SWEATSHIRTS / Mens Heavyweight Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt
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Made from our durable and dry 12.4 oz combed, ring-spun cotton fleece. Double lined hood. Waist and cuff ribbing that don't stretch out.

  • 100% cotton, 12.4 oz. combed ring-spun fleece
  • Custom made for durability and dry exterior hand
  • Brushed interior for softness and warmth
  • 13 oz. cotton rib with 5% spandex for recovery
  • Raglan sleeve design
  • Classic 4" long cuffs and waist ribbing
  • Double layer rib side paneling for mobility and fit
  • Double-lined hood
  • Pass through kanga pocket reinforced with bar tacks
  • Custom metal grommets
  • Color-matched, tubular drawcord with custom metal tips
  • Double needle straddle-stitching with high-strength thread on critical seams
  • Pre-washed and shrunk to fit
  • Built to last
  • Made in the USA





  • SAMCRO, 3/27/14

    Better quality than I expected. Definitely heavyweight! I'm 6'1" and 170 lbs, slight build w/ a bit of a good-times belly. The large fits well. The hood is giant, but I don't mind. Not the biggest fan of metal-tipped hood drawstring cords, they might cause issues at speed on the motorcycle. Also, the 4" long cuffs make it a little tight to pull the sleeves up above the elbow, which is how I usually roll (always on dish-duty). Just got the hoody, though, so maybe they'll break in.

  • BS, 3/23/14

    I bought into the magazine article that said these were the best sweatshirts ever made, so I figured I'd give it a shot and I can't really disagree. Definitely the best I've ever had. Heavyweight-it feels like I could take a round to the chest with this thing on. Big hood, soft inside, warm, fits well. 6'1", 225 lbs. athletic build. Large was good for me. Doing this review because the other reviews helped me get the right size.

  • Not cold in Boston anymore, 3/16/14

    Originally I bought the small which was indeed SMALL. I finally got the medium weight pullover yesterday.I washed it and am delightedly wearing it today!!!!
    I've already bought another one. Perfect, just like the ones they made years ago. I LOVE this sweatshirt!!!!

  • M Sakib, 3/7/14

    I'm 17 stone, 5'10" and have a belly. This fits perfectly in the size XXL and the quality is everything that was promised. Fabulous Hoodie and I hope they continue to make more quality items. I could not find any cotton hoodie anywhere! Good Job. From the UK.

  • Harry, 2/25/14

    Just received my L today and it is as promised, the best sweatshirt I have ever owned. I'm 6'1", 195 lbs, wear a 46 jacket and have a 32 waist. The Large is perfect. Full range of motion in the arms, tapered, slim fit. The hood is large, but I would have been disappointed if it was any smaller. It is large enough to accommodate a hat, but allows for near field vision if you're running and not wearing the hat. Only complaint - it took almost three months to get. I can't imagine that working for you guys long term.

  • Toni, 2/6/14

    Disappointing. Got the XL and the elastic at the bottom of the sweatshirt did not hold up well expanding after sparse wear. The hood was alson far too large. After a while one of the pieces of metal on the string came off, and the holes that the strings came out of began to rip. This product did not hold up well at all. Exactly the opposite of what I expected from AG.

    I was hoping I would get something that would last forever in this product. Something that I could eventually pass on to my kids. I admit I bought into the hype, but I was wrong. Overall very disappointing.

  • PNP, 12/30/13

    I bought this sweatshirt for my son for his birthday and he LOVED it. Best sweatshirt I have ever bought. I would have given this 5 stars, but when I had to wait 7 months...yes 7 months to get it, it was frustrating.

  • Dave, 12/12/13

    Want a quality american made product, look no further! Took quiet a while for mine to come in well worth the wait. This hoodie feels like to could survive a knife attack from a smaller breed of bear! I'm 6 foot 260 XL fits like a dream!

  • pjc, 12/10/13

    After waiting many months to receive this sweatshirt, I didn't even bother trying it on before washing it. Everything is okay BUT THE HOOD IS RIDICULOUSLY LARGE. So large that this much be a mistake at the factory. It seems unfortunately clear that American Giant has faltered under the weight of its own initial success. MAJOR LETDOWN!

