta have the pants, too.

  • Anthony, 12/16/12

    Just got this sweatshirt and I want to make some points. First of all, this sweater is very well made; it's very thick and the construction definitely feels it is made to last. It's a lot better than the garbage that circulate stores nowadays.
    These sweatshirts also fit quite nicely and aren't very baggy at all. If you have an athletic build, you're going to look good! Another thing I'd like to point out is that the elastic on the sleeves and waistband are very stiff but stretchy. These elastics will definitely hold their form for a long, long time.
    However, the only problem I had was that the off-white color I got was not like the pictures; it's more of a beige/cream color in real life. So for those of you interested in the off-white, be warned!

  • XXX_guy, 12/5/12

    We keep being told how OBESE Americans are, and yet most clothing stores don't sell clothes that will fit Americans.

    Too bad - it looks like these would be very comfortable, but XX just isn't X enough.

  • Jeff, 12/2/12

    Received my sweatshirt today, two days after it was shipped. Great fit, and I was amazed at the fabric. You can feel the strength in the construction, but the fabric still has a soft hand (which my wife loved). You can tell it's one of those things that will only get better with time.

  • TJ, 12/1/12

    This crew neck sweatshirt definitely exhibits great build quality - reminiscent of the old Champion reverse-weaves from decades ago. Fabric is dense and stitching is great. This is definitely a more fitted sweatshirt, so not flattering if you're heavy. But between the gussets and the lack of excess fabric, you can move very well in it.

    Definitely impressed.

  • Pedro, 10/19/12

    Rare high quality: sturdy, well cut, will last a long time - American manufacturing quality.

  • Sean, 4/25/12

    Just got the crew neck in brown. I'm 6'00" with an athletic build and the large fits very well, with a nice taper to the waist.

    High quality, good fit, fair price, and USA manufacturing make this a unique find; an instant classic.

  • MjmJal, 4/13/12

    Hubby looks good! This crew neck sweatshirt is very flattering in fit with side panels that get rid of the usual unsightly bulky fabric bulge at the waist of most sweatshirts. Fabric is heavy enough to hang well. The brown color is rich and versatile--easy to dress up like a sweater or down. Ridiculously good value. Well done American Giant!

  • CS, 3/3/12

    Bought the blue in L, fits and feels like a warm fuzzy glove. Plan to buy more once back in stock!

  • Christian, 2/8/12

    Old school quality! Definitely a keeper and should last for years of hard use. Form fitting but cut very well to afford good freedom of movement.

  • Dave, 2/6/12

    I received my first American Giant Crew Neck Sweatshirt today, it is awesome. Fast delivery and nicely packaged but the really impressive part is the garment itself. Beautifully constructed, great fabric hand and the weight speaks to quality and durability. I suspect this sweatshirt will last a long time. All this and made in the USA, bravo! I look forward to telling my friends about this company. Keep up the good work!

  • KcK, 2/4/12

    Just got me crew (along with cardigan) and am very impressed. The The first impression out of the box just comes from the physical weight of the garment. I have not had a sweatshirt like this in years. You can tell immediately that it has substance and is going to last.

    The fit is snug, but the range of motion is incredible. Very pleased. I'll be wearing this both on the field and to work.

  • Ben, 2/3/12

    The build quality is absolutely top notch. It easily beats other sweatshirts that's twice or even thrice its price. However the most incredible thing about this sweatshirt is its fit. It does not balloon like the more traditional ones - much more form fitting like a modern piece of clothing (Order size down for a tighter fit if that's your thing). This makes the sweatshirt not only perfect for working out on chilly days, but also great for running errands, going to class, or everyday wear at a casual office.

    In short, this sweatshirt is an impressive combination of traditional quality and modern fit. Even shorter? WOW! If you are on the fence, hesitate no more.





American Giant manufactures clothing in the USA, focusing on what matters- fabric, fit, construction, durability. We're committed to offering exceptional quality at a fair price. If anything you've purchased from us isn't living up to this commitment, please send it back to us for a full refund any time, for any reason.