T-SHIRTS / Classic Crew Neck T-Shirt

This is the t-shirt you'll wear every day. Built with the highest quality American grown cotton, and designed with great attention to detail for a fit that’s comfortable, but never sloppy.

  • 100% cotton 4.8 oz ring-spun jersey
  • Double needle straddle-stitching on critical seams
  • Clean finished interior neck taping for comfort and durability
  • Tagless size and care label
  • Pre-washed and shrunk to fit
  • Built to last
  • Made in the USA


This item is unavailable in this size.




  • Kevin, 5/29/15

    I ordered three of the classic crew neck t-shirts, all in size large. I loved the material, loved the color, but the fit....they were too small. I'm 5"10", 41"-42"chest, 36" waist,so by your chart a large,plus all my t-shits are larges. So today i'm sending back the larges using the free return service form and ordering x-larges. No big deal, American Giant will make it right.

  • shoelessmusic, 3/22/15

    I tried this classic t-shirt on tonight right out of the box and it's awesome! I like my clothes a little tighter so I bought a medium, which is my normal size for t-shirts and the length is perfect. I'm 5'9" and 180 lbs. and my shoulders are more broad. The quality of the cotton is great and the thickness of the shirt is right on -- not too thin and not too thick. Highly recommended!

  • paulmiller, 3/5/15

    I previously purchased these Ts and was very impressed with the quality of material and construction (thus justifying the price). My most recent order brought a vastly inferior shirt comparable to one I might find in a chain store. Fabric much lighter weight and no distinctive details. I could easily buy a comparable shirt on sale for less than $10.

  • froody8, 2/7/15

    I'm a 5'7", 145lb guy who can be reasonably described as lean. I ordered the small, given AG's size chart. While the shirt fits appropriately in the chest, the rest of the t-shirt drapes on me like a comical blouse, in addition to being much too long. AG really needs to get a slim fit with a more modern shorter cut, as I like the weight of the shirt and the construction.

  • Tink, 11/26/14

    If your man is difficult to shop for like mine is, then these simple, strong t-shirts are the perfect place to start! I got my boyfriend three of these shirts for his birthday in October and he wears one every day. He's 6'3" and about 190, and the large fits him perfectly. He says he likes them because they're suitable for any function (i.e. playing basketball, meeting my parents etc.), and he doesn't have to worry about shrinking them. Nevermind what he thinks, I got him two more because the colors are awesome, the fabric is really soft, and he looks great in a well-made t-shirt. Basically, it's worth the investment.

  • Shota, 10/20/14

    I don't believe in writing reviews after just one or two try-ons. So, have been wearing these Ts for more than a year now, and am disappointed. The strangest thing is that fabric performs differently across various colors. Overall durability is not of the AG standards. One can start noticing wear and tear close to the 4th month of regular use. Some of the colors from my samples, faded too quickly. The only good thing about these Ts is the comfortable cut and fit according to size that's why 2 stars only.

  • adrock, 10/10/14

    The small I received fits closer to X-Small. For a sanity check compared to other Smalls and X-Smalls and definitely runs a size small.

    The heavyweight t-shirt I received on the same day ironically fits a size larger (the small fits more like a medium).

    Definitely super comfortable but don't get as much use due to the sizing issues.

  • T-Man, 9/4/14

    The quality is very good. In comparison to other clothing companies producing subpar, less cotton material T-shirts, American Giant has a reasonably priced T-shirt that is 100% cotton.
    I used to buy Old Navy T-shirts, until they started producing more polyester blends, with a price increase. I seemly was able switch to American Giant T-shirts.

  • sean, 8/26/14

    The quality and craftsmanship is unmatched. Is it more expensive- yes. But to think of only the cost is not considering something more important that cost-- The value. For the price this shirt is a complete deal.
    the mid-weight is a perfect t-shirt weight.

  • Matt, 8/25/14

    The shirts are good quality and feel nice. My only problem is they're just a little short for me, but I have that problem with some other t-shirts as well.

  • Adam, 8/11/14

    My wife recently bought me some of these as a gift. They're comfortable, and the fabric is both soft and durable, but as a skinny dude, the Mediums are a bit wider through the middle than I'm used to (although the shoulders fit fine). I don't consider it a deal-breaker, but it's something to consider if you're buying for the first time.

  • KC, 7/29/14

    You know those t-shirts you always end up wearing because they are the right weight, fit great and make you feel good? These have become those go to t-shirt for me. Great fabric, weight and fit. Comfortable, but look good. Some variation in length and color saturation.

  • arod5150, 6/26/14

    I ordered 5 of these about 6 months back. The good: overall fit has been nice
    The bad: had some bad discoloration on 2 of the shirt. For shirts that cost this much it is dissapointing

  • Nichole, 6/9/14

    Excellent fit for my husband. He is over 6' and lean, so most large Ts are short and wide. Not this T! Perfect cut for his build, looks great on him. Already placed another order. Love that it's all made in the USA.

