Men's Sizing

Measurements refer to body size, not garment dimensions.

30" 32" 34"
30" 30Wx30L 30Wx32L 30Wx34L
32" 32Wx30L 32Wx32L 32Wx34L
34" 34Wx30L 34Wx32L 34Wx34L
36" 36Wx30L 36Wx32L 36Wx34L
38" 38Wx30L 38Wx32L 38Wx34L

How to measure yourself

Your measurements will be most accurate if someone else measures you. Make sure your feet are directly under your shoulders, and let your arms hang down by your sides (see photo for reference).


Measure the circumference at the fullest part of your chest and across your shoulder blades.


Measure the circumference of your waist at your natural waistline. If you bend to the side, the crease that forms is your natural waistline.


Measure the circumference of your hips over your hip bones and around the fullest part of your buttocks.


While standing up straight, have a friend measure from the crotch seam to the bottom hem of your pants. If measuring by yourself, lay a pair of pants flat, and take the same measurement.

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