BOTTOMS / Classic Sweatpant

Get versatile men's sweatpants you won't want to take off. Built with the highest quality 100% heavyweight cotton fleece. Made in USA.

  • 100% cotton, 12.4 oz combed ring-spun fleece
  • Dry exterior hand
  • Brushed interior for added softness and warmth
  • 13 oz. spandex blended ribbed waistband to hold shape
  • Internally sewn elastic in waistband to hold pants up
  • Flat drawstring to minimize bulk
  • Ribbed gusset for mobility
  • Leg openings hemmed with interior elastic
  • Jersey lined front pockets
  • Back pocket
  • Double needle straddle-stitching with high-strength thread on critical seams
  • Clean finished interior seaming
  • Pre-washed and shrunk to fit
  • Made in the USA


This item is unavailable in this size.




  • scat man, 6/20/15

    I dont understand why the small is the same inseam length as the medium. Why not make them an inch or 2 shorter for small people. People who wear size small. 31' long inseam is way too long

  • Dub, 6/16/15

    Great fabric, great philosophy, unfortunately not a good fit. I bought the large for my husband 6'4 190#. Too big in the waist, not quite long enough.

  • No "beer belly", 3/28/15

    Great material (I already own the hoodie);I'm tall without "beer belly" but just to get the desired length I ordered XXL?! Wow, another person could fit in. Maybe 2-3 inch of the waist and add 2 inch to the length and I'm in sweats heaven!!! XXL went back! Please help athletic and tall people who do not wear baggy pants between their knees?!!! Is that to much to ask?!!!

  • Danieli, 3/1/15

    So, not a sweatpants kind of guy, that is how I would describe my son. I would always see men in sweatpants at the grocery or convenient store and think how creepy some of these guys looked. Sweatpants are just sloppy and unattractive, right? Well not THESE sweatpants! They fit just right, not too baggy, not too showing in the front if you know what I mean. All in all, these are the best, most comfortable, most well made and now most loved sweatpants my son has ever owned!!!

  • Ramiro, 2/24/15

    I'm a 5'8 male with a 31-32 inch waist and 31 inseam for most pants. I would consider sizing down if you want these to fit well without having to use the drawstring to keep them up. I would definitely buy another pair and might try sizing down.

  • tall man, 2/19/15

    If you're over 6 feet or have an inseam great than 32- which is an average man's inseam- these aren't for you. I'm 6'3 and was very dissappointed I had give my new expensive sweatpants to a friend.

  • JimUnit, 2/15/15

    First of all I love, AG's sweatshirts, and really wanted to love the pants. But the fist was really weird for me. They are quite wide in the waist, with very little elastic, but the ankles are way too tight. I sent mine back a trying them on for like a second. I'd try them again if they added better waist elastic and made the ankles open.

  • MW, 1/29/15

    Most comfortable sweatpants I have ever worn.
    I wish more colours were available, and also a version without the ribbed gussets.

  • DJ, 1/21/15

    Amazing quality and thickness. I was wearing sweatpants when these arrived today and after trying these on the difference is night and day. These are like wearing thermals and sweatpants in one. The fit is good and I think these might actually outlast my sweatshirt that I also love!

  • Vic, 12/22/14

    Heavy fabric, quality construction and a good fit that doesn't look sloppy. sizing runs a little big so consider sizing down if between sizes. I bought these especially because of the elastic cuffs at the ankles as I wanted sweats that didn't drag on the ground. These would get 5 stars if metal eyelets were on the waistband and the waistband itself was slightly elastic because when using the bathroom there's no give when tied and you need to untie everytime. Not a big deal though. Very satisfied!

  • Scott, 12/15/14

    These are the best sweats I've ever had. Why only 4 stars? Because the women's are even nicer. Eyelets for the tie string, open bottoms instead of the elastic bands. Make a mens version, and that'll be 5 stars!

  • O G, 12/13/14

    I like the old school sweat pants. I wear everything XL. These XL sweats are way tooo big. I'll have to try a M. Great material, they feel like they will last for ever.

  • SkinnyGiant, 12/10/14

    4 stars for excellent quality but poor sizing. I have a 41" waist, 220lbs, and ordered a XL but it is HUGE. I think it measures around 44" and are super baggy. I would recommend AG fix the size chart as it is incredibly misleading. Definitely size down if you are thinking of getting a pair of AG sweats.

