September 2019

Made in USA: Bringing Manufacturing Jobs Back To The Homeland
CBS Sunday Morning

JUNE 2016

Why Clothing Startups Are Returning To American Factories 
The Made In America Movement

This Is Story

$35 For The "Perfect" T-Shirt? Get Yours Before It Sells Out 
Alyssa Coscarelli, Refinery29

MAY 2016

Can the “World’s Best” Hoodie Revitalize American Manufacturing? 

Next for American Giant: The Great T-Shirt 
Arthur Friedmn, Women's Wear Daily

American Giant Spent A Year Creating This T-Shirt 
Elizabeth Segran, Fast Company

We found the most comfortable t-shirt in the world and tried it on 
Marie Lodi, Hello Giggles

APRIL 2016

These Hoodies Are Reinventing American Manufacturing 
Ryan Hamamoto, Goldie

Will You Be Wearing This Jacket for the Next Thirty Years? 
Ben Popken, NBC News

American Giant Grows by Selling Direct to Consumer 
Joe Keenan, My Total Retail

MARCH 2016

These Hoodies Are Reinventing American Manufacturing
Emel Akan, The Epoch Times

Men's Fashion Center

The UpScout

Get These Cozy, $59 Joggers Before They Sell Out 
Alyssa Coscarelli, Refinery29


Best Crew Neck Sweatshirts for Men 12 BEST CREW NECK SWEATSHIRTS FOR MEN 
By Amanda Waas, Hi Consumption

Lifetime expectations for the $89 sweatshirt 
By Alexander Keller, Reading Eagle

Dooby Brain


The List: 5 Rain-repelling jackets 
By Emily Stewart, San Francisco Chronicle

Meet The New Members Of The Most Creative People In Business Community 
By Sarah Lawson, Fast Company

7 Non-Traditional Yoga Pants For Ultimate Comfort 
By Krysta Venturella, Yogiapproved


Tested in 2015: Adam Savage's Favorite Things 
By Adam Isaak, Tested

"How 7 eCommerce Brands Plan To Use Their 2015 Marketing Dollars" 
By Danny Wong, Receiptful

Carl's Crush: Last-Minute Gifts For All the Men on Your List 
By Michael Carl, Vanity Fair

9 Non-Basic Gifts for All of Your Favorite People 
By Sienna Fantozi, Bustle


What San Franciscans Are Wearing this Winter 
By Allison McCarthy, PureWow

Why that Friday "Doorbuster" Sale is Costing You 
By Bayard Winthrop

American Giant Makes Salvaged Hoodies Sexy
By Elizabeth Segran, Fast Company

Unlocking value in domestic manufacturing 


American Giant sweatshirts dubbed ‘greatest hoodie ever’
MSNBC Live with Tamron Hall

American Giant, a 21st Century Apparel Company
By Zach Jones, Alliance for American Manufacturing

American Giant Classic Heavyweight Hoodie

Innovation: How do Top Businesses Define It?
By Molly Greenberg, MBA at UNC

Survive or Succeed: It Always Comes Back to Supply Chain
By Gary Meyers, EBNOnline

Revealed: In 2016 Customers Want This
By Rebecca Otis, Business to Community

Chicago Ideas Week Technology propels growth of 'frictionless commerce'
By Haley Hinkle, Blue Sky Innovation/Chicago Tribune


Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Best Hoodie in the World.

The Reinvention of Made in America
Blue Grass Redhead

Local Blogger Talks About the Reinvention of America

Natalie Off Duty

I Tried It: The American Giant Sweatshirt

Trew Takes Out the Middle Man
Powder Magazine

Grad Style
By Alexa Curtis, Life in the Fashion Lane

The Made in America List - #IAmAmericanMade
Maker's Row

Manufacturing Takes an American Giant-Step Forward

American Giant: Your Work Out Look for Keeping it Classic
By Mike Simone, Human Fit Project