  • JCM, 12/5/13

    The fit is one of the biggest selling points of AG's products. This hoodie fits larger than the rest of their products that I own including heavyweight crew and zip hooded sweatshirts. It may be just this product's style to fit a little larger. I'm fine with some variety, but if you need that ultra trim fit, size down from what other sizes of their's that you wear.

  • Chris, 11/3/13

    Not sure if AG change their size because of reviews, but I wear a medium in both the medium and heavyweight zip up hoodies and I had to get a small in this hoodie to fit the same. The three stars is mainly for the off sizing and ridiculously large hood. Not sure why the hood isn't similar in size to the zip ups, it complete covers my eyes when up.

  • John, 10/31/13

    Back in April I ordered a large and loved it. I ordered a medium recently because I was told the sizing had changed. The medium was too big and had a bizarrely large hood. I returned the medium today and will order a small. The materials and workmanship were fine on all of them.

  • Woodsy, 10/29/13

    Absolutely love mine, but can't get my head around why people are sizing up. Am 5'10", 14 stone and normally get a medium (UK based admittedly) and if anything the medium is slightly large on me. But great quality, might shrink in wash but it'll have to be wrestled off me first

  • John, 10/23/13

    I am 5' 11" tall and weigh 165lbs. I consider myself to be average size. When the news first hit about the great sweatshirts this company makes I jumped on the bandwagon and ordered a large one. I loved it. I recently ordered another one, but the sizing had changed and a large was now too big. I reordered and requested a medium. I received it today. It is quite odd. It seems bigger in some ways than the old large, but most surprising is the hood. It is very big. The top, front edge of the hood hangs down over my eyes blocking my vision. Frankly, it seems ridiculous. One of the reasons I purchase from this company is its reputation for quality. This sweatshirt calls that into question. I don't understand how someone could try this on and not immediately realize that there is a significant problem with the hood. It is possible there is a style issue involved here, but given that these are marketed as mainstream, quality, products and not on signature styling I am doubtful of that. I was so impressed with the first sweatshirt I received I will keep my eye out for changes to this new sizing. I will be surprised if this hood issue isn't corrected.

  • tjrjr, 10/10/13

    If you're not fat, ignore the people saying to size up. I'm 5'10 163#, which I would consider very medium, and the medium fits perfectly.

  • Braden, 9/27/13

    I ordered a Medium and it was too small, so caution to other buyers. However, This is such an excellent hoodie that I feel saddened by the burden of returning it. Hands down worth it.

  • SB, 9/5/13

    Its about time we get a good fitting sweatshirt. Finally dont feel like Im wearing a circus tent. If you like a baggier fit, then order a size or two up. Dont change a thing AG!

  • Wyllys, 8/28/13

    I love the material and the construction, but I ordered a size L and it was far too tight. A hoodie is not supposed to be skin tight. Im 5'9" and 165lb, not overweight or overly "wide", but the fit was totally wrong,. Even with a light T-shirt underneath it was uncomfortably tight.

    Hoping to try an XL if they are ever back in stock.

  • chauie, 8/7/13

    Material feels great and the fit is spot on.

  • first time customer, 6/24/13

    Like the reviews state, this is a great hoodie.
    Sizes run a bit small (I wear a medium most of the time but need to exchange for a large) so you might need to order a size up.

    Their turnaround time is just awful. I had to return an item and I've been calling every week for them to process a simple refund.
    It has been 3 weeks now since I have returned an order and I have still not yet received a refund.

  • Mark, 4/25/13

    I purchased a large and extra large pullover for myself and my 16 year old son. I am 6'-4" 230 lbs and he is 6'-6", 150 lbs,
    The L was was too snug ,proving difficult to even get into for the boy, and the same was true for the XL for me. The XL was a bit better for my son, but the sleeves are a tad too short and I can see it not fitting after a couple of washings.

    With all of the hype about they product, I was disappointed in the end. They will be going back.

  • CGS, 4/14/13

    Great Sweatshirt!Supper high quality snug fit very comfortable absolutely perfect please never stop making products in the usa

  • Nicholas, 4/10/13

    Amazing heft and feeling of quality to it. It does fit very snug so if you prefer more of a loose fit definitely go a size up. I am 5'9" 175 lbs and the large is perfect. Any smaller and it would be too snug though. It is tight to pull over the head but once it breaks in a little it reaches a status of sweatshirt that cannot be matched by any I have worn before!