  • Chris, 12/8/14

    Love almost everything about these. Fabric is nice, fit is good, overall design is great (love having rear pocket!)....but after two wears and their first wash a seam developed a split. The stitching basically opened up, it looks like the fabric was sewed too close to the edge. I was getting ready to leave for a trip and needed to take this with me so I swed them up as best I could and kept wearing them. American Giant would accept a return for the tear, but not sure about after I repaired them. Frankly, not worth the hassle at this point, but I'm stuck with flawed sweatpants that were pretty expensive. Without the failed seam I'd give the 5 star, but as is, 3 is the best I can do.

    I did contact customer service when I first noticed it and they told me to send them back and reorder. Fair enough, but an offer to send replacement pair right away would have been nice.

  • RobertF, 12/2/14

    These sweatpants are worth every bit! They are great for cold days since they are just are heavy and warm as the heavyweight hoodies. The cuffs at the ankles are well done and don't feel like they will lose their elasticity easily. I'm 5'10" 200 pounds and the XL size fits great. My waist size it 36, and my only minor gripe is that I wish the drawstring at the waist was a bit longer. I'd love to get another pair in Phantom Gray if they become available!! Since these are so heavy, midweight sweatpants, if they were available, would be better for warm weather.

  • MLMLML, 11/24/14

    Mind you, these are some of the best quality sweats I have founded. Truly rugged, thick material, heavy duty. I like them -- however, the fit is sub par for me. I'm 5'10", 150 lean -- so typically a small is the right size -- these are big and baggy on me. Tried them a few times in the washer to shrink them down -- no luck. I'll keep looking around for something with a better fit.

  • happy customer, 11/21/14

    When I first put these on, I thought they were a little stiff and slim, and was considering sending them back for a larger pair. I am SO GLAD that I didn't. They stretched out to a perfect fit after a couple of hours of wear. I am a 5'8", 145lb, woman with an athletic build (read: big quads), and I ordered a size medium. I have never owned a pair of sweatpants that even come close to these. Every detail is perfect: they are soft, a great, heavier weight, they are a little slimmer in the lower leg, so they don't bag out over my sneakers. The banding at the waste and ankles is just slightly wider, making them fall perfectly (without looking like grandpa pants.) If you are really looking for a baggier fit, you may want to size up one, but I honestly wouldn't. It's hard to put into words what makes me so enthusiastic about these sweatpants, so I will have to just say that they are really high quality and perfectly cut.

  • Shota, 10/20/14

    Have been comfortably wearing these for quite some time now, and the sweatpants are by far the best money can buy.

  • globetrotter, 10/13/14

    I'm female, 5'4", 135lbs and own these in a size medium. A lovely employee at the SF AG store recommenden a size medium and she was spot on. Let me tell you, I do not want to take them off! Had I not spoken to anyone in person, I would have probably gone with a small, but in hindsight that would probably have been a stretch around the waist (I'm a womens 6-8, somewhere between 29 and 30). These sweatpants are super comfortable and heavy duty and they wash well. You will not regret this purchase.

  • Danad, 10/4/14

    I ordered these last week because I have multiple hoodies that are staples of my wardrobe and love them so much, I thought these would be a great addition to my collection! It is exactly what you see in the pictures. These feel just as sturdy as the heavyweight hoodies. I'm 5'9" and 160 lbs and the medium fits perfect. I'm confident this will keep me warm in Wisconsin's brutal winters. These are worth the the extra money.

  • sixdegrees, 8/1/14

    These aren't just for men… I 'm wearing the heather gray "small" as I write. I feel like I'm wearing a cloud…a 100% soft cotton cloud.
    Thanks, American Giant for bringing quality back to clothing!

  • nick lucas, 7/26/14

    I recently purchased your sweatpants. I thought you just couldn't get this kind of quality anymore. Keep up the good work.

  • museumgirl1, 7/18/14

    Searched high and low for quality sweats for mr husband. These are perfect. He is 6'2", 250, with a 38-40 waist in pants and about a 50 chest. The XXL is a perfect fit. He loves that they have elastic at the bottom, as he sleeps in them. The fabric is heavy and feels high quality. Haven't washed yet, but so far they are a hit.

  • Robert, 5/22/14

    Best I've ever owned. How about mid-weight? Also, would prefer draw string in same color as pants. That would be more subtle than the white one you use.

  • eric, 4/26/14

    Got the navy love them. Wish you guys had more colors

  • Jungle Jim, 4/23/14

    Good fit, accurate sizing, excellent cotton, and amazing workmanship. I like the flat tape waist band - better than all other brands.

    Perfect sweats!

