Matt Pare - Be Giant Matt Pare - Be Giant

Giantism: “Some of the best players don’t make it. It’s about the grit and persistence of putting in the time. Those guys make it.”

This is Matt Paré’s twentieth season playing baseball. He’s 26 years old. In a sport that’s all about repetition and discipline, Matt’s dogged dedication has served him well.

Matt Pare - Be Giant

Drafted out of high school to the Houston Astros, Matt chose to go to college instead. When an injury sidelined him a few years later, he realized it was time to bring the same energy he did to baseball to his life off the field.

“It was definitely eye opening for me because for my whole life I just thought baseball was, that was my life. My life was baseball. And I never really thought past that. And you know what happens when your career is over. Because it is going to end eventually. And I feel like not enough athletes prepare for that and this injury was kind of that wake up call for me.”

Matt Pare - Be Giant

Matt started writing and creating videos, and now documents his life in San Francisco Giants’ minor league organization. Life in the minor leagues isn’t easy, it can be unstable, discouraging and repetitive, but Matt loves it. He keeps fighting. He knows that the only way to break through in baseball is to keep putting in the work.

Check out Matt's videos here, and follow him on Instagram @MattPare.

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