American Giant's Hoodie Revolution

Top 5 Tech Fashion Tips for Dreamforce 2015
By Sumit Sarkar, SD Times


Buying Into Bay Area Manufacturing
KQED Radio

Underwear and Undershirts, Perfected
By Grant Davis, Outside Magazine

Plain White T-Shirts, Ranked
By Garrett Kamps, Adequate Man

How to Build a Brand People Love
Inc. Video

Welcome to the Future of Retail
Chicago Ideas Week

Direct To Consumer​
Outside Magazine

JULY 2015

How one entrepreneur is turning his forgetfulness into a business​
By Leander Kahney, Cult of Mac

3 Ways to Connect With Influencers that Will Grow Your Business​
By Billy Bones,

6 Takeaways from my current marketing crushes​

6 Brick + Mortar stores a key to brand’s success​
The Retail Bus Tour

What a sweatshirt can teach you about PR​

20 Fashion Brands That Are Made in the USA​
By Kimberly Wang,

Brick and mortar stores key to a brand's success. Just ask Bonobos or Warby Parker​
By Gideon Fidelzeid, PR Week

Made in America​
By Ariel Barron, Cotton Inc.

Made in the USA: 20 Must-Know American Fashion Brands​
By Christopher​ Kim, Yahoo! Style

Keeping Pace with China's Post-Crackdown Luxury Landscape
By Avery Booker, Business of Fashion

JUNE 2015

50 Best Made in America Style Brands, Doing it Right
By Matt Neundorf, Gear Patrol

3 Key Lessons for Creating a Brand People Will Love
By Spencer Bokat-Lindell, Inc.

The Father’s Day Workout with One of the Fittest Dads on TV
By Mike Simone, Men's Fitness

Goodbye hipsters: 15 Ways to Nail Yuccie Style

Why One Retailer’s Attempt to Make a Local Hoodie was a Big Fat Failure
By Robyn Hagan-Cain, Racked

The Top 10 Sweat Shorts for Men
By Christina Simonetti, Men's Fitness

90/10 Conscious Style Commitment: Update 1
Fashionably Employed

16 Clothing Items that will last forever


How America's Greatest Hoodie is Made
By Hayley Peterson, Business Insider

Startup Nation: American Giant
Fox Business Broadcast

JUNE 2014

How to Build a 20 Year Relationship With Your Clients
By Keith Lee, Associate's Mind

Will it Be Made in America?
By Stacey Charbin, The Robin Report

How Has Online Retail Changed in the Post-Amazon World?
WSJ Video

The Ultimate American Craft Movement
By Jonah Ogles, Outside Magazine

26 New Rules of Business
By Lauren Drell, Mashable

MAY 2014

Referral Marketing: Challenge Accepted.
By Matt Roche, Business 2 Community

American Giant Snap Sweatshirt
By Uncrate

World's Best Hoodie is Proud to be American Made
By Sarah Lybrand, Yahoo! Finance

Football T by American Giant
By Josh Madden, Nylon Guys

MARCH 2014

10 Basic Tees for Spring
By Elaine YJ Lee, Selectism

10 Companies Revolutionizing Retail
By Ashley Lutz and Hayley Peterson, Business Insider/MSN

35 Companies That Are Changing The Way We Shop and Eat
By Ashley Lutz, Business Insider

The Sweatshirt's Rise to High Fashion
By Jim Shi, Financial Times

The Varsity Spectrum
By Gregory Babcock, Valet.

Spring Must-Have: American Giant's Varsity Jacket
By Kristian Laliberte, The Manual

The Secret Behind America's Best Hoodie? A Design Process Worthy of Apple
By Liz Stinson, Wired

School Colors

Varsity Jackets by American Giant
Bowties and Boatshoes


U.S. Textile Plants Return, With Floors Largely Empty of People
by Stephanie Clifford, New York Times

American Giant Hoodie
by James McBride, Silodrome

Bringing it all home
by Fernando Barciela, El Pais

Age Gap Revealed in Made-in_U.S. Surveys
by Arnold J. Karr, Women's Wear Daily

JUNE 2013

Keeping Up With Demand
by Jennifer Wang, Entrepreneur

Bluer Denim: New Line: New Business Model
by Andrew Asch, California Apparel News

American Giant Sweats the Details in Sweatshirts
by Nellie Bowles, San Francisco Chronicle


