Freddie Roach

Boxing Trainer

Comfortable gets knocked out

Wild Card Boxing is the house that Freddie Roach built. The gym itself is nothing special. He started out with just $10,000 and describes it saying, “the original ring that is still up I framed out with lumber, like a house. 12 by 2’s, 16’s on center, some cables going up into the walls and so-forth.”

Not much has changed over the years. The gym hasn’t become an institution in the boxing world because of its facilities. It’s Freddie. It’s the culture he’s created that makes Wild Card so successful and so special. Respect is the thing there. Freddie gives it, and expects it in return.

No one gets special treatment. World champions train alongside amateurs and regular people with no professional aspirations. They pay $5 a day to use the gym. At Wild Card you’re only as good as your work ethic, your drive and your commitment to getting better.

Don't Get Comfortable

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