The technical benefits of Merino wool,
the durability of nylon


Custom developed for American Giant, our Merino wool fabric is the backbone of our most polished, put-together sweatshirt that’s got all the technical benefits of Merino wool. See how it makes its journey from sheep to sweatshirt.

All Merino wool starts with Merino sheep. One of the most popular kinds of wool prized for its super soft, non-itchy feel, since the 12th century Merino wool has evolved to help sheep stay comfortable in harsh conditions in the highlands of Australia and New Zealand.

Because of those conditions, Merino wool is unbeatable when it comes to temperature regulation and moisture management. When it’s cold out, bends in the fiber trap warm air and insulate you. When it’s hot out, it quickly draws sweat and moisture vapors away from your skin to keep you cool and dry.

Merino wool doesn’t just perform better than other wools and synthetics: it also feels better. At one-third the thickness of a human hair, it’s fine, flexible, and super soft against your skin.

Since Merino sheep are from Australia and New Zealand, raw Merino wool is imported, and then we get to work on our custom-developed Merino wool. It starts at Clover Knits in Clover, South Carolina, our supply chain partner who have been knitting our heavyweight fleece from the beginning, it’s knit with 70% Merino wool and 30% nylon added for extra durability.

It’s finished at Carolina Cotton Works in Gaffney, South Carolina, our supply chain partner who’ve helped dye and finish some of our favorite products, from the Classic Full Zip to the Frontier Flannel. They help give our Merino its super soft, plush and bouncy texture that feels great against your skin and is never itchy or uncomfortable.

In South El Monte, California, it’s cut and sewn to our most polished, put together sweatshirt style. With clean lines and a tailored fit, it’s designed to go way beyond where you can take your average sweatshirt: professional enough to wear to the office, soft and comfortable so you want to wear it all day.

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