  • EZ, 4/10/13

    I'm 6' and 195lbs. Bought the XL thinking of sizing up from various other comments. Just received my XL and it was like trying to put on a wetsuit. Extremely tight. Kudos for the amazing construction and fabric quality, but just too tight to be considered comfortable. Surprised that I will probably be exchanging mine for a XXL and hoping for the best.

  • Bob, 1/24/13

    Just got my hoodie and don't want to take it off. It's made beautifully and fits beautifully. I had ordered a large, which turned out to be too snug,but the XL is perfect - the hoodie is tailored, so you may have to wear a size up. But returns are free and easy in case you do need to make a switch. Bottom line - try this sweatshirt. It really is special. I just put my pre-order in for a zip front. Thanks!

  • OW, 1/11/13

    I bought this for my bf for xmas after reading the article in Slate and he hasn't taken it off since. The quality is obvious and he likes that it has subtle fit and style so he doesn't look like a slob when he wear it to work. (at a casual office obviously) It held up well in the wash too, just as advertised, and is warm and thick.
    He is about 5-5 and 160 and the small fits perfectly.

  • ZenMonkey, 12/30/12

    I admit I didn't really understand why this was "the best sweatshirt ever," but now that I have mine, I get it! I am hard to fit as a woman who is busty and short, but this fits great. It's amazingly cozy without being bulky. I also really appreciated that it came with a return form and address label. That's the kind of touch that makes a regular customer out of me. Thanks!


    My previous hoody was putting my iphone in peril. It fell out its shallow pockets into a toilet bowl. I had to go to the bathroom without my iphone, causing me terrible hardship and the loss of rice. I chose to forgo the bathroom all together, using forests and other natural areas. BUT THEN, I found American Giant! Its deep pockets allow me to bring my iphone anywhere! I am now more confident in bathrooms and near large bodies of water. I can live again!

  • Terry M, 12/7/12

    This is a must have shirt for guys out there that need a sweatshirt to throw on for the gym,slip on to run to the store or stroll around downtown Chicago Navy Pier. It may sound like a sales pitch but trust me this will be a shirt you look forward to putting on for whatever reason. I'm 5'10" 200 lbs solid. My fiance bought it for me as a gift when she told me what she paid I told her she needs to get her money back. Months later I'm soo glad she had an eye out for it Great sweatshirt (Hoodie no Zip). Now i'm gonna try the pants soon !

  • A thrilled customer, 11/30/12

    I bought one of your hoodies as part of the black friday promotion and all I can say is I am amazed with the quality and fit of sweatshirt. I have seen designer sweatshirts retail for $200 that are not even close the the quality of my AG. I love how it came packaged with an american flag sticker. You guys are awesome and I will let everyone know.

  • SHAWISASTUD, 5/5/12

    Just wore my new hoodie for the first time and it's excellent. Very impressed with the quality in material and craftsmanship. This is one solid hoodie – like the durable kind from the 60s that lasts forever. I'm 5'10", 175 and bought the L. Fits great. Skinnier guys my height might do a M, but I like the extra shoulder and waist room. Overall a very solid, comfortable hoodie that's well made and well worth it. Looking forward to more AG wear. Thanks.

  • PA-B, 2/8/12

    Love this Hoody. Just came back and bought the zip. $70 is well worth it. You spend more on a sweatshirt at TSA or Dicks and it's half the quality. I am 6 foot 1 and 200 and bought the XL fits perfect

  • shadow2008, 2/3/12

    This sweatshirt is well worth the money! I just bought it for my husband. He's 6' and 175 lbs so I bought a large, which is perfect. I've never seen anything so well made at this price. Hope they start making women's clothing too.

  • pfarrell, 2/3/12

    highly recommended. bought this to replace a very raggedy american apparel sweatshirt of the same pull-over style with front pocket. all i can say is this thing is awesome. will certainly last longer than anything else i've found. i'm 5' 9" 165lbs and bought a medium, fit is not too fitted, not at all "grippy" in the mid-section, hangs well. all openings are on the snug side when putting it on...but i expect they will loosen up with use like a great pair of jeans. well done American Giant. label on bottom says "since 2012" hilarious, in a good way.





American Giant manufactures clothing in the USA, focusing on what matters- fabric, fit, construction, durability. We're committed to offering exceptional quality at a fair price. If anything you've purchased from us isn't living up to this commitment, please send it back to us for a full refund any time, for any reason.