A Growing Giant
by Linda Geiser, Modestics


Trendy to be Made in the USA
by Linda Geiser, Modestics

Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt by American Giant
Bow Ties & Boat Shoes

American Giant Baseball Tee
by Christian Zaguirre, GearCulture


Drought Slowing The Economy
CBS Evening News

How American Clothing Can Become The Best In The World
by Bayard Winthrop, Business Insider

The American Giant Limited Editions San Francisco Giants Baseball Tee
San Francisco Examiner

American Giant: Sweatshirts That Aren't From a Sweatshop
by Berne Broudy, Outside Magazine

Need to know: American Giant
by Kenneth Fish, San Francisco Examiner

American Giant Baseball Tees
Nylon Guys

JULY 2012

Bringing Back Real Value With American Giant
by Alexis Katsafanas, StyleSegment

Hypocrisy Abounds Over Olympic Uniforms
by George Anderson, RetailWire

US Companies Offer to Make Olympic Uniforms
by Sharon Alfonsi, ABC World News With Diane Sawyer

American Giant's "Made in the USA" Sweatshirt
Nylon Guys

Cheap Plug : American Giant Clothing Made In USA
by Bill Quick, Daily Pundit

Sweatshirts Done Right: American Giant
Fine Young Gentlemen

Best of the Bay
by Lauren Murrow, Fine Young Gentlemen

APRIL 2012

American Giant
Samru, T-Shirt Customization News

American Giant Introduces New Line of T-Shirts for Men
by Brooke Franceschini, Fashinvest

Made in America: The False Choice
by Debra Sherer, Business of Fashion

american giant: a new business idea for made in usa clothing
by Jack, clothingmadeinusablog

American Giant: Made in San Francisco, Sold Online
by Andrew Asch, California Apparel News

The T-Shirt Toughens Up
by Russell Brandom, Get Kempt

Don't do the crime if you can't do the time
by John Tinseth, The Trad

by Johnny Pinto, The Denim Guy

New Brand American Giant Drops Affordable Made in the USA Solid Tees
by Jian Deleon, Complex

American Giant : Affordable Heavyweight American Made Basics
by Jeff Carvalho, Selectism

American Giant All American Pocket Tee
by Christian Zaguirre, GearCulture

Menswear Startup American Giant Gets Into The T-Shirt Business
by Anthony Ha, TechCrunch

American Giant: Sweatshirts and hoodies that are Made in USA

American Giant Sweatshirts
by Christian Zaguirre, GearCulture

OTC Recommends: American Giant
by Chris Hogan, Off The Cuff DC

Snap Cardigan Sweatshirt from American Giant: Things I Have
by Matt Repicky, Men's Threads

by Russell Brandom, Get Kempt


Those Girls are Trouble
by Russell Brandom, GetKempt

American Giant

American Giant Plants a Flag for Made in America Menswear
, by Barry Silverstein, Brand Channel

What I'm Wearing: American Giant
by Keith Edwards, ilovekeithedwards

The Birth Of An American Giant—Basic Clothing Sold On The Web
by Erick Schonfeld, TechCrunch

Mind This, Gap: Online-Only American Giant Brings Clothes Manufacturing Back To The U.S.
by Liza Boyd, Fast Company

Made in USA: A Sleeping Giant
by Teresa Novellino, Portfolio

Now Open: American Giant Launches Online Shop
by Max Berlinger, OUT

American Giant: New American-made men's basics at an affordable price
by Josh Rubin, Cool Hunting

5 Things to Know This AM
by Gina Marinelli, Refinery 29

American Giant
by Cory Ohlendorf, Valet

How American Giant Hacked the Supply Chain
by Eric Markowitz, Inc.

Exposing the Myths About American Manufacturing
by Eric Markowitz, Inc.

Q&A: Best New American-Made Sweatshirt Company
by Nic Screws, Esquire

American Giant, American Made For Life
by Samantha Durbin, 7x7

Introducing | American Giant
by Atif Kazmi, Por Homme

A Few Observations
by Bill Waddell, Evolving Excellence

American Giant Use Tech, Not Taxes, To Bring Back Jobs
AMA Shift