POLO / Classic Pocket Polo

We updated the fit and details to make a Men's polo that's both tough and durable. 100% cotton, Made in USA. Free shipping and returns.

  • Hand-sewn 1-1/2 inch, 3-button placket at neck
  • Clean finished interior herringbone tape on shoulder and neck for comfort and seam durability
  • Side vents with interior herringbone tape detail
  • 100% cotton, 6.2 oz combed ring-spun jersey
  • Straddle stitching on critical exterior seams
  • Reinforced stitching on pocket
  • Screen-printed or woven neck label (White, Navy and Racing Green)
  • Woven neck label (Black, Phantom and Ocean Blue)
  • Exterior logo label on sleeve hem
  • Pre-washed and shrunk to fit
  • Made in the USA


This item is unavailable in this size.




  • skunk ape, 6/11/15

    Simply the most comfortable, best fitting casual polo I've ever found. I'll be buying more. Get some more colors in stock and I'll buy four more so I can wear them to work every day. USA made of the highest quality. Exactly what I want. I like the pocket but I want some without! The logo could go too but overall amazing.

  • Jim, 6/10/15

    Don't ever remove the pocket. Perfect for my phone, of course I don't carry one of those undersized tv's they call phones today. A pen works too. I never buy shirts w/o pocket.

  • Summer, 6/10/15

    It's darn near impossible to impress my husband. But, like many people, he votes with what he chooses to wear. And time and time again, I have seen him pass over the Nike and other glam polo shirts to grab the AG one. Love these.
    Hubs is 6' tall, 185 pounds, narrow shoulders, 36" waist. I ordered an XL, which is his normal T-shirt size and it's perfect fit.

  • Sid, 6/9/15

    I will not buy any product with the company emblem on the out side of the shirt. I have seen many products I might have bought but the emblem kept me from making the purchase

  • MrsP, 6/9/15

    Please offer it without the pocket. My teenage sons with not wear a polo with a pocket but they live in polos otherwise.

  • MB, 4/15/15

    Great quality.
    When will you be getting restocked on all colors and you should think about a long sleeve polo for the cold northern winters.


  • Levent, 4/9/15

    Clearly this is a well-crafted shirt with excellent attention to detail. Unfortunately, though, the small size is still pretty big, and the whole shirt is just too long. Will you be offering an XS size anytime soon?

  • mcclane, 4/9/15

    I used to buy polos only at brooks brothers, but I tried American giant and now I'm not going back. High quality, good sizing. More colors and sizes in stock please!

  • Jesse, 3/28/15

    Really wish there was an option to not have the pocket (as there is with the short and long sleeve T-shirts).

    Also, I must agree that the logo is far too prominent. Don't worry AG, when people ask, I'll tell them what brand it is.

    Otherwise, a great polo. Will probably last a lifetime.

  • Tim, 3/20/15

    Great shirt, but kinda warm. Logo should be on bottom, not on sleeve. Hate the pocket, its for what, cigarettes? Pens?

  • Robert, 3/4/15

    A very strong fabric, complete to the collar, not like a rolled collar on a typical polo shirt.

    I like the pocket if only because it's an unusual feature on this kind of shirt.

    The branding is way too prominent, and cant be easily removed. For this price, we should be able to get a shirt clean of such prominent logoing. The American Giant T-shirt have a grey or silver printed-on logo that's pretty subtle. These have this 1/2" square white on black sewn-on logo on the sleeve.

  • Bill, 2/15/15

    The sleeves should be shorter. If I want oversized I will order oversized

  • Don, 2/10/15

    The sleeves should be longer, a true 1/2 sleeve and I would buy each color.

  • Matt, 2/10/15

    Thank you for brining back the Polo, only sorry I didn't discover you were making them again earlier. My AG polo has been my favorite and I will be looking to get the rest of the colors once back in stock.

  • Topshelf, 1/16/15

    Leave the pocket!!
    One of the selling points to Me is the pocket
    Many polo's on. the market.
    I don't care for them .Glad American Giant had the foresight to leave in on.
    AND...It's American made;)

  • Mike G, 12/15/14

    The Polo.

    My standard go-to for Work and Play.
    Superb functionality with the POCKET!
    I have GREEN, PHANTOM GRAY, and Navy. These 3 are the work best shirts I have ever invested in. AMERICAN GIANT beats them all. I wash these shirts in cold water and let them air dry. Then I thought let me test the durability. after a rotation I machine washed and dried these shirts. NO WRINKLED COLLARS! I love these shirts because mid shift (speech therapist) I can feel the cotton and stitching bend and contour with me unlike all the other polos I have owned.

    Large 5'10 barrel chest semi-athletic

    NOW! Just to convince my wife to let me get the Ocean Blue to match with my AG jersey

  • Ted, 12/5/14

    Great looking lines.
    Personally... remove the pocket, ruins the overall quality look.

  • GoBears, 11/22/14

    Good fit, quality product. Fits a little smaller than the heavyweight t-shirts, but I think it serves to give a more muscular silhouette. Excellent craftsmanship on the seams and the collar, not annoying like most polos where the collars curl/shrivel up after a few washes.

  • Adam, 11/6/14

    Nice product but I really wish they'd get rid of the pocket.

  • Shoppers Dream, 10/21/14

    It appears to me American Giant products are made for a lean and fit body. If you're in good shap this is one of the few places to find a good fit. So many companies cater to the fuller physique...a symptom of our big society.

  • Sudeep Giant, 10/19/14

    best polo in the market. I love the fact that the collars are reinforced and wont curl up after a few washes. I wear polos almost everyday and think very highly of the American Giant polos. Can't wait for them to get their inventory back up so I can order more.

  • JoninSEPA, 10/17/14

    Love the long and short sleeve t's but the polo seems to have a narrower chest and tighter, shorter sleeves. That's pretty much the opposite of how it should be.

  • Rj, 10/16/14

    I just got my new polos today and Im wearing one out tonite with my A.G. Classic hoodie! They are that awesome!

    These polos have a classic look but a very modern fit.... They are not shapeless and baggy.
    Heads up!They are sized differently then the short sleeve baseball Ts.

    They are tight to the body around your sides but breathable and have a little more room under the arms for movement.

    I'll be ordering all the other colors before they sell thru!

    Great additions to my growing Americian Giant wardrobe collection!





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