  • Jesse, 5/20/14

    Im 5'10" 160lbs, and have recently been annoyed by most mediums being too tight in the shoulders and chest, and larges being a dress around the waist. This shirt in medium is perfect, exactly what I've been looking for. Quality is top notch as well. Definitely worth the price. That goes for their zip down and pullover hoodies as well...

  • Rob, 3/25/14

    Just an ordinary tshirt, nothing special. I expected a more athletic fit similar to the hoodies, but it's rather loose fitting. Not really worth the extra cost over a store bought tshirt.

  • Ryan, 3/12/14

    I'm 5'10, 160lbs and the medium short sleeve T-shirts fit me perfectly. Very happy with them!

  • Rob L, 2/10/14

    I ordered one shirt to see how it fit and how it holds up after a few wears and washes. After a few washes the shirt has very little shrink if any at all. Unlike what others have said, the color has not faded (phantom grey) but that's probably because I always turn my clothes inside out in the wash and others might not do this. The cut around the arms is perfect (the sleeves are very slim fit), and the sleeves do not dangle on the outside of arms. I also find the length to be perfect hitting at just below the belt line even for low rise pants. I'll be ordering a few more soon! Will report back if new shirts have different results.

  • Mike, 1/26/14

    I liked the fit and material of my first T, so I ordered two more. The new shirts are a completely different size than the first. All claim to be large, but if I lay the new shirt on the old one, they are at least an inch narrower in the chest/waist. They must have changed the cut. The change is too dramatic to be poor quality control. The new shirts are tight as a drum across my chest and biceps the old shirt fit well. I'm upset the company decided to change the cut without warning their original customers.

  • Spud, 1/23/14

    Warning the dyes will fade after each wash. Granted I machine wash but only on cold/low. I also tumble dry. But all my other T's survive.

    A.Giant needs to stabilize their dyes!

  • Tip, 1/13/14

    Have snared about a dozen items so far during recent months - all arrived Down Under within a coupla days.
    No hesittation in referring to friends.
    A1 material, fit & shape excellent for this punter.
    American Giant = a big thumbs up.

  • HHH, 1/9/14

    The quality of this is so much better than anything out there for anywhere near this price. I love that it is made in the USA too. I bought six. The seams are perfect and the fabric is so high quality. Lays just right too.

  • Tim, 1/9/14

    Ordered 5 on their special deal, 2 grey and 2 various blue. All large and I am 5'11" and 190. These are good shirts, but not exceptional. They fit well and are washing and wearing well so far (2 months in). They are softening nicely. But are they worth $25? No. Are they worth $18 when you buy 5? Maybe. Plus they are US made, which is a significant angle

  • Henry H, 1/9/14

    I got one of these recently as a gift (along with a baseball jacket) and it is the perfect t shirt. Very comfortable, very rugged, and a good fit. I'll probably buy five just to stocks up. Make sure to check out the sizing chart for a good fit - I noticed in some of the other reviews I that that might an issue if you don't do your prep work.

  • Cool44, 1/8/14

    I heard about this company on the Adam Carolla podcast. I listened to the founder talk about pre-shrunk cotton and quality. I decided to take a chance. They are the best tshirts I have ever had. They fit when I got them and, more importantly, they fit the same after 5 washes. I love these things. I'm glad they are offering more colors.

  • Kevin, 12/24/13

    This was my first American Giant product and wasn't all impressed. The fabric appears to be good quality but the fit of the shirt is just weird. The length is of the shirt and sleeves is good, but the large size I ordered is really baggy/boxy like another reviewer mentioned. I could have done a medium but the I fear the length would be too short. Also the shirts crew collar stretches easily and has a large opening which doesn't help how it looks. The color I got, ocean blue is a little off from the picture as well. To me, the photo made the shirt appear to have a slight heather/distressed detail look to it (probably the lighting), this is not the case for the shirt. I may gibe their hoodies a shot to see how they fit since they are popular. I'll pass on their shirts.

  • dbs, 12/15/13

    Quality and construction seem good -- material is a bit heavier than the current CK line.
    Fit is 'generous'.
    I don't like the cut of the sleeves -- they flap like elephant ears!
    For $25 each I'm disappointed -- the shirts are OK, not great; for the premium price they don't deliver anything special.

  • Peter, 12/10/13

    Ordered Large T-Shirt. Nice fabric but too short. Agree with Sam's review on 11/26--the hoodie ordered last year is exceptional and worth every penny; I would love a T-Shirt better fitted.

  • Jamie, 12/9/13

    Wish they came in an XS! I don't like women's t-shirts, so I buy men's. The S is just too big in the chest and shoulders for me. Bummer. Love the fabric!

