AT AMERICAN GIANT, we admire the passion, personal initiative, and hard work that are building this country. We believe that good enough is the enemy of
   great and that complacency leads to decline. DON'T GET COMFORTABLE is not just a tagline. It's what drives us.

    WE ARE NOT COMFORTABLE giving away our heritage of manufacturing quality clothes in this country. We are not comfortable losing our connection
   to how our clothes are made, where they are made and the people making them. We are not comfortable with experts telling us that manufacturing
   high quality, affordable clothing is no longer possible in America.

    AMERICAN GIANT MANUFACTURES sweatshirts and t-shirts at factories in North Carolina and California. There is a history of quality manufacturing
   in this country that is worth preserving. Investing in our own people and places does matter. There is value in knowing where your sweatshirt comes from.

    BIG PICTURE ASIDE, American Giant is about making great clothes. Paying attention to what matters: fabric, fit, construction, durability.
   Rooted in the past, but not stuck there. Carefully-constructed, but not precious. Exceptional, but sold at a fair price.

    WE WANT TO BUILD an American company that our customers are proud to support. Not because our clothes are made here, but because they are
   well made here, and sold at a price that delivers value.

   Thanks for visiting our site.