This hoodie is so insanely popular you have to wait months to get it

The Classic Full-Zip hoodie, made by San Francisco startup American Giant, had been on the market for 10 months when a December 2012 Slate article declared it "the greatest hoodie ever made" and suddenly sales exploded.

What's so great about this hoodie, anyway?

For starters, it weighs more than two pounds. The fabric, which is 100% cotton, feels three times thicker than most sweatshirts. And ribbed paneling along the shoulders and sides help create a tailored look, eliminating the boxy silhouette of most hoodies.

Customers love the quality and fit, calling it “shockingly well made” and “absolutely fantastic” in dozens of reviews on American Giant’s website.

An equal — if not bigger — draw to American Giant is that 100% of their clothing is made in the USA.
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