The Classic Full Zip The Classic Full Zip

The Classic Full Zip

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Five years ago, we set out to create a hoodie
that would stand out from the competition.

Heavyweight cotton fleece, reinforced elbow patches, and incredibly durable construction are just a few of the ways we
evolved the sweatshirt. And people noticed. We're still making the greatest hoodie ever made, and more items like
T-shirts, jackets and pants, all here in the USA.

So what's so great about this hoodie, anyway? For starters, it appears to weigh more than two pounds. The fabric, which is 100% cotton, feels about three times thicker than most sweatshirts. And ribbed paneling along the shoulders and sides help create a tailored look, eliminating the boxy silhouette of most hoodies. The CEO said he spent about eight months designing it with the help of former Apple engineer Philipe Manoux and world-renowned pattern designer Steve Mootoo. Customers appear to love the quality and fit, calling it "shockingly well made" and "absolutely fantastic."

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