Rhea Dummett - Be Giant Rhea Dummett - Be Giant

Giantism: “It’s not about getting the exact version of what you want. Sometimes what you dream might come in another form.”

From the beginning, Rhea Dummett knew she was destined to sing. What she didn’t know was that success wouldn’t look like the solo career she had anticipated, and that she’d find adventure on the road as a back-up singer for Pharrell Williams.

Rhea Dummett - Be Giant

“It was this constant roller coaster, I was up and down and up and down, and I know that a lot of people struggle with that in the arts and being a creative person in general. Something inside of me always said, you have to keep going. It doesn’t matter if things that you’ve dreamt up aren’t happening exactly the way you want. Keep going, keep fighting. Something will open up for you.”

The perseverance and commitment that kept Rhea going through the early ups and downs in her career served her well when she was faced with another crossroads after Pharrell’s tour ended. Seeking a way to find success doing what she loved, she discovered a new calling: teaching music.

Rhea Dummett - Be Giant

Since, she’s been able to inspire young artists not only through her talent, but through her passion, determination, and positive perspective on all her creative experiences. She’s so much more than her voice.

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