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An American Icon Comes Home

When we launched our Frontier Flannel one year ago, yarn-dyed flannel hadn’t been made domestically in over 40 years. To bring it back, we partnered with the best American producers. Tapped into decades of experience. Stood up a supply chain that hadn’t produced flannel in decades. It’s flannel made the way it used to be: with art, grit, and care.

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Why Yarn Dye Matters

The first step of American made flannel is yarn-dyeing. To make a quality, consistent plaid is hard, but the work we put into it represents the change we’re trying to create.

  • We didn’t cut corners for the Frontier Flannel. Unlike most modern flannels with a pattern printed onto cotton fabric, our yarns are individually dyed and woven into our three plaid patterns.

  • Yarn dyeing isn’t easy. It takes a workforce with experience and technical know-how. But after months of failures, samples, and revisions, we found what we were looking for.

  • The result: rich colors, woven into a durable pattern that lasts longer and ages beautifully. Napped for softness for a warm and cozy finish. It’s proof that the better way isn’t always the cheaper way.



A supply chain of people



We believe proximity drives quality, from the farmers that grow our cotton to the cut and sew teams that assemble the final product. That when we get close to the people of our supply chain, we make a better product and strengthen those communities. Through something as simple as buying a flannel shirt, you can change more than just your clothes.

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