  • Cornelius, 4/2/14

    The sweats are comfortable, but after wearing them once I noticed that the seam at the bottom of the crotch was opening due to faulty stitching. I wasn't doing anything vigorous during that wear, mostly running errands and lounging, so it is obvious it isn't due to wear and tear. I like the fit but expected better quality given my experience with American Giant's other products (2 sweatshirts and t-shirts).

  • Lunatic Hiker, 3/19/14

    Oh my gawd! These things are amazing. I've never had sweat pants that I really liked...until now. Perfect fit, feel, and well made. I'm 5'11" with a 33"/34" inseam and the medium is perfect. I don't want to take them off.

  • cowboy, 3/19/14

    I think these things have more cotton in then than my mattress.
    And while heavy duty, they are extremely comfortable because they are designed, cut, and assembled properly.
    I even think they might be chainsaw proof... but I'll hold off on that test.

    All in all, at 55 y/o, I'm pretty sure they'll outlast me.

    Sure beats the heck out of half plastic crud offered by overseas sweatshops.

  • JohnMac, 2/20/14

    I consider myself a connoisseur of sweatpants and if I'm not going to church or a business meeting, that's what I'm wearing. Out of the box these were obviously thick and well made, but the fit was odd. I wore them for an hour around the house and they continually fell down in the back, no matter how tight I pulled the drawstring, they fell down. Also, they felt much tighter around the thighs than other brands. I really wanted to love these pants, and I have no issue paying the price if they fit well, but for me they just don't fit like Lands End or LL Bean. Perhaps more elastic in the waist would help. Just my opinion, as clearly many on this site love them.

  • Greg, 2/2/14

    Over 20 years ago, I bought three pairs of gusseted Polo sweatpants. I've looked over the years for quality gusseted sweatpants, but haven't found anything until now. I'm 5'9", 190 pounds; the XLs fit me fine. When they become available again, I'm going to get another few pairs. Time to finally give the Polos a proper burial.

  • Chris, 1/24/14

    Exceeded my expectations completely. I can wear these for days in a row. They look great with Nike shoes (Mayfly Wovens, Free Runs) And the cuffing at the bottom makes for great style.

    They are indeed extremely durable for gym use and for lounging in.

    They seemed a little pricey for sweatpants, but I don't regret my purchase one bit. I would love to buy a second pair sometime in the future.

  • tjl, 1/22/14

    I loved these pants right out of the box. They're comfortable and fit well and seem durable so far. I have two critiques of the design that really interfere with my ability to continue to love them. The draw string at the top doesn't have anything to keep it from pulling inside the the waistband and getting lost. I've had to fish mine out a couple of times, which is a pain. The bigger issue is that the elastic strip inside the waist band doesn't stay flat. After the very first wash it folded over on itself and became warped. It was bunched and tighter in some areas than others. I can't get the elastic to lay flat by manipulating it from the outside, so it stays doubled over. The flat wide waist was part of what was super comfortable about these pants when I first put them on. If the waist had stayed that way they would be 5 star pants.

  • AJ, 1/15/14

    I'm not going to lie. I wear these things almost every night while I sleep and I'm the type of guy that doesn't like to wear much at night. It's a testament to how comfortable they are and how well they're made. I love American Giant stuff....

  • Sassypants, 1/4/14

    These sweatpants are fantastic! Warm, soft, heavyweight cotton fleece fabric feels super comfortable. Construction is very impressive, and I especially like the deep front pockets. No worries about keys (or anything else) falling out of these pockets.
    The waistband is very comfortable & well made with a drawstring that stays flat with no twisting.
    I sized up to a medium to accomodate my thighs and butt, as well as for the longer inseam. (5'4", 120lb woman)
    I like these pants so much, I've ordered another pair. These sweatpants are fleecy perfection.

  • kraigrs, 1/1/14

    These puppies fit me so well that I promptly ordered a second pair. Whereas the XXL full-zip hoodie has a pretty tailored, slim fit (at least on my frame - 6'1", 250lb, 50" chest, 40" waist), the XXL sweatpants are a little baggier. Also like the hoodie, the construction and materials are unmatched. Would definitely recommend this product.

  • MAPPO, 12/23/13

    These sweats are built just like you expect them to be. Same super tough fabric as the hoodie, same attention to quality in the details and the construction. I have to ding one star for the sizing though. If you are even remotely in shape, it's very tough to get a good fit with these sweats. Get the length you want with too big a waist, or get the waist you want with too short a length. Pick your poison.





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