  • Tony, 12/6/13

    This is my first time buying american giant, and I had some high expectations for their tee shirts, well... I bought them during the 5 for $90 promotion thinking that I would have a nice supply of high quality tee shirts. However little did I know these shirts (small)were extra boxy and loose fitted for me 5'8" 145 pounds. They hung like an medium in triple A brand shirts. As for the quality, I expected a thick tee like what was being described in the description, but I got a thin tee shirt. Additionally for the warping, I am very disappointed as all my shirts were warped even before washing them. I would not reccomend this tee shirt or anything similar, however I haven't tried out the sweaters.

  • Sam, 11/26/13

    I ordered two Large T-Shirts when ordering a hoodie. The quality is less than expected, they are OK, but not exceptional like their hoodies. The sizing for Large - the fit is right however the length is too short. (186cm / 96kg)

  • JCW, 11/9/13

    Bought this for my boyfriend. He is 6'3" and about 195. Tshirts tend to be either too short or too wide for him but this worked well. It is narrower than the usual t-shirt and a just long enough.

  • Dan, 10/18/13

    I have about 5-6 of the original style of AG T shirts. I absolutely loved them. They were much thicker than normal t shirts, the sleeves were not super short and the shirt hung nicely.

    Last Spring once the AG Tshirts were back in stock i immediately ordered a few more. I was extremely disappointed to see that they had completely changed the shirts weight/thickness to be much thinner: i could actually see through the shirt which is something i cant do with the older ones. Also, they made the cut of them shorter, skinnier and shortened the sleeves, Very similar to a low quality American Apparel T shirt. The end product felt flimsy and small, something that is completely contrary to AG's ethos.

    I was very disppointed with the changes in the current AG t shirt. However their Sweaters reign supreme!

  • Scott, 10/8/13

    I have a Grey Blue t-shirt. It is a few months old, but the color in the collar has faded and does not match the rest of the tee. I have much older cheaper tees from other companies that have never faded.

  • Travis, 9/9/13

    These shirts are so comfortable. Very soft and very durable. It's nearly impossible to find such a quality made garment for such a reasonable price. I'm 6'0" and 180 lbs and a Large fits great on me.

  • Zac, 9/6/13

    Great tees with a nice feel. Much thicker than Alternative/American Apparel, but certainly not excessively thick. I have 10 shirts and have noticed a few broken-thread holes on 1 or 2 shirts. Biggest criticism is that these shirts run large. I'm 6'4" 190 and the large is a bit too long and baggy.

  • Fritz, 9/1/13

    I just got my first AG tee today and I am amazed by the quality. Fit and finish are exceptional. I usually get under armour tees but no more. This tee blows all of my others away. Also it's made in America. I understand now why AG items are often sold out. They're Great!

  • Joshua, 8/30/13

    I own 6 of the crew-neck and v-neck tees now and I am a solid convert. I wish that the AG tees were a bit slimmer, but at 6'3", 185 lbs I realize that I am not necessarily average dimensions. Still, I find these tees to fit well enough, be just thick enough but not stiff and overdone, and the company's ethics and business practices to more closely resemble my own. I used to wear AP tees, but the AG tees are of much higher quality, especially as AP tees have degraded in quality in recent years. Others complain of poor quality, but I have washed mine several times and notice no signs of wear whatsoever. Buy a few.

  • martinicus, 8/27/13

    I bought a grey, blue and a black. The fit's OK, but the colour - specially the black - fades pretty fast. I've only had mine around three months and it looks like I've had it for years. not in a good way. Won't buy again.

  • Pnut Bandit, 8/8/13

    As another reviewer said these shirts are cut slim. Shirt thickness seem thin compared to other shirts i have but will wait and see on wear properties.

    Really wanted to try heavy Tees but always out of stock.

  • Joe, 7/8/13

    I ordered one tee first to see what they were like after ordering a hoodie that was clearly very well made. I liked the T it felt good, fit well, so I ordered three more.

    I received 2, (1 missing, but that is a different issue - still no reply from Service) Since receiving I have worn and washed them once. I don't know if its my machine, or soap but after one wash, one T has a small hole in the front due to broken threading which is something I see on my really old T's. And the two darker shirts have noticeable fading on all the seams. I am rather disappointed in the results after only one wash. I haven't had this issue with other shirts and is not what I expected from this company.

  • bigmike , 4/23/13

    Perfect! not too thin in the fabric and nice athletic cut... I ordered an XXL and am 6'6''. It was plenty long enough and had minimal shrinkage after washing.

  • Charlie, 4/19/13

    Glad to be the first to review this product. In the beginning I thought these reviews were all cyber bots posting wonderful reviews pumping them out like pancakes at the international house. I was wrong they are as real as this tee in my hand as is the quality too. Real deal holyfield. I got the XXL, i'm 6'3 and was hoping they didn't run fat as most american stuff just gets wider the bigger the size. To my suprise these tees are perfect. Just long enough and not fat at all. Very snug, very soft, and definetly ordering more right now. Score: America 1 China 0





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