Black Violin - Be Giant Black Violin - Be Giant

Giantism: “When we’re finished with you, you will think differently of the violin, you will think differently of music, and you will think differently of black men.”

Black Violin - Be Giant

Kev Marcus and Wil Baptiste knew early on that their blend of classical instruments and hip hop had the ability to break down both musical and identity stereotypes. The challenge was getting in the door with their unorthodox style.

Black Violin - Be Giant

Undaunted by early rejection, they kept pushing, and have built both critical and commercial success as Black Violin. Although success has opened up opportunities for them, it hasn’t changed Wil or Kev’s approach to music or their mission. They take time out of their crazy schedules to connect with kids, encouraging them to challenge what’s possible.

“I loved that I could change people’s perceptions by just doing something that I liked to do.”

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