What to sport on the court

What to sport on the court

Are you a first-time pickler? We’ve talked about pickleball lingo and how to play. One thing you might’ve picked up on is that It’s an inclusive sport that all are welcome to partake in. But no doubt, you’ll feel more comfortable hitting the court once you’ve prepped your pickleball outfit, equipment, and game plan.

What to bring

First things first. You can’t pickle without a paddle, or without the titular ball–which is plastic and perforated, like a wiffleball, but heavier. Standard pickleball kits are easy to find either online at sites like Pickleball Central or at your nearest sporting goods store. Sets are reasonably priced and start from as little as $20. You can even purchase the wooden paddles that started it all from Pickleball-Inc., the company founded by the sport’s creators back in the late 1960’s. Throw your paddle and a few balls into the tote bag of your choice–or, you can opt for a pickleball set that comes with its own carrying case to keep everything contained.


What to wear

Since there’s no dress code in pickleball, you’re free to sport whatever makes you feel most confident and comfortable on the court. it’s helpful to wear light layers that can breathe and give you plenty of room to run, hit, and even attempt the ambitious mid-air Erne shot. Make sure your bottoms and outerwear have roomy pockets so you can keep an extra ball or two on hand as you play. 

This goes for men’s pickleball outfits and women’s. We’re partial to clothing that suits all bodies, and our clothes for pickleball are no exception. From pickleball shirts to entire pickleball outfits, our classic cotton pieces have the benefit of being more versatile than peak performance wear, so you can take your pickleball outfit straight from the court to a celebratory brunch. Classic cotton pieces have the benefit of being more versatile than peak performance wear, so you can take your pickleball outfit straight from the court to a celebratory brunch. And with some coordinated AGPC apparel, your team will be serving more than just the ball.

Don’t forget the court

Another benefit of pickleball’s casual nature is that you can play it just about anywhere. Public courts are plentiful in most cities, where you can set up shop with no fees and no reservations. Search your zipcode in USA Pickleball’s Places 2 Play directory to find your closest local spot. If you can’t find a public place to play that’s convenient for you, you can always set up your own court on any flat, 30-by 60-foot area where the ball can bounce (think a large driveway, paved yard, or parking lot). USA Pickleball has created a handy diagram you can use as a guideline, but the broad strokes are as follows:

  • Make sure to grab a portable net that you can set up to be the requisite 36 inches high
  • You can use a tape measure along with sidewalk chalk, frog tape, or vinyl court lines to draw the bounds of your court for temporary play
  • Choose a hard surface like concrete or asphalt and make sure it’s free of debris before drawing your lines
    • Here are your dimensions:
      • Full court length - 44 feet on each side of the baseline
      • Baseline - 20 feet on each side of the court
      • Net - divides the court in half at 22 feet
      • Kitchen line - 7 feet away from the net on each side
      • Centerline - divides the service area in half from the kitchen line to the baseline, leaving 10 feet on either side


Ready to start serving? Shop our AGPC collection to coordinate your first look—and take home the win for best pickleball clothes. It’s your court, your style.

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