Shaka Senghor is a New York Times best-selling author, speaker, and leader who has dedicated his life to criminal justice reform. His work concentrates on storytelling, giving a voice to those often marginalized, unseen, and unheard in society. Leaning on his own experience of incarceration and redemption, he’s focused on creating the tangible effects that become possible when you lead with compassion, forgiveness, accountability, and second chances.

Shaka founded the organization Redeemed Sole, who believes we’re all redeemable by nature. No one should be defined solely by their past mistakes. They feature the stories of people rebounding from adversity, allowing us all to take a step in their shoes.

Redeemed Sole is for those who believe in defying the odds and the comeback win. It’s a peek behind the veiled lives of the underserved—a look into prisons and those remaking their futures on the way out. It’s for supporters and allies, providing access to a network of organizations with boots on the ground, making things happen.

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