T-SHIRTS / Classic Heavyweight T-Shirt

Built with heavyweight 100% cotton fabric, this is a tough men's t-shirt. Made in USA. Free shipping and returns.

  • 100% cotton, 6.2 oz combed ring-spun jersey
  • Custom developed heavyweight rib with 3% spandex so collar does not stretch out
  • Straddle-stitching on critical exterior seams
  • Clean finished interior taping on side, shoulder and neck for comfort and seam durability
  • Screen-printed neck label
  • Pre-washed and shrunk to fit
  • Made in the USA


This item is unavailable in this size.




  • Jstrip1, 3/26/15

    Last years shirts fit great . The three I have received this year will all be sent back. $ 5.00 fruit of the loom fit better. Will never order again. Very very disappointed

  • funkypitt, 2/26/15

    I write this review while I am anxiously (well, somewhat) wondering if I should order again or no.

    The sewing and material are really outstanding, and the price is fair, for sure, but...

    I have had some problems with the colors fading (mostly with "phantom"), and most annoyingly the sizing have been quite simply erratic: some of the XL that I received were so baggy that they could be used as night gowns...

    I would love to have information about this from AG: are they aware that there is such a problem? Did they make changes in the sizing?

  • DD, 1/25/15

    I'm 5'10" and 150lbs and the M size is just slightly too big (the curse of my bodyweight apparently - S is too small, M is too big), yet I end up feeling comfortable in this shirt and liking the way it looks. Over time I wore holes in the shoulder blades from repetitive contact with the barbell, but this would happen with any shirt - took a year or so to finally break down.

  • Grey D Bob, 10/23/14

    The materials and craftsmanship are outstanding. The fit is really awkward. The shirt is short, boxy, and tight in the arms. I wish the fit was more like the mid-weight tee. I am 6'2'' and it barely makes it to my waist. I hope American Giant starts offering tall sizes in their whole line up, it would really help me get behind their products.

  • artem, 10/22/14

    I have two AG hooded sweatshirts in Medium size that fit me perfectly, however the t-shirt ordered in the same size looks really baggy on me(it's like a dress really). The material is really nice though. Wish the T's had athletic fit like those sold by Abercrombie & Fitch.

  • adrock, 10/10/14

    Nice shirt but the sizing will limit the use.

    Ordered a small and fits like a medium. Ordered a small medium weight on the same day and it fits closer to an extra small so I can't even say that there is consistency to the sizing discrepancies.


  • Joss, 10/8/14

    Quality is good, but the shirt is a bit long and big. I'm 5'10" / 195lbs and got a medium, and the shirt is 1" too long at least. The width is less of a problem - it's just a tad too comfy.

  • will, 9/6/14

    t-shirts are excellent quality, but they need to add a little length in the shirt tail - a bit too short for me. Or, offer tall sizes as other clothing companies do. I would love to be able to buy and wear Giant's products; I like their quality and philosophy, but I will have to go elsewhere if they don't offer more length in the shirts.

  • Stevie, 6/16/14

    Great shirt! Bought an XL, fits like an XL and super well made. This will be my first of many!

  • Wills, 5/30/14

    Modern style but a nice throw-back in quality! The shirt is like putting on an old friend. All I ask is PLEASE fix the sizing!!

  • Justyn, 2/21/14

    Best shirt I can remember. It is an inch too long - if it was a tad shorter I'd be over the moon and buy a lifetime supply (as long as everything else remained the same).

  • Alan, 2/5/14

    Excellent shirt…well made and heavyweight material. My only caution would be that they run a little small. I am 5'11 and 190 and the large was a little tight…of course now I have an incentive to lose some weight.

  • Bryan, 2/5/14

    ...they're way too long. Looks a little silly wearing this untucked. Shoulders are great, chest area fit is great, but the length is ridiculous. I think they should introduce an extra-small size.

  • Chris, 1/23/14

    After trying the XXL light-weight T-Shirt, which fit okay on my 6 feet 230 lb frame, I ordered this heavyweight T-Shirt. However, I was unpleasantly surprised to find that it fit too tight, even though it is the same XXL size.

    Caveat Emptor - Buy at your own risk!

  • Evans, 1/14/14

    I wasn't sure which size to order so I ordered only one medium t-shirt .. the size I usually buy. I wanted so bad to love it and order more but the fit is weird. A little bit too large/long. I don't like the way it fits on my shoulder .... it just feels not right On the other side I must say the quality of the t-shirt is obvious.

  • Ryan, 1/13/14

    I bought my first heavyweight T-Shirt before they were calling them heavyweight T-Shirts. I've worn it more than I would like to admit in the year since, and it is still indistinguishable from the ones that I just bought. I like the fit, weight, and color, but I do not like the location of the washing instruction tags. These are sewn in at an awkward place on the lower hip seam of the shirt. In the summer this doesn't matter because I never tuck in the shirt, but when I wear it under a sweatshirt and tuck it in, the tag sits uncomfortably under the belt line. I suppose that this issue has not been immediately apparent to a California-based design team.

  • HHH, 1/9/14

    These are the best shirts I have ever bought. They feel smooth and sturdy.They are made of thick, hardy cotton. The seams are all perfectly sewn. Made is the USA! They look like a million bucks on too!I bought two and am mow buying three more.

  • Mark, 5/25/12

    Nice weight, nice fit, nice feel. I'm hooked!





American Giant manufactures clothing in the USA, focusing on what matters- fabric, fit, construction, durability. We're committed to offering exceptional quality at a fair price. If anything you've purchased from us isn't living up to this commitment, please send it back to us for a full refund any time